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Identity Resolution

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Informatica Identity Resolution version 10.1 has been released to shipping and is available immediately.


Informatica Identity Resolution version 10.1 introduces a number of new features and stability fixes.



The highlights of this release include:

  • Scalability improvements to start search server with read-only rule base server and run multiple synchronization servers in parallel.
  • Resilience and stability of base rule server groups to gracefully handle temporary resources issues such as network and data base connections, switches between primary and secondary. Added options to limit the number of server resources such as connections and threads.
  • Added classic matching algorithms to perform fuzzy match and score: Dice, JaroWinkler, Leventshtein. Definitions of extendable types can be retrieved via service call.
  • Profiling columns data to determine the type of data and suggest best population fit.
  • Added match explain-ability along with match decision/score via new match service call that returns match report and saves additional call.
  • Added edit list rule that defines "do not match these two words"
  • Improved populations and development tools, added options to pre-cleaning rules, single word name matching, and key building.


Release Notes:


PAM for Informatica Identity Resolution 10.1

The End of Life dates for IIR 9.5.4 and 9.5.3 are as follows.


Supported Versions

Release Date

Minimum Support Period

End of Support

Extended Support*

Sustaining Support*


June 2015

30 June 2019

30 June 2019

30 June 2020

Not Available


September 2013

30 September 2017

30 June 2019

30 June 2020

Not Available

*Note that Extended and Sustaining Support are available at an additional charge and Sustaining Support is not available for all product releases. For further information, please contact:


For more information on product lifecycle, extended support policy, and end of life details of various Informatica products, view the Informatica Product Lifecycle Guide.

Informatica Identity Resolution version 10.0 HotFix 1 has been released to shipping and is available immediately.


Informatica Identity Resolution version 10.0 HotFix 1 contains enhancements and bug fixes. The highlights of this release include:


  • Improved support for resiliency and clustering: Enhancements include new startup parameters that control the order and timing for a secondary server to take over as primary in the event of the primary server shutting down, and improved resilience of Search server in the event of Rule Base server losing connection to the DBMS. Session pooling has also been improved for performance and resiliency.
  • Position-dependent edit lists: This enhancement provides more options for handling organization names appropriately. Position-dependent edit lists tell IIR to only remove or replace a word if it is found in a particular place in the string (beginning, middle or end of the string). For example, by default “COMPANY” is an organization title noise word, but there are organizations with names such as 'The Company Store.' Without this enhancement, deleting “COMPANY” from this name would leave only the word 'STORE' for searching and matching. You can use position-dependent edit lists to tell the system to delete the word “COMPANY” only if it appears at the end of the string.
  • Improvements to populations: New versions of the International and US populations are included with IIR 10.0 HF1. Enhancements in the new versions include better handling of organization names, such as the ability to generate better ranges and keys on the concatenated versions of the original name. In addition, the Arabic standard population had been updated to treat vowels as consonants for uncommon words, to improve key structures for uncommon words.
  • New timeout option for bad searches: Sometimes users enter bad searches that return a huge number of records to the detriment of the performance of the system for other users - for example, they search for a single commonly occurring word, such as “JOHN” in a typical US data set, or for a single letter such as “A”. IIR v10.0 HF1 includes a new environment variable, SSADB_QUERY_TIMEOUT, that can be set for the search server to specify a timeout period for search calls to the database.


Release Notes



PAM: PAM for Informatica Identity Resolution 10 HotFix 1 Platform Support

Informatica Identity Resolution version 10.0 has been released to shipping and is available immediately.


The highlights of Informatica Identity Resolution version 10.0 include:


High Availability with ZooKeeper

Identity Resolution uses Apache ZooKeeper to achieve high availability for Rulebase Servers, updsync utility, and updmulti utility in a distributed environment. High availability refers to the availability of the resources without any service interruption if a failure occurs.

SEARCH and FILE Extended Fields

You can extend any of the key fields and set the weight for the extended fields. The extended fields use the algorithm of the key fields. Use the extended fields to override the weight of the key fields in the run time.

Range Matching on the Date Fields

In the SCORE-LOGIC controls section, you can specify a range for the dates in the search data, the file data, or both to perform matching. The matching returns 100% score if the search data and file data values are within the specified range.

