This is the first release of MDM Big Data Relationship Management. The product can be used to match and link large volumes of data to find relationships between master data records such as to identify households.


Informatica MDM 10 Big Data Relationship Management:

  • Reads data from a Hadoop environment, uses MapReduce to rapidly match and link the data using Informatica’ s SSA-Name3 match engine, and stores the linked records in an Hbase repository
  • Identifies deltas in source data and re-matches changed records
  • Provides a Search client user interface as well as REST APIs for searching the linked records
  • Provides a Hive enabler for facilitating the movement of date from HDFS to Hive for reporting and analytics.


PAM for Informatica MDM 10 Big Data Relationship Management

Informatica MDM Big Data Relationship Management - Version 10.0.0 - Release Notes - (English)