• Not able to restart CMS services

    Hi All, I am not able to restart CMS service. Also I can't find anything in service logs. Can anyone suggest which would help me to resolve the issue?  
    Shashank Raj
    created by Shashank Raj
  • Configuring SMTP in Email Services of Informatica Administrator

    Hi, I am using Informatica 10.2.0HF1. I would like to use a mail notification component in the workflow. So, I configured SMTP in Email Services as following:   host: smtp.gmail.com port:587 username:example@...
    Aryama Ivaturi
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  • Can I write Avro and Parquet files in S3 using Informatica Developer?

    Hello, Can I write Avro and parquet files in S3 using Informatica Developer? If so, which version is supported?
    Aryama Ivaturi
    created by Aryama Ivaturi
  • How to handle Multiple language in IDQ developer tool

    We are facing an issue with IDQ developer tool in which we get multiple languages(Foreign Language) from MS SQL server and in IDQ developer tool , it is not able to recognize the language and not able to recognize the...
    Ajay Singh
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  • Date Function in PIM

    Hello Team,   I need a function to keep in the Export template to generate the data from Master Catalog which is not  the current date -1   Thanks, Niranjan
    Niranjan Gujjari
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  • How to Overwrite existing file in HDFS usinng Informatica Developer?

    Hello, I am using Informatica 10.2.0 HF1. I am reading data from S3 and writing it into HDFS. But it is writing data into new HDFS file rather than writing it into the selected target fie. Can anyone help me how to o...
    Aryama Ivaturi
    created by Aryama Ivaturi
  • Business Glossary API calls

    Hi,   I am looking for a way to GET the entire contents of the Business Glossary using a single API call, is this possible without listing every business term in the glossary, as it doesn't appear wildcards can...
    Stephen McVeigh
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  • OS Migration

    Hi All,   We have 10.2 DQ services currently running on SUSE box and the server is being planned to migrate to supported version of RHEL.   In terms of Informatica related steps, per my knowledge is it jus...
    Akshay HB
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  • Where can we find SQL scripts for creating IDQ 10.2 HF2 database objects on SQL Azure?

    If we don't have this yet, where can we find a similar scripts for MS SQL Server on Premises installation? Thank you!
    Charles Walker
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  • Update S3 File using Informatica Developer

    Hello, I have an S3 file which I am reading using Informatica Developer. Now I applied some DQ checks and generated a bad records table. Now I want to have a new CSV file written into S3 which is a combination of cor...
    Aryama Ivaturi
    created by Aryama Ivaturi
  • Rule_IsNumeric

    Hi,   Please share the rule specification logic used to generate the 'Rule_IsNumeric' rule for general data cleansing in Informatica analyst tool.   I have used the operator 'Contains' in the rule specific...
    Krishna Praneeth V
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  • Consolidation Transformation - Most Data

    Hi All,   I am using Consolidation Transformation with Most Data strategy , i have a question. If multiple records in a group are same or having same count of data which record will be survived by the transform...
    Abhidha P
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  • How can I use reference table in IDQ without using lookup transformation

    Hi,   I have a scenario in IDQ in which I have a reference table with 4 columns - 1. Name(in English language) 2. Name_FR(in French language) 3. Name_TC(in Traditional Chinese) 4. Name_SC(in Simple Chinese)...
    Neha Garg
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  • How to consolidate/merge the records coming out of different match transformations in a single mapping.

    Hi All, Greetings! I have a scenario like where  source data is processed in the below scenario.Based on condition for each matching process we need to  merge the records in a single target tables .  ...
    created by user189839
  • Matching a coulmn value with a comma separated list of values in another column in IDQ

    Hi,   I have a scenario in which I have 2 columns : ID, second column is a comma separated list of values (100,200,300,400,....). I have to find whether the ID which I have entered in the input is present in the...
    Neha Garg
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  • Automation of Informatica Developer mappings/workflows using INFACMD

    Hi,   I am trying to automate running mappings/workflows using Infacmd. Can you please help me to do that ? I am using Informatica Version 10.2.0 and servers are installed on linux. Thank you
    kumar nara
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  • Apply Rule Specification on joining tables

    Dear All,   I am new to IDQ and would like to ask for some help on it.   I want to test below rules:- 1. columnA in table1 > columnB in table1 (comparing 2 columns in 1 table) 2. columnC in table1 &g...
    Jo Ng
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  • IDQ redshift sql override

    Hi,   Is there a way to do a sql override or write a custom sql on AWS redshift database tables imported in IDQ.   I have created the AWS redshift connection and imported the tables but not able to see a p...
    rajesh guntu
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  • no data displaying in Analyst tool,but table structure is displaying

    I have created a human task with bad exception  and executed the workflow successfully,But i am not able to see the data in Analyst tool.I am getting the below error when i click on exception task which is under ...
    Meher Kulkarni
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  • How to use Update Strategy in Informatica Developer

    Hello, I have tables A with columns colA1, colA2, colA3 and B with columns colB1, colB2, colB3. I would like to use update strategy and update my colB3.   Condition I would like to specify is   Update co...
    Aryama Ivaturi
    last modified by Aryama Ivaturi