Performance Improvements

Performance improvements for key generation and matching of 15 to 30%.

IDD Improvements

Error logging with IDD is improved and search performance options such as candidate-set-size-limit and truncate are now supported within IDD's search interface.  Connection stability and error handling is also improved.

Release Notes:

Identity Resolution:

MDM Registry Edition:


PAM : Informatica Identity Resolution 10.0 Platform Support

Informatica Identity Resolution 9.5.3 HF2 is a maintenance release containing enhancements and bug fixes.


The highlights of this release include:


  • Performance Improvements
    • Core components have been optimized to achieve improved load and search performance
  • Geocode Support
    • SSA-NAME3 now provides search and match capability based on latitude, longitude
  • New Field Type
    • Added the new Company_Name field that does not contain person name rules to differentiate with Organization_Name field that does.
  • SDF Wizard Enhancements
    • SDF Wizard now allows the configuration of LWM settings when creating or editing a search


Informatica Identity Resolution - 9.5.3 HotFix 2 - Release Notes - (English)

Informatica Identity Resolution 9.5.3 is a point release containing new features, enhancements and bug fixes.


The highlights of this release include:


  • Session Pooling - Improves search performance and eliminates custom logic implemented by other clients for session pooling.
  • Light Weight Matching - Uses a fast scoring algorithm to pre-score and reject obvious mismatches upfront, this results in faster searches, persistent ID creation, match API and run clustering.
  • New Field Types - Standard populations include new field types/multiple entities which are used in key building and matching. These include Telephone, Date, Credit Card amongst others.
  • Better SDF Validation - All section statements of an SDF are validated during system creation.


Informatica Identity Resolution - 9.5.3 - Release Notes - (English)

Informatica SSA-NAME3 - 9.5.3 - Release Notes - (English)

PAM- Informatica Identity Resolution 9.5.3 Platform Support

Informatica Identity Resolution 9.5.2 is a maintenance release containing new features, enhancements and bug fixes. The highlights of this release include:


  • SDF Wizard Deploy Feature: Simplifies the process of system deployment via SDF in a few simple steps all within the SDF Wizard.
  • Log Collection Utilities: To help in the collection, formatting and diagnosis of log messages two new utilities (loggrabr and logfrmat) have been introduced.
  • Standardized Log Messages and High Resolution Timestamps: All date and time information is clear and easier to read and the timestamp resolution is now at the micro-second level.
  • HTTP Compression: The XML servers will now use RFC 2616 gzip compression with clients that support it.
  • HTTP Authentication: Support has been added for RFC 2617 HTTP authentication.
  • Software Asset Management: Support has been provided for software asset management in the form of ISO/IEC 19770-2 software identification tags
  • Trigger Support in Updmulti: Updmulti can now be used where triggers are used to propagate source table updates.Socket Layer Improvements: Improvements to the socket layer to better handle and tolerate variations in network quality. Hence MDM-RE servers and clients are more resilient.
  • Idsdown improvements: Improved responsiveness to shutdown commands issued to servers.
  • Faster Initial Loads: Improvements enable multiple rows to be fetched during extraction resulting in better performance for initial loads, re-indexing IDTs.
  • Rule base Server Group Optimizations: A better balance is now achieved across resource utilization and reliability when accessing the DB.
  • Population Enhancements: A majority of the populations have been enhanced.
  • Bug fixes


Informatica Identity Resolution - 9.5.2 - Release Notes - (English)



Informatica Identity Resolution v9.5.0 HF1 is a maintenance release containing a roll-up of hot fixes and usability enhancements.



Usability Enhancements:


Rulebase Server Group


Effective in version 9.5.0 HotFix1, use the rbsgdown utility to shut down Rulebase Servers running in a Rulebase Server Group. The rbsgdown utility automatically identifies the active Rulebase Server in the group and directs the shutdown command to it. Previously, an administrator would need to determine which Rulebase Server was active prior to executing the idsdown script.


Name3 Workbench User Interface


Effective in version 9.5.0 HotFix1, both the Name3 Workbench and Population Override Manager will accept input in both text and hexadecimal form and allow conversion between the two formats. This enhancement facilitates working with multi-byte and Unicode data in scripts such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean without the need to change input locale to enter data in its native character set. Previously, it was necessary to change the input locale to enter data in the native character set.



