• Native Snowflake Connector

    In IDQ is there a native Snowflake Connector? I cannot find a PAM to show this.
    Kathy Erwin
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  • CDQ to Axon Integration

    We are planning to upgrade from IDQ 10.4.1 to CDQ later this year. Currently, we integrate IDQ with Axon/EDC, automate running profiles/rules from Axon, and display the data quality results in Axon.   We have b...
    Kathy Erwin
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  • Importing XML Packages from different versions of IDQ QA (10.5) to Prod (10.4.1)

    As as part of regression testing we are going to import xml packages from QA to Prod per our PTP Process. Will there an issue with this since QA is 10.5 and Prod is 10.4.1
    Hema Chudasama
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  • Scorecard with "Unknown" running status

    I'm running a scorecard called "scd_customer_profile". In the past few months the scorecard is running as per expectation. However, since last week, the scorecard is showing "Unknown" running status in the Admin Cons...
    Christine Choy
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  • Informatica Administrator Monitor - Cannot see Running Workflows

    Hi,   I cannot see running workflows under Informatica Administrator -> Execution Statistc -> Monitor; I can see the Application deployed but when I click on "Workflows" no record is shown. I know that t...
    Andrea Rimoldi
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  • IDQ migration from 10.2. to 10.4 on another environment

    Hello,   We are trying to migrate and upgrade IDQ 10.2 to 10.4. We have created new databases for domain, mrs and other databases using Oracle export utility. Please help me with possible documentation with bes...
    Kamran Khan
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  • Custom additional password complexity for Informatica Native accounts setup

    Hi Team,     I would like to enforce below  additional rules on Informatica native accounts due to organization's security restrictions. Kindly advise how to achieve:     1. Password must ex...
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  • How to generate a token string using below details with HTTP transformation in Informatica Powercenter?

    1. URL Bearer Token   2. Header Columns: - Resource - App_ID - App_Key - apiVersion   Can we use HTTP transformation without an input port, if not, what should we pass as an input to this transformation.
    Urvashi Sharma
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  • [IDP_0028] User does not have the privilege to drilldown profiling results on Data Integration Service

    Hi!   When drilldown profiling results, IDQ arises the error:   [IDP_0028] User does not have the privilege to drilldown profiling results on Data Integration Service   Please, could you provide some...
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  • Scheduler jobs stored in backend database.

    Hi Everyone,   We have schedule a job every day which is running sequence of mapping, can anyone help me with the backend DB table name where it stores details of completion of jobs like success or failure. we a...
    Md Ahmed Aziz
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  • Data Viewer Row Size Limitation Experience

    Hello all,   What are some of your experiences in dealing with a business analyst who quotes the limitations around the row size (first 100 and I think max can go to 1000) of the data preview option in Informati...
    Noor Basha Shaik
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  • Informatica developer Tool 10.1

    Could someone please provide details on where we can request .bat file to install Informatica Developer tool 10.1?   Thanks
    Suganthi Vellaichamy
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  • DIS stays unavailable after restart

    Hi all,   We have a problem with the DIS. It will no come available after restart it stays unavailable.
    Jos Huijben
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  • How to configure AD in IDQ

    I would like to understand what are the steps need to be followed to configure Address doctor in IDQ.
    Kiran Kumar
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  • Queries with REST Data service in IDQ

    Dear all, Have created REST webservice in IDQ10.4.1. Get a data from the table. Have observed below issues and trying to get it resolved.   1) Column order is changing in the response. for ex. my table is Rowid, ...
    Dhinesh Kumar
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  • IDQ Profile

    Hi, I have two scenarios on IDQ profile.   1)By Default, Profile shows a default graph with value and frequency in Informatica Analyst tool. Is there any possibility to customize the default graph in Informatic...
    Meher Kulkarni
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  • Separate Drilldown and Export Priviliges

    Is it possible to allow users to drilldown on results in the Analyst client, but disable the ability for them to export those results? If so, how should the security for the role and/or group be setup?
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  • Migrating from IDQ to CDQ

    Hi,   I am already working on a project in an IDQ environment and we are migrating to CDQ, could someone help me with how the migration process is carried out for the same?
    Avinash Pandey
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  • Record Count Comparison between 2 data objects

    Hi,   How do we configure a rule to compare the record counts between 2 objects (tables/flat files) in Informatica DQ.   Let's say i have a source table and a destination table/flat file (there will be an ...
    Eugene Yeo
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    Hi our context: A third parties database (Msft SQL) used as a MDM. we have data quality issues we need to assess data quality (profiling) and fix issues (remadiation plan)   What are the differences between ...
    fakhreddine Amara
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