Informatica Configuration Support Manager (CSM) tool gathers configuration information from users' host machines running Informatica products. It tracks users' configurations, replicates issues, and advises health checks. It is the foundation of Informatica's rich configuration management capabilities.


We have now enhanced our CSM capabilities to include more products including CSM for ILM and IIR.


You can use CSM of IIR to gather your configuration, system, environment and product details of the machine hosting Informatica Identity Resolution (IIR).

CSM gathers data from IIR, which can help in troubleshooting issues related to


  • ODBC/Relational connectivity details
  • Details specific product issues with versions and patches
  • Various servers availability details
  • Configurations details
  • Environment details
  • License details


With CSM’s integrated capabilities of configuration management, when you upload the XML file to our support system from your profile, CSM automatically gathers your configuration information of the machine hosting IIR. The information gathered through CSM for IIR includes:


System (*nix)


  • System Information
  • CPU Information
  • Environment Variables
  • File System
  • Operating System Patches
  • Network Information
  • User Limits
  • Swap Information


System (Windows)


  • Memory Information
  • CPU Information
  • Environment Variables
  • Disk Information
  • Operating System Information
  • Network Configuration


Product (IIR)


  • ODBC Information
  • Bitmode
  • Version
  • License Information
  • License Key
  • Showtime
  • Dumpshr
  • Database List
  • Connection Server
  • Console Server
  • XML Console Server
  • XML Sync Server
  • HTTP Search Server
  • License Server
  • Rulebase Server
  • SSA Name3 Server
  • SSA Name3 Web Service Server
  • SSAxmserv.ini - Availability
  • SSAxmserv.xml - Availability
  • SSAhtserv.ini - Availability
  • SSAhtserv.xml - Availability
  • IDS File Size
  • Log File Count
  • Java Version


The information gathered through CSM for IIR, and the XML file that you upload or send, enables Informatica Support to:


  • Find any anomalies/symptoms that could cause issues.
  • Help replicate or reproduce an issue by creating similar environment.
  • And, aid to provide a solution for the issues easily and quickly.
  • Help in Configuration Management of your environment
  • Provide relevant health check recommendation


For more information, see HOW TO: Run the CSM Client for IIR


Download CSM Client for IIR