The Release notes for the same is available here

The highlights of this release include:


  • Simplified Search: Informatica Identity Resolution 9.5 introduces a new Key Field called the Generic_Field, and a new  Match Purpose called Generic. These index Generic data that may contain either of Person Names, Organization Names, Addresses, or a combination thereof. These new options provide a simplified search experience.


Informatica Identity Resolution 9.5.0 Release Notes

CSM Client for IIR

Posted by Vidya Jun 20, 2012

Informatica Configuration Support Manager (CSM) tool gathers configuration information from users' host machines running Informatica products. It tracks users' configurations, replicates issues, and advises health checks. It is the foundation of Informatica's rich configuration management capabilities.


We have now enhanced our CSM capabilities to include more products including CSM for ILM and IIR.


You can use CSM of IIR to gather your configuration, system, environment and product details of the machine hosting Informatica Identity Resolution (IIR).

CSM gathers data from IIR, which can help in troubleshooting issues related to


  • ODBC/Relational connectivity details
  • Details specific product issues with versions and patches
  • Various servers availability details
  • Configurations details
  • Environment details
  • License details


With CSM’s integrated capabilities of configuration management, when you upload the XML file to our support system from your profile, CSM automatically gathers your configuration information of the machine hosting IIR. The information gathered through CSM for IIR includes:


System (*nix)


  • System Information
  • CPU Information
  • Environment Variables
  • File System
  • Operating System Patches
  • Network Information
  • User Limits
  • Swap Information


System (Windows)


  • Memory Information
  • CPU Information
  • Environment Variables
  • Disk Information
  • Operating System Information
  • Network Configuration


Product (IIR)


  • ODBC Information
  • Bitmode
  • Version
  • License Information
  • License Key
  • Showtime
  • Dumpshr
  • Database List
  • Connection Server
  • Console Server
  • XML Console Server
  • XML Sync Server
  • HTTP Search Server
  • License Server
  • Rulebase Server
  • SSA Name3 Server
  • SSA Name3 Web Service Server
  • SSAxmserv.ini - Availability
  • SSAxmserv.xml - Availability
  • SSAhtserv.ini - Availability
  • SSAhtserv.xml - Availability
  • IDS File Size
  • Log File Count
  • Java Version


The information gathered through CSM for IIR, and the XML file that you upload or send, enables Informatica Support to:


  • Find any anomalies/symptoms that could cause issues.
  • Help replicate or reproduce an issue by creating similar environment.
  • And, aid to provide a solution for the issues easily and quickly.
  • Help in Configuration Management of your environment
  • Provide relevant health check recommendation


For more information, see HOW TO: Run the CSM Client for IIR


Download CSM Client for IIR

It is a Maintenance Release that contains a roll-up of Emergency Bug Fixes (EBFs).



Informatica Identity Resolution 9.0.1 Service Pack 4 Release Notes

This Hotfix release is strongly recommended for all customers as it contains important fixes.


Informatica Identity Resolution 9.2.0 HotFix 1 Release Notes

This release includes:


  • MySQL Support
  • Validation of No source Access Record


Informatica Identity Resolution 9.2.0 Release Notes

Highlights of this release:

  • Synchronization Server - This new server provides Real-Time Synchronization capabilities for clients. The server employs multithreaded techniques to maximize throughput.
  • Real Time Synchronization - The Real Time Web Service and the Real time API have been added. Both utilize the Synchronization Server to perform IDT updates and linking in real time.
  • Code Keys - SSA-Name3 fuzzy matching technology has been extended to handle specific data types more efficiently.
  • These data types include SSN, telephone numbers, license numbers, and so on. A new population is required to take advantage of Code Keys.
  • Multithreaded synchronization - The Synchronization Server makes extensive use of multithreading to maximise throughput.
  • System definition wizard updated to support advanced options


Informatica Identity Resolution 9.1.0 Release Notes

IIR 9.0.1 SP3 is now available and is recommended for all customers using earlier versions.


Release Notes


Identity Systems 901 SP3 SSA-NAME3


Identity Systems 901 SP3 SSA-NAME3 (Extensions)


Informatica Identity Resolution 901 SP3