• Help remove links

    Helloy!!! How to remove related links with deleting position in main directory. Thanks!
    Ryslan Pynzar
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  • SAP HANA Calculation Views

    Does MDM work with SAP HANA Calculation Views?  If so, how?   Thank you!
    Chet Stagnaro
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  • Vulnerability Observations in Informatica

    Hi, As Part of Vulnerability testing in our environment, the following are the observations:   The version of Apache httpd installed on the remote host is prior to 2.4.41. It is, therefore, affected by multipl...
    Bhuvan R
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  • CC36Appexchange Access

    I'm trying to integrate CC360 with our second Salesforce Instance, I've filled out the form for customer support over a week ago and still not heard anything? Is there another option for integration?
    Lauren Southers
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  • How to fetch data from R360(reference 360) to teradata using informatica power center

    How to fetch data from R360(reference 360) to teradata using informatica power center .
    Bhargavi Bhat
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  • ValueSetLocal - ValueGetLocal (PIM

    Good afternoon,   In PIM10 new export functions are available. Is there some documentation about 'how to use' these functions with some examples? Especially about the ValueSetLocal - ValueGetLocal and the differ...
    Margot Emmers
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  • ArticleLogisticExtension field

    Good morning, I would need to see the following fields present on the extended logistics data table (ArticleLogisticExtension ) within the PIM: -CreationUserID -CreationTimestamp -ModificationUserID -Modification...
    help desk
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  • French language support in P360

    Hi   Is it possible to load French language data through manual import in pim p360 tool ? If yes , any parameters needed to be added in any configuration files ? Please let me know , if there are any docx or ...
    Piyush Parhi
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  • Error : 500 Internal Server Error5003

    In Provisioning Tool, Under Reference Entities, the actual set up is as below . Ref. Entity A -> (Many)Ref. Entity B . Ref. Entity B -> (Many)Ref. Entity C I have deleted Ref. Entity C (Under Ref. Entity B -&...
    Bhargav Kommineni
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  • Table in database to track the task finished by the user?

    In Informatica PIM when the task is been generated and accepted by the user. The details will be loaded to the "Task" table. Is there is any table in database through which we can track the task completed of the user....
    Vivek Jain
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  • Configuring JMS queue to read data, published via P360

    What all configuration is required to read data from P360 by JMS Queue.
    Vivek Jain
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  • Relate 360 Architecture

    Greetings,   I'm trying to setup a fresh install of Relate 360 using AWS EMR. The installation and configuration guide call out how to install the package but it doesn't call out a guiding infrastructure archite...
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  • Where can i download Informatica MDM

    Hi Everyone,   I have been  searching  to download Inforamtica MDM to create a lab for team tohave hands on experience on it. Can any one please let me know where can i get it.   Thanks in advance
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  • How to make a record as survivor without changing its low trust score manually?

    Hi , Am sorry if am posting in the wrong forum but I have few questions   Lets say I have Source A which has less trust score than Source B but we eventually need record A as survivor so how do we do it in Info...
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  • Version 8.0.5 installation to Azure

    Have anyone done installation of version 8.0.5 to Azure using Pay as you go SQL licensing for 2012 version?   Apparently there is limitation that newes MS SQL 2012 SP4 is not supported by Information Product 36...
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  • Restrict Users to only see their assigned assortment in PIM.

    Hi,   How can I force a user to only see items from a  particular assortment  and restrict him to access any other data of Item, Variant or product entity.   Thanks
    Mohit Kumar
    created by Mohit Kumar
  • Entity Post Adder

    Hi   I am using EntityPostAdder operator on VariantReference. So If any new created item gets assigned to variant than it calls the PostAdder.   So the problem is when I add any item to variant manually t...
    Mohit Kumar
    created by Mohit Kumar
  • Change the default encoding while exporting data.

    Hi,   On web-client, we can manually export one or more items by selecting "Export as CSV" as shown in the image attached. I need to set the default encoding to "UTF-8" so I don't have to select it from the drop...
    Mohit Kumar
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  • Know the object-id in error log.

    While exporting the data, I want to know the object-id (Identifiers - Item no, Variant no etc) inside the Error Log so that I can go to the required entity and correct it. Currently error log just throws the error but...
    Mohit Kumar
    created by Mohit Kumar
  • Being able to clean the logs of custom jobs

    We have built several jobs that are running frequently like every hour or 5 minutes.The logs of their execution in the process overview will become huge very soon.   So what I want is -   The execution log...
    Mohit Kumar
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