• Informatica CDQ Profiling

    Hi, I have started working on Informatica CDQ and i have few questions to clarify. In CDQ, do we have an option to do Join Profiling as i can see only column profiling so far? Also, when will the score carding opti...
    Jeevan Reddy
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  • IDQ data load issue

    Hi Team,   we have created a mapping and it is running successful without error, but the data is not getting loaded to Database and again if checker router it is coming as insert as the data did not got loaded. ...
    Md Ahmed Aziz
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  • MDM Golden Record ID for New Golden Records

    New MDM Golden Records to have a unique ID that won't change even when the data of the Golden record changes.  This ID will be used by other systems that receive/pull data from the MDM   Here our requiremen...
    Ramesh M
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  • IDQ 10.5 Connectivity with AWS Redshift and AWS S3

    Hi Team, Can anyone point me to link or documents for establishing the connectivity to AWS Redshift and AWS S3 from Informatica DQ (IDQ) version 10.5.   Do we need separate connector installation for these 2 in...
    Ashutosh Jumde
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  • Need help with access set up

    Hi All,   I need help with one access in IDQ monitoring. The Prod support user is not able to see the service status ( whether services are up or down) and the application status. ( applications running status)....
    Amit Bhartiya
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  • How can we get Name quality scores using IDQ

    Hi Community,   How can we get Name quality scores using IDQ, please suggest how i can do this without using any reference data table.   ~Prashant
    Prashant Verma
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  • How can I find and track a new feature request I initiated?

    How can I find and track a new feature request? I don't want to have my request lost.   I entered a new case 03172990 to request that some fields be added and was told the following:   We have raised FR AXO...
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  • Using a System Variable in Email Task

    Hi I am trying to call a system variable in email task to populate workflow name in email body but it is giving the below error . "There are unresolved variables or parameters in text field" am I missing any thing ...
    Abhidha P
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  • Rule to Check for Dupes?

    Is there any way to create a rule (or a rule specification) that will check for duplicate values?   Example: Let's say I have a file with 4 records.  One of the fields is AccountNumber.  I want to make...
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  • Load SSAS (Sql Server Analysis service) from DQ/DEI

    Dear All,   I understand that we don't have direct connector to load SSAS from Informatica. Can you please let me know the ODBC driver which can be used to connect and load SSAS.   any help in this regard ...
    Dhinesh Kumar
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  • IDQ (Data Profiling issues)

    I’ve just started learning informatica. I am exploring profiling and doing it in a csv flat file. I have imported that csv file on informatica as Data object and extracting data of that csv file in Data Viewer a...
    Umair Khan
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  • Multiple match rules

    Hello, I am using IDQ 10.2 and I have the following data set (dummy data)   I have to implement match rules in the following way   Rule 1   Email AND Mobile Number- Exact  AND Full Name - F...
    MO SO
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  • Out of box IDQ Dashboards

    Customer proposed the below question.   As part of MDM Journey and  key success criteria we need periodically monitor  and report Data Quality of Source system and MDM Data. As part of that we need ge...
    Christi Castaneda
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  • IDQ 10.4.1 and Databricks

    Good Morning,   Is there a supported connector, odbc, jdbc which allows IDQ 10.4.1 to connect to a deltalake?   How about in 10.5?   Thank you in advance Chris
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  • Joiner Transformation Guidelines

    Hi Team,   I'm putting together a series of logical data objects that will require mulitple joins. Each object will require anywhere between 15 to 30 joins per object. I'm relatively new to IDQ and recall from m...
    Nicholas Yuricic
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  • Mapping ports result should be output in IDQ Workflow

    Hi Team,   I have created a mapping and the target is flat file. here my task is get the details from that flat file and send email notification. Can anyone please suggest me how to do, this flat file will actua...
    Md Ahmed Aziz
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  • To get the highest digit in a number column

    As title, just wondering if any expert here can guide me. I want to get the highest single digit from a number column. Any of the data transformations can achieve this?   Highest number: 9 Lowest number: 0 &...
    Christine Choy
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  • IDQ Database Connection "Pass-through Security" Property

    Our IDQ application user account have access to many database tables in our enterprise data warehouse (EDW). When a user uses Developer tool to access data objects in EDW, he/she can see all the tables that the applic...
    Xiaomin Xu
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  • Data Quality Rule for Consistency Check

    Hi,   I am looking for method/example to setup data quality rules to check consistency of data among two or more data sets. E.g. the customer's first_name is the same in the two systems i.e CRM and Billing syste...
    Ali Abbas
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  • IDQ: 4.10.1 New Physical Object & Descriptions

    Hi Team,   When you create a new physical object, Relational, how may I automate the ingestion of the description as part of the ingestion. Is there a specific field I need to use, please advise the proper way t...
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