• Can rules be applied as a web service?

    Hello,   Can rules in Informatica DQ/ CDQ be applied as a web service? Can they be applied external to analyst and developer tool?
    Dorothy Xavier
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  • How do we add dynamic string to the email notification task in Data Quality workflow?

    How do we add dynamic string to the email notification task in Data Quality workflow? In DEQ 10.4.1 when the workflow sends users email notification, I need to add a string dynamically based on the what file is getti...
    Varsha Nair
    created by Varsha Nair
  • Documentation on Personas for Data Quality

    Hello,   Is there any documentation available on roles and permissions that can be assigned to the users who own and manage rules in Data Quality?
    Dorothy Xavier
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  • Difference between Cloud Data Quality and IDQ

    Hello,   Can someone help me understand the difference between Cloud Data Quality and IDQ in terms of features/functionalities? Is there any documentation on this?   Thanks
    Dorothy Xavier
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  • Recommendations on why to use Informatica Data Quality (cloud/on-prem)

    Can I get any documents (recommendations/best practices) on why should we recommend Informatica Data Quality (cloud/on-prem) for customers? It will be really helpful for reference. Also I am looking for any documentat...
    Dorothy Xavier
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  • Admin console logs missing due to viewer in CST, server installed in EST

    Hello,   We have an IDQ standalone Linux server on the East coast. However, my timezone is central, I am only able to see the logs until my current.   For instance, if the time at the server is 5 PM EST, i...
    Kamran Khan
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  • Has anyone tried to use the Python Transformation functionality to invoke Anomaly Detection Algorithms executing on their Data Sets?

    I am looking for any guidance you can share. @ - Jonathan
    Jonathan Hartstein
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  • Email notification line break issue(Alignment),

    Hi Everyone,   we are using Email notification in workflow on successfully completion of mappings, the problem is alignment How to add line break or next line in that email, Notification is being send to Outlook...
    Md Ahmed Aziz
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  • Operating System Profile while running workflow

    Hi, sorry if asked some dumb question but I can't figure it out. I'm trying to create the schedule of the deployed application via Admin console by following the steps below:   - create schedule > enter rel...
    Christine Choy
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  • unable to import rules of data domain in Informatica Data Quality

    Hello   I am new to Informatica Data Quality(10.4). Can anyone suggest how to create/import domain rules? The app team needs "out of the box domains in IDQ, which is imported/loaded on Developer tools, to show...
    Kamran Khan
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  • Tomcat/bin cleanUp and Permission error

    Dear all,   please help me solve these two problems, 1- I have the cache (/ETL/Informatica_IDQ/10.2.0/tomcat/bin/cache/) which is full and that I need to clean up but I don't know how. 2- the second error is ...
    Ismahane SILHADI
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  • Informatica BDM trial version

    I am looking for Informatica BDM trial version. Where can I download the trial version ?
    Srikanth Sirikonda
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  • Next Release

    Team, we are on 10.4.1. Let me know when is next major release planned.
    Dhinesh Kumar
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  • Update all the emails used in the MRS Workflows

    Team,   our Email domain got changed. need to know how to change all the emails mentioned in the workflow..both ass parameter, variable in DQ workflows, hardcorded in HT Tasks and Notification Tasks. Please shar...
    Dhinesh Kumar
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  • Record Count Comparison between 2 data objects

    Hi,   How do we configure a rule to compare the record counts between 2 objects (tables/flat files) in Informatica DQ.   Let's say i have a source table and a destination table/flat file (there will be an ...
    Eugene Yeo
    created by Eugene Yeo
  • REST APIs for Informatica Developer/Analyst

    Hi,   Are there any REST APIs available to perform the following on Informatica DQ (Developer/Analyst Version 10.2.1 ) Import rule specifications, or view the existing rule specifications. If there are no REST ...
    Eugene Yeo
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  • Rule to Check for Dupes?

    Is there any way to create a rule (or a rule specification) that will check for duplicate values?   Example: Let's say I have a file with 4 records.  One of the fields is AccountNumber.  I want to make...
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  • How to create dependency in scheduler for IDQ Workflow?

    I have created one workflow(In Developer tool) that include one command task(To execute the analyst tool profile job) and one email task for sending notification to the users once profiling job is completed.   ...
    Shailendra Bisht
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  • Cloud Data Profile Result Export

    Can anyone please help me out in this question -  Is there any API available in Informatica Cloud to export the profile results from Cloud Data Profiling. Please if someone knows answer to this question help me a...
    Preeti Dhakad
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  • Informatica DQ Cipher Suites

    Hello everyone,     We are currently conducting an Informatica Data Quality proof of concept and we have a security issue. They ask us if Informatica Data Quality support the next cipher suites algorithm: ...
    Pablo Velasco
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