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Identity Resolution

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Informatica Identity Resolution version 10.0 has been released to shipping and is available immediately.


The highlights of Informatica Identity Resolution version 10.0 include:


High Availability with ZooKeeper

Identity Resolution uses Apache ZooKeeper to achieve high availability for Rulebase Servers, updsync utility, and updmulti utility in a distributed environment. High availability refers to the availability of the resources without any service interruption if a failure occurs.

SEARCH and FILE Extended Fields

You can extend any of the key fields and set the weight for the extended fields. The extended fields use the algorithm of the key fields. Use the extended fields to override the weight of the key fields in the run time.

Range Matching on the Date Fields

In the SCORE-LOGIC controls section, you can specify a range for the dates in the search data, the file data, or both to perform matching. The matching returns 100% score if the search data and file data values are within the specified range.

Performance Improvements

Performance improvements for key generation and matching of 15 to 30%.

IDD Improvements

Error logging with IDD is improved and search performance options such as candidate-set-size-limit and truncate are now supported within IDD's search interface.  Connection stability and error handling is also improved.

Release Notes:

Identity Resolution:

MDM Registry Edition:


PAM : Informatica Identity Resolution 10.0 Platform Support

Informatica Identity Resolution v9.5.0 HF1 is a maintenance release containing a roll-up of hot fixes and usability enhancements.



Usability Enhancements:


Rulebase Server Group


Effective in version 9.5.0 HotFix1, use the rbsgdown utility to shut down Rulebase Servers running in a Rulebase Server Group. The rbsgdown utility automatically identifies the active Rulebase Server in the group and directs the shutdown command to it. Previously, an administrator would need to determine which Rulebase Server was active prior to executing the idsdown script.


Name3 Workbench User Interface


Effective in version 9.5.0 HotFix1, both the Name3 Workbench and Population Override Manager will accept input in both text and hexadecimal form and allow conversion between the two formats. This enhancement facilitates working with multi-byte and Unicode data in scripts such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean without the need to change input locale to enter data in its native character set. Previously, it was necessary to change the input locale to enter data in the native character set.



The Release notes for the same is available here

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