• IIR Configuration For AWS ELB

    What is the IIR configuration for the AWS Elastic Load Balancer ELB Health Checks?
    Ronald Long
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  • Informatica Identity Resolution 10.1 HF1 Platform Support

    Hi, looking at the PAM for IIR 10.1 HF1 under the listed supported databases some are in normal font and some are bold with a comment "bold indicates certified DBs". Please can you advise what certified in this instan...
    Alan Bebbington
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  • Upgrade from IIR 9.2.0 to 10.1 HF1

    Is there a documented upgrade path from IIR 9.2.0 to 10.1 HF1?
    Alan Bebbington
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  • HI

    Gwendolyn Jones
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  • ERROR: "Missing schedule (1) for job xxxxx" when Load IDT fails  (IIR 10.1)

    Problem Description   When running Load IDT in Informatica Identity Resolution (IIR 10.1 ), the job fail and the following errors are displayed in the loader job log:     0:0005 MU1267 040000 201...
    Christian Morales
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  • Enterise COBOL and SSA-NAME3

    On the IBM mainframe, is SSA-NAME3 version 9.2 compatible with Enterprise COBOL version 6.2? A COBOL program using SSA-NAME3 compiled with the version 6.2 compiler is abending during execution, the same COBOL program ...
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  • Upgrading IIR 9.5.4 to 10.1

    Hello,   We are currently using IIR SSA-NAME3 version 9.5.4. running in HP-UX 11.31 ia64. We know that the end of support for this product will be 30 June 2019, and we would like to upgrade it to the latest vers...
    Johnny Yan
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  • IIR 9.5.3 HF2 Installation on Red Hat Linux 7 - Segmentation Fault Error for utilities

    Hi Experts,   I am new to IIR and I was doing a new installation of IIR 9.5.3 HF2 on Red Hat Linux 7. I installed the License Server, Generated the License Information and Installed the Informatica IR Products. ...
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  • synchronization block (iir console (admin

    scz239: ssarbs_get_error failed -2010403 scz239: ids_error_get failed -20206 [2018-03-31 09:18:09.898718   6] ssacssv > It is now 2018-03-31 09:18:09.898735 [2018-03-31 09:18:09.890358   6] s...
  • Limitting the search results from the xml search service

    Is there a way to have the xml search server complete an entire search, and just return the first 25 records?   I have sorting setup on the search, but it does not seem that I can get a subset of the results. I ...
    Anthony Crawford
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  • Does/Can IIR on AIX play nicely with IBM Power LPM

    Hi,   I am lost on how to actually raise a support case - perhaps that feature is no longer available and only user "self help" is permitted after the web redesign (it has been a while since I last logged on)? &...
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  • Match/ Search without creating a record

    Hi all, I have a requirement where User would Search in a record (using IDD) using matching rules (fuzzy logic) and determines duplicates . I have a need to search/match record from Data director (UI) to display po...
    Vinay Simha
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  • Synchronizer block

    Hello     I´m using IIR 10.1 HotFix 1 with database Sql Server and I  have a issue with the Synchronizer in  environment pre-production, the problem is next:     I configured...
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  • IIR 10.0.0 HF1 Hotfix Upgrade

    Hello,   my upgrade to 10.0.0 HF1 is not working, because it identifies my installation as 10.0.0 HF1 but it is 10.0.0 Base. Here my command log:   $ ./install --install-type upg -1install-irr-hf1-info.log...
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  • Does informatica support Oracle Directory services?(Connection to LDAP server)

    Hello,   Can someone please let me know if Informatica MDM supports Oracle Directory services (LDAP)? We are trying to protect MDM application using SSO(Single-sign-on) and planning to use Oracle IAM suite for t...
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  • How can 'incomplete' dates be handled in IIR matching?

    If you have a system that needs IIR to do matching on names and dates, eveything is fine when you have actual full dates. However, one of our sources sends us dates as strings in the dd/mm/yyyy format.  When one...
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  • efficient way to store search results that invalidates them when source data is reloaded?

    When the volumes of fuzzy searches against IIR are very high, the users can wait up to 10 seconds to see the result.  Assuming everything is tuned much as it can be, an approach that has been considered to improv...
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  • IIR same physical server and mechanics of fuzzy matching?

    There is an FAQ on the site saying that it is "recommended, [though not mandatory,] to install Informatica Identity Resolution (IIR) on the same physical server as the database being used".  If you have an option...
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  • Load IDT failed exit code -1 in (IIR10.0)

    Hello everyone,I have my systems in IIR 10.0 and everything worked correctly.I have tried to load a new 'system', but it sends me error when loading the ITDs:  >>Error File:   loadit>   ...
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  • Error creating JNDI resource with JBOSS 7.0.0 final.

    JBOSS database configuration I did but while running postInstallSetup I am getting the below exception- jndi-variables-config:      [echo] Configuring persistent jndi variables... BUILD FAILED ...
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