• Rules in Analyst

    Hi,   While creating DQ Rules in Informatica Analyst 10.4, Can we find difference of a date value in a column with the current date. For example, after comparing the stored date value with the current date, can...
    dhwani shah
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  • Timeliness DQ Check

    Hi,   1. How can we create rule in IDQ for timeliness? For eg this is our requirement - "Date is up-to-date and available within the acceptable time frame, timeline and duration"   2. Can we find differe...
    Khushboo Mehta
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  • Exclude views while creating multiple table data objects

    Hi,   After creating a connection, when we try to create multiple table data objects, we can view the list of tables in a particular schema. While doing so, views as well as tables get listed and there is no way...
    dhwani shah
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  • Impossible to save a valid rule specification

    Hello,   I'm implementing a "Rule Specification" asset withing IICS Data Quality module but I'm facing a really annoying issue. Despite my asset is valid, when I click on the "Save" button, the asset is not real...
    Florent Gerbolino
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  • Required Disc Space for Cloud Profiling

    Our CDQ profiles are failing in DEV environment with this error - [ERROR] ***ERROR: nsort_release_recs() returns -10   As per Informatica, resolution for this error is to increase the disk space storage. (Refer...
    Udit Sharma
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  • Environment variables are missing.

    I see few of env are missing multiple times/not being picked up by Informatica . Every time we need to restart the domain to resolve the issue.
    Kiran Kumar
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  • Handle Special Character

    Hi, we have  noticed that when we import the business glossary template on the Analyst tool special characters (',@,&,/,%,...) are not recognized and edited by the tool.     How can we handle spec...
    Valeria Dima
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  • How to profile more than one table at a time in Analyst?

    I want to know is there any way to profile more than one table in Analyst tool? Is it possible to profile two columns from different tables within same DB? I know we can do join analysis in dveloper but wint give y...
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  • CDQ to Axon Integration

    We are planning to upgrade from IDQ 10.4.1 to CDQ later this year. Currently, we integrate IDQ with Axon/EDC, automate running profiles/rules from Axon, and display the data quality results in Axon.   We have b...
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  • Hadoop data lake connectivity from IDQ through JDBC

    Hi All,   I am looking for some document on how to connect hadoop data lakes through JDBC from IDQ.   Can anyone please give any insight on what all information is needed to configure the same.   Tha...
    Amit B
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  • Cloud data quality collabration

    Hi, Is there a similar functionality in Informatica cloud data quality profiling where business analyst's run the profile add the comments and collaborate with IT team like IDQ? Also, any idea on when the Score card...
    Jeevan Reddy
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  • Address validator transformation rejecting the Postal address in IDQ mapping

    Hi All,   We have developed the mapping with Address validator transformation where we are processing the postal address for party but most of the records were rejecting with MATCH CODE (I1,I2,I3,I4) and these a...
    Ramesh M
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  • Connection time out error while creating the ADLS connection from IDQ

    Hi,   While I was creating the ADLS Gen2 connection over IDQ I'm getting the following error. Error: Could not execute action...   The requested operation could not be performed due to the following error...
  • View profiling results for every subsection separately

    Hello, The business use case is as follows - Customer data contains data acquired from different countries in the same DB tables. There is a need to be able to view profiling results grouped per country, ideally using...
    Valery Cherepanov
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  • License issue on running Rule Specification with reference table

    Hi,   I have been trying to test a rule specification which uses a reference table. It is compiled successfully, but on adding test data to test the rule specification, it throws an error.   On checking th...
    dhwani shah
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  • How to Import OOTB Data Domain in IDA using Developer Client

    Open video

    Arun Som
    created by Arun Som
  • Rule in Analyst

    Hi,   When we carry out profiling for a particular table object, we are able to see the number of unique/distinct values in a column. However, is there a way we can incorporate this into a rule for the data usin...
    dhwani shah
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  • Rule specification with reference table

    Hi,   I am trying to create a rule specification which compares the input data with the first column in a reference table. I wanted to use it further in a profile and mark it as either valid/invalid after I conv...
    dhwani shah
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  • How can i migrate special characters (accented characters)in INFORMATICA POWERCENTER?

    I've been trying to migrate from SQL SERVER source table fields with accented letters in them, but when i check the same data on the target ORACLE, the special characters are replaced like this: "Questo è un ...
    pietro ranieri
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  • ERROR: "Timestamp format must be yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss[.fffffffff]" with native redshift connector- DEQ

    I am getting  "ERROR: "Timestamp format must be yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss[.fffffffff]"" while profile a PDO from a Redshift source. Currently I am using Native redshift connector and Informatica Data Engineering Qualit...
    Varsha Nair
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