• IDQ Rule Migration to New Environment

    I was wondering if anyone knew how to store rules from scorecards so that they can be migrated and used in a different environment so I do not have to recreate them?
    Patrick McGuigan
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  • Data Processor No data returned

    Hi All,   I have one JSON file with 116 MB size when it is reading in DP(t/n) "input buffer parsed failed error" it is throwing but when my I used DP in "file" mode getting no data returned. I am using JSON Sche...
  • Informatica IDQ tutorial

    Can anyone help me to get link or pdf for informatica IDQ tutorial ,as I am new to IDQ .
    Shweta Thamke
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  • Privileges and Permissions for IDQ Human Tasks

    For settting up Human Tasks in IDQ I see two main roles / functions: - The Business Administrator - The Task Performer   What permission should I give to a IDQ Human Task Business Administrator (Group) in the ...
    Willem Carel Versteegt
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  • Informatica Analyst Slowness

    Hi Guys, Informatica Analyst is dead slow on Browsers.. I usually don't purge inbuilt profile generated data's.. Thus its causing slowness...please tell me the few reasons...why informatica Analyst slow on Browsers
    Cyber King
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  • IDQ 10.4 Installation on Linux

    Hi Team,   Can you please help on below questions? Please note that I will have only have IDQ residing in it. (not to be combined with other Informatica Pro   1) What is Informatica's recommendation on tot...
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  • DQ PAMs for 10.4.1 & DQ Interoperability with PC

    In PAM for Informatica Platform v10.4.1 there is a tab with name "DQ & PC Interoperability". Following is the content of this tab : The Note says : see corresponding DQ PAMs for available platforms. I have fol...
    Ashutosh Jumde
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  • Reading a XML file with more than 65535 records.

    Hi All,   I am trying to read a rest api response which can be either xml or json and has size greater than 65535. I am trying to apply data processor on the response and get meaningful columns out of it.  ...
    Amit Bhartiya
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  • Patch Requirements and User Processes for IDQ 10.4

    Hi Team,   I have below questions on IDQ 10.4 Installation:   1) In Installation guide for IDQ 10.4, it is mentioned that certain patches are needed for installation. Please refer this link. As I'm not go...
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  • Import Mapplets from Power Center to IDQ

    Hi,   Can Mapplet be imported from Power Center to IDQ? If yes, Could you please help me out? Thanks.
    Amit Jaiswal
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  • Conventional Installation of IDQ 10.4.1 on AWS EC2 Instance

    Can we install IDQ 10.4.1 on the AWS EC2 instance through a Conventional / Manual Installation procedure which is similar to what is followed while installing the IDQ on any premise server?   We do not want to u...
    Ashutosh Jumde
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  • Multinode Configuration with 1 node hosted on premise and 1 node on cloud

    Can we have a hybrid configuration of the Informatica Power Center and IDQ ? Configuration as following : 1. One single Domain 2. 2 Nodes - 1 Node is a linux server  - on premise and 1 Node is a EC2 instance -...
    Ashutosh Jumde
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  • Column Names Are Not Exported on Drilldown Results

    Informatica Data Quality - Developer Tool v. 10.2.0 HF1   On visualizing results from the Drilldown option after a Profile, exporting the Drilldown results mean one of two things: Exporting the whole data set b...
    Sergio Moraes
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  • What is the exact value returned by NumExceptions as part of exception count data from the Exception transformation?

    As per KB article 449840 – the exception count data from the Exception transformation must be bound to a mapping output created on the mapping. This is showed as NumExceptions from the exception transformation....
    Ashutosh Jumde
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  • Infrastructure planning guide for IDQ 10.4

    Can I have Infrastructure planning guide for Informatica Data Quality 10.4? From the internet, I could able to find the one for Informatica MDM, but not for IDQ.
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  • IDQ Scorecard filter empty cells shows up as an invalid row

    I created a scorecard and included a rule that filters out any data with a length less than zero since my rules is meant to see if the data  format is correct so I do not care if the data is missing. However when...
    Patrick McGuigan
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  • Webservice considering number in String filed as number

    Input payload - When we are trying to give number as input for a string filed, webservice is accepting as number format and returning error as Wrong format error. a) Expected payload - {"IdentityNumber":"784199545"},...
    Dhinesh Kumar
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  • Informatica Data quality Integration with LDAP/SSO and MDM

    Hi Team,   Can you please share the detailed steps on:   1) How to integrate IDQ with LDAP/SSO? Although Page # 20 in this link share some instructions, it is not much detailed step by step instructions. ...
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  • 'infacmd dis ListParameterSetEntries' and UpdateParameterSetEntries fails with "[ICMD_10033] error [[DSCMN_10000] com.informatica.ds.app.attachment.paramset.runtime.impl.ScopedParameterEntriesArgumentImpl cannot be cast to ..."

    Hello everyone. I have a problem with infacmd dis command. infacmd dis commands ListParameterSetEntries and UpdateParameterSetEntries fail with the following error:   1) Command: infacmd dis ListParameterSetEn...
    Rais Iskhakov
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  • PAM (Product Availability Matrix) file of IDQ 10.4

    Hi Team,   I understand that we do not have a separate PAM file for Informatica Data Quality (IDQ) 10.4. When i go through Informatica 10.4 platform PAM file, I found most of the components pertaining to IDQ o...
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