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The release includes the following enhancements:


  1. Advanced matching that supports indexes on multiple columns and multiple matching rules for each index.
  2. Provides new MapReduce jobs for creating, updating and deleting clusters from input data based on advanced matching rules, with support for persisting indexed and linked data to HDFS.
  3. Search client user interface as well as REST APIs for searching the linked records using multiple searches based advanced matching rules.
  4. Previously, you could define only a single matching rule for an index to perform simple matching. Effective this version you can define multiple matching rules for an index.
  5. Previously, you could incrementally update the indexed and linked data in a repository but not in HDFS. Effective this version you can achieve this in HDFS.


Informatica MDM Big Data Relationship Management - Version 10.0.0 HotFix 2 - Release Notes - (English)

PAM for Informatica Big Data Relationship Management 10 Hotfix 2

You can download the Hotfix from here.