• Profiling Azure SQL DW table in Developer tool

    When you create a physical data object for an Azure SQL DW table in the Developer tool, you need to create a Data Object Operation if you want to run the Data Viewer.  This is an additional step that we have to p...
    Amarendra Reddy
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  • Reference table and native user not migrated in 10.2 HF2

    Hi, I have upgraded IDQ from 10.1.1 to 10.2 HF2 , installed 10.2 on new server and migrated the MRS from 10.1.1 to 10.2.   But the reference tables and Native user didn't migrate , i am seeking help that how i ...
    Sunil Kumar Singh
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  • Significant increase in profile time from 8M to 10M records. Configuration issue?

    I am new to Informatica and I have been tasked with understanding the company's IDQ installation so that it can be used with our data. I have been trying to run profiles. For a long time profiles larger than 1-3 Mill...
    Aris Fernandez
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  • Is Command task of workflow same as system command?

    Hi,   I'm using command task in a workflow it is having a command which is used to call a job in different machine. First I tried my command using normal system command and it is working, So now I want to run th...
    Md Ahmed Aziz
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  • How to run the workflow from a particular task in IDQ?

    Hi All,   I have a scenario, one workflow contains 10 tasks in IDQ. how to run a single task in a workflow and how to run a workflow from a particular task in IDQ ?     Thanks in Advance.
    Venkateswarlu kommi
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  • Load Balancer (Active ~ Passive) + IDQ 10.4

    Hi Team,   I'm going to have two nodes in my Domain, say Node A and Node B. below services need to be running in each node:   1) MRS 2) DIS 3) CMS 4) Analyst service 5) Search service 6) Scheduling se...
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  • IDQ Installation in LINUX - Environment Variables

    Hi Team,   Can you please help with below questions wrt to IDQ installation in Linux:   1. What are the environment variables that are needed to be set in .profile (or.bashrc) file after IDQ installation i...
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  • Error executing stored procedure from IDQ 10.2.0

    Hello,   I am getting below error when trying to execute the stored procedure from Informatica Data Quality 10.2.0.   [pmsql_50065] ODL error: FnName: ExecuteSP -- [Informatica][ODBC SQL Server Wire Protoc...
    Prasanna Maniyur
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  • Rest WSC Not Returning Data to Mapping

    I have a Rest Web Service Consumer transformation that stopped returning data out of it into the rest of the Developer map and I need ideas on what to look for.  This worked fine about 3 weeks ago.   I have...
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  • IDQ 10.4.1 Compatibility with MDM 10.3 HF1

    Hi,   I didn't see a reference to MDM Customer 360 or MDM Multidomain in the latest PAM for 10.4.1. We're preparing to upgrade IDQ from 10.2 HF1 to 10.4.1 but we need to confirm that our MDM will not be impacte...
    Lisa Downey
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  • AWS EC2 and DEQ

    We ran into a bit of performance issue with our m4.4xl (16 CPU, 64GB) DEQ profiling 550 GB snappy.parquet file.   We are going to an r series EC2 instance which is memory optimized.   This is the first of ma...
    Erik Little
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  • IDQ 10.4 Supplementary components installations (Accelerators)

    Hi Team,   We have got shipping request from GCS, and we have Informatica  Data Quality 10.4 server installed.   Can you please help on below questions?   1. we are not sure how to install the...
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  • Data quality rule that checks only features/attributes marked with one or more specific Purpose

    In PIM Product 360 you can use a drop-down list to specify one or more purposes for a structure feature (or specify it on features in the Feature groups list view). Different codes/names can be specified in the Lookup...
    Anders Jensen
    created by Anders Jensen
  • datatype mismatch issue in dynamic mapping

    Hi All,   i have a source SAP HANA where all the columns are in STRING datatype and the target is in microsoft SQL server where some of the columns are in Date/time datatype.Due to datatype mismatch mapping keep...
    Puja Das
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  • IDQ - Received an error in response to a start. Code=451 diagnostic=secure connection is required

    Hi Team,   I'm seeing this error in many log files. But I'm not sure how I can rectify it. On side note, I'm using "https" to access Admin Console, but "http" to access Analyst client.   IDQ - Received a...
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  • Error while trying to run Data profiling - Module must be upgraded

    Hi Team,   While profiling in developer tool, I'm getting below error:   "Module profile Service must be upgraded"   As I mentioned in this KB, I tried to the follow the steps.   But when i go ...
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  • Parser Transformation issue

    Hi, I am trying, new to use Parser Transformation in IDQ mapping using Developer tool. I am expecting three values in three different columns defined in Parser Transformation using Token Set (Regular Expression) defin...
    Suresh Jannu
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  • Recover deleted mapping

    Hi , It is possible to recover the newly created mapping? It is deleted..can some one help me to get that
    Cyber King
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  • Export IDQ mapplet into Powercenter

    Hello Friends, I am trying to export IDQ mapplet into Powercenter mapplet. IDQ version 10.1.1. and Powercenter 9.6.1 Which is set version compatibility correctly. But when I do IDQ mapplet export it is trying to gener...
    Suresh Jannu
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  • Wf_Notification task error

    Hi all,   please when i execute my Workflow with email task i have this error , then all the workflow is executed normally except the Email task.   please find below the error log :   2020-08-17 14...
    Ismahane SILHADI
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