• Batch Relate IIR

    Hello All, I am trying to perform a comparison process (Relate), but I need to compare two systems from a batch: LR vs PC. And send the result to a table: results_LR_PC. I do not know how this process is done,...
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  • hola

    es compatible la versión de IIR 901 sp2 con la versión de oracle 12?
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  • mysql support?

    is this supported in version 10 of IIR? if so, why are the db init scripts not included in the software download (specifically, i tried the Windows install)?   also if so, why is this still heavily documented a...
    Marc Smith
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  • Lisence key and IIR installation

    Hi,   I am trying to install IIR version 10 on a Windows Server. I followed the installation steps and sent the idslcns file to Infa GCS team. They sent me back the licence key as per which I have licence for cl...
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  • MySQL scripts missing from IIR 10.0.0

    I am trying to follow the installation instructions for Informatica Identity Resolution Version 10.0.0.  Page 33 is the beginning of the "Configuring MySQL" section.  On page 34, the manual says:   Inf...
  • IIR vs Identity Match in IDQ

    Does the Identity Match in IDQ provide me the same functionality as provided by IIR? Just trying to understand the functionality of this tool. Please guide If I already have IDQ tool, do I need IIR as well & in w...
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  • Could not connect to 'Rulebase Server' starting Console in Admin mode

    Hi all, Recently installed  Identity Resolution 10.0, I created a Rulebase 0 and Database 1 test to load the cpscott Systems.   I have tried connecting again to the Console in Admin Mode and it returns me...
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  • Error: rb commit failed -1

    Hi all, i have installed iIIR10.0 following the instructions in the Installation and configuration Guide 10.0. When starting the iir installation tests, I got the following window when creating the rulebase:   ...
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  • How to do Exact, Inexact and Range matching

    Hello, I am trying to use exact matching and inexact matching using SEARCH and FILE controls in SCORE-LOGIC. Search-definition: NAME=             ...
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  • Checking availability of http://localhost:9080/active-bpel/services/ActiveBpelDeployBPR

    Hi,   While running postinstallSetup script, I am getting the below exception.   echo[Checking availability of http://localhost:9080/active-bpel/services/ActiveBpelDeployBPR]   Any idea on how to re...
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  • Siperian-mrm build failed on JBoss EAP6.4.0

    Hi,   While running postInstallSetp script, I am getting the below errors. I am using JDK1.8 version of Java.   ERROR [org.springframework.web.context.ContextLoader] (ServerService Thread Pool -- 92) Cont...
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  • IIR 10.0 configuration

    I have installed IIR 10.0 on linux server. odbc.ini file contains   [IIRSrcService] driver = libsqora.so.11.1 server = APSMOC01 ServerName = APSMOC01 DataSourceName = APSMOC01 libsqora.so is there in bin director...
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  • How to start Synchronizer using IIR Console after HA Configuration ?

    Dear Experts,   Looking for help to start sync using IIR console with HA configuration. We have implemented IIR 9.5.3HA Configuration and trying to start Synchronizer in Console Mode.   Could you please l...
    Prameela K
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  • IIR on Cloud

    Hello,   Do you know if IIR can be migrated on cloud?     regards
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  • How to shutdown IIR in RulebaseGroup

    Hi Team,   We have configured HA in IIR 9.5.3 HF2 and used idsup_rbsg.zip to start our IIR Services from the article   HOW TO: Start/Launch the XML search server among other servers in IIR while creating ...
  • Upgrade IIR 9.53 -> IIR 10.00

    Hi,   I want to do an update of IIR 9.53 to IIR 10.00.   My procedure :   stop IIR 9.53 untar IIR_1000_Base_00_linux_amd64_release.tar to '/tmp/infa_ir_1000_linux_amd64'. Copy of the license in the d...
  • Update Synchronizer not working with IIR 9.5.3HF2 HA Configuration

    Hi Team,   We have implemented IIR 9.5.3HF2 HA Configuration by having RuleBase Server Group and could verify that the switch between Primary and Secondary Rulebase Servers happens properly when one of them fail...
  • Testing the Database Configuration - IIR 10.00

    Hi,   I tested the installation of IIR 10.00.   Installation finished successfully   But I do not have the libssaoci9.so library in the 'install-dir/bin' directory.   I can not test the configu...
  • What are the new Features available in IIR 9.5.3 against 9.1

    Hi Team,   We are planning to upgrade our IIR Version from existing version 9.1 to 9.5.3, could you please let us know the new features available in 9.5.3 version when compared to 9.1 and share us any available ...
  • How to check IIR Server Status on Unix to understand whether it is up and running

    How to verify whether IIR Server is running or not.