• Data Masking in Data Quality 10.2.0

    Hi,   We want to mask data captured in reject files (.bad files). Do we need to buy a separate license for data masking in Data Quality or how do we ensure if the existing DQ license also has @data masking capa...
    niti rawat
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  • Real time integration using Informatica Data Quality 10.4

    Hi All,   Has anybody implemented real time integration/data load in Informatica Data Quality 10.4? We are currently working on 10.2 and an upgrade to 10.4 is planned. For now the data load is happening in ba...
    niti rawat
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  • IDQ Installation in LINUX - Environment Variables

    Hi Team,   Can you please help with below questions wrt to IDQ installation in Linux:   1. What are the environment variables that are needed to be set in .profile (or.bashrc) file after IDQ installation i...
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  • Data Processor not returning any data for valid JSON

    Hi All,   I am passing the output of a rest web consumer transformation (Output XML) to a Data processor transformation. The data processor is not returning any result for a Json input which is valid( verified o...
    Amit Bhartiya
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  • Cloud IDQ Integration with On Premise PowerCenter 10.2

    Can we integrate cloud based Data Quality with the on premise PowerCenter 10.2
    Manisha B
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  • What is the best approach to marry physical data object code field to referential table description?

    user126898 - I tried to email you, but the video was rejected for the file size.   There is more to the question asked here. There are two items I bring up in the video.
    Pamela Burke
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  • Software for Informatica Developer (thick client) tool

    Hi Team,   Could you please confirm if IDQ 10.4 Developer (thick client) tool will be coming as part of IDQ Server Installation tar file? Or should it be downloaded externally? If so, can you please share the li...
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  • Data Processor transformation

    How to read multiple JSON schema files using a single data processor t/n?   Ex:      1. Account            2. Party    ...
    Srikanth Bommakanti
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  • IDQ - Address Doc and Accelerator download

    Hi Team,   Can you please tell the steps involved to install below components? Are they available as part of tar installation file? Or should that be downloaded externally? How about license for each?   ...
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  • Restrict column data

    Hi  All,   We want to  apply column level restrictions in analyst  ,so that user cannot view those columns  while performing profiling.   How this can be implemented  in analyst? &...
    Krazy king
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  • IDQ: Regex to handle Latin and Non Latin character in Expression

    Hi All,   I have requirement where Latin and Non latin characters are coming from a single source. In IDQ, we need to route Latin (which is processed through address doctor) and Non Latin goes to reject table. C...
    Rajdeep Sen
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  • How to Create IDQ Service from the Informatica Administrator Console

    Open video

    Arun Som
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  • IDQ Support (or) Integration with Bitbucket, Jenkins and RLM

    Hi Team,   Could you please give us step-by-step instructions on how IDQ 10.4 can be integrated with the following? 1) BitBucket 2) Jenkins 3) RLM (Release Lifecycle Management)   Thanks
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  • Informatica Data Quality (IDQ) Training

    Hi, is anyone aware of a good online training service for Informatica Data Quality (IDQ)? We have some business data stewards and some technical developers who need training to support the roll out of IDQ. Many thanks
    Stephen Hunter
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  • Integration of SSO (SAML 2.0) with KDC-LDAP

    Hi Team,   I'm going to have IDQ installed on a server that uses KDC-LDAP. After reading the following the links, I inferred that SAML-based SSO can not work in an Informatica Domain that uses Kerberos authenti...
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  • IDQ Integration with KDC-LDAP and SSO

    Hi Team,   Could you please give the steps on how to :   1) integrate IDQ with KDC-LDAP 2) integrate IDQ with SSO (other than SAML)   Thanks
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  • DQ PAMs for 10.4.1 & DQ Interoperability with PC

    In PAM for Informatica Platform v10.4.1 there is a tab with name "DQ & PC Interoperability". Following is the content of this tab : The Note says : see corresponding DQ PAMs for available platforms. I have fol...
    Ashutosh Jumde
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  • Precision value Rejected

    Hi ,   Source Qualifier -->number(28,2) , -->Expression -  Decimal(28,2) --> Target   input Value 1234567891234567891234567892.22   28 precision length and 2 decimal places   I T...
    Cyber King
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  • For exception tasks, all task options are grayed out.

    We have a workflow that creates human tasks.  I can view the tasks but all options in the drop down are grayed out and I cannot do anything with them.  
    Randy Dicello
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  • Informatica IDQ tutorial

    Can anyone help me to get link or pdf for informatica IDQ tutorial ,as I am new to IDQ .
    Shweta Thamke
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