• Plug-in validation error when starting Model Repository Service

    Hello,   I have a brand new installation of Informatica 10.2.0 HotFix1 Build: 417 on RHEL Server 7.6   When I am trying to start Model Repository Service I receive the following error: Could not execute a...
    Andrey Dudkin
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  • Cloud Data Profile Result Export

    Can anyone please help me out in this question -  Is there any API available in Informatica Cloud to export the profile results from Cloud Data Profiling. Please if someone knows answer to this question help me a...
    Preeti Dhakad
    created by Preeti Dhakad
  • Cloud Data Profiling Issue (Trial Org)

    I am facing an issue where when selecting a source for profile task in Cloud data profiling in trial org getting "network error " and no source is getting listed. And it is for all source types. Getting this issue aft...
    Preeti Dhakad
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  • IDQ - Reference Tables

    Hi guys,   Is possible from any user to see or download a ref table using a link?   I like when you create a new ref table and if is possible to create a share link of it...
    Oscar Dovalina
    created by Oscar Dovalina
  • Data Quality Dashboards & Reports 10.2 Report Templates on Jasper

    Dear fellow consultants,   Kindly, I'm trying the data quality dashboards & reports module in-house and I cannot find the report templates & SQL queries required to produce the required DQ reports that u...
    Mohamed Dokmak
    created by Mohamed Dokmak
  • 'infacmd dis ListParameterSetEntries' and UpdateParameterSetEntries fails with "[ICMD_10033] error [[DSCMN_10000] com.informatica.ds.app.attachment.paramset.runtime.impl.ScopedParameterEntriesArgumentImpl cannot be cast to ..."

    Hello everyone. I have a problem with infacmd dis command. infacmd dis commands ListParameterSetEntries and UpdateParameterSetEntries fail with the following error:   1) Command: infacmd dis ListParameterSetEn...
    Rais Iskhakov
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  • Load XML to a Table via BDQ

    Hi,   Can we load the XML data to a table via IDQ mapping.   Thanks, Kaustuv
    Kaustuv Chatterjee
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  • IDQ as ETL in data warehousing project

    Hi,   Can I use IDQ as ETL in the data warehousing project? Does it support batch loads where we need to load a minimum a million records in a single batch and the batch size can increase?   What are the d...
    Prasad Kada
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  • Connecting ActiveMQ using IDQ

    Hi All,   Is there a way to connect to Active MQ using IDQ. I have a use case to read the messages asynchronously from ActiveMQ.   Thanks, Prasad
    Prasad Kada
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  • Data Quality framework

    Hello, Do we have any Data Quality framework that would test and validate the data prior to loading data using Informatica powercenter? I am vaguely aware of Rules, score card, profiling and exporting data quality ta...
    sandra pinder
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  • Running multiple Rest web service sessions with parameters

    Hi, I have a workfow with a Rest web consumer in Informatica Developer 10.1. This is using different parameters value and return a json file based on the value of the parameters. The parameters values are located in...
    Falilou WAIDI
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  • Synchronizing flat files

    If I want to synchronize a flat files (because the data has changed), it seems the tool needs to re-upload the document when I use the Browse and Upload option. Is there any option where the tool can automatically ta...
    Sharmin Islam
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  • How to do consolidation with most recent not null value?

    Hi all, I am trying to consolidate a record in Informatica 9.6.0 Developer tool. Here we faced a situation that we need to consolidate our record based on a given field which is the Most Recent Update Date field. No...
    Dhanya Chandran
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  • Basic Authentication not working while calling a rest consumer transformation in IDQ

    Hi All, I am trying to invoke a get call on Informatica EDC using Rest consumer transformation. The problem here is with the authentication. In the header i am trying to provide a basic authentication 'Basic <...
    Amit Bhartiya
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  • Why is my profile warehouse only showing the most recent scorecard run?

    My scorecard has executed three times in the past 24 hours.  However, When I execute the following query I only see the most recent one:   Select * From  Dqsinfa_Pwh.Idpv_Score_Smry Where 1=1 And...
    Bill Sanderson
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  • IDQ- Consolidation Tx -Modal Exact Strategy question

    Hello,   I am new to IDQ and was working on Consolidation Tx, Can some please explain me Modal Exact strategy.? It says consolidated row will be decided by "the row with the highest count of the most frequent val...
    Varun Neranki
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  • Consolidation Transformation in Informatica 9.1.0

    Hi all,   I am trying to consolidate a record in Informatica 9.1.0 Developer tool. Here we faced a situation that we need to consolidate our record based on a given feild which is the Most Recent Update Date Fei...
    Joydip Ghosh
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  • How to do Consolidation with most recent not null column?

    Hi all, I am trying to consolidate a record in Informatica 9.6.0 Developer tool. Here we faced a situation that we need to consolidate our record based on a given field which is Most Recent Update Date field. Now if...
    Dhanya Chandran
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  • Getting "Cannot export profile results.   500" error while exporting scorecard in Analyst

    Getting the below error while trying to export scorecard from Informatica Analyst 10.4.   Cannot export profile results. 500 com.informatica.profiling.services.api.ExportManager.exportScoreCardsDataToExcel(Lco...
    Varsha Nair
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  • IDQ Advanced Consolidation examples

    Hi,   Where can I find examples of IDQ Advanced Consolidation examples?   I need to consolidate multiple records having the last non-null value of each field.   Regards, Daniel Alzueta.
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