• IDQ Content (Core accelerator and Core Data Domain)

    How can I  get the core accelerator and core data domain ? In the IDQ Content guide, it mentioned that these are available and included in the package.
    Dominic Maliekal
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  • task performance by data value in human task

    While loading the data through task performance by data value in human task (IDQ) , i am getting an error.     Assign : Error executing copy assignment: 0  [/process/flow[@name='Application_wf_Gbl_DQ_P...
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  • Real Time integration with IDQ with kafka topics/msgs as source

    Hi,   We are currently working on a requirement to implement real time integration in IDQ 10.2 ( later to be upgraded to 10.4). We also have some DQ rules to be implemented on the source data including Address d...
    niti rawat
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  • Jreport export to excel adding space in between columns

    Dear Friends,   I have developed a Jreport , while exporting the information to a local  file in my PC be it PDF/HTML etc working absolutely fine.   Whereas while trying to export in excel , there are...
    Sourya Prakash
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  • PAM (Product Availability Matrix) file of IDQ 10.4

    Hi Team,   I understand that we do not have a separate PAM file for Informatica Data Quality (IDQ) 10.4. When i go through Informatica 10.4 platform PAM file, I found most of the components pertaining to IDQ o...
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  • How to do consolidation with most recent not null value?

    Hi all, I am trying to consolidate a record in Informatica 9.6.0 Developer tool. Here we faced a situation that we need to consolidate our record based on a given field which is the Most Recent Update Date field. No...
    Dhanya Chandran
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  • Items where Informatic support is needed for Informatica IDQ upgrade from 10.2 to 10.4

    Hi,   I am looking for items or points which are to be considered for support from Informatica when upgrding the Informatica Data Quality from 10.2 (BDM) to IDQ 10.4 (Data Engineering) version.   Thanks in...
    niti rawat
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  • Data Quality Dashboards & Reports 10.2 Report Templates on Jasper

    Dear fellow consultants,   Kindly, I'm trying the data quality dashboards & reports module in-house and I cannot find the report templates & SQL queries required to produce the required DQ reports that u...
    Mohamed Dokmak
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  • Data Enrichment in Master Record in IDQ

    Hi Members   I am stuck in the data enrichment process while doing the deduplication in IDQ in the below manner   1) if any field in the master record is null, then it should be populated with the most frequ...
    Abhishek Singh
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  • Dates coming as  Jan 1, 1900 in scorecard exports

    Hello Everyone,   We have created a scorecard in Informatica Analyst. However when we export scorecard in an excel file, in second tab of Trend Chart the diagram shows the date as January 1, 1900.  I tried ...
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  • license and cost details

    Where can i find the license and cost details for Infroamtica IDQ 10.4.
    nidhi kokje
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  • Web technologies used to develop IDQ Analyst application

    Hi,   We understand that the IDQ Analyst is a web application developed using HTML and Java. Apart from this, can you please list out other Web Technologies that is used for development for example, such as ...
    Sreepreethi Sakthivel
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  • Is it possible to read email message using IDQ?

    Hi All,   Needed help on below question:   Is it possible to read an email message (hosted on Outlook server) using Informatica IDQ? Eg. If we receive a mail on outlook server, can we read the message in ...
    Ravi Sharma
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  • Apply Rule Specification on joining tables

    Dear All,   I am new to IDQ and would like to ask for some help on it.   I want to test below rules:- 1. columnA in table1 > columnB in table1 (comparing 2 columns in 1 table) 2. columnC in table1 &g...
    Jo Ng
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  • Data Quality Capabilities

    Hello, I am trying to find unique features of data quality (developer and analyst tools) that are not available in PowerCenter i.e. Big data management, Big pool of powerexchange connectors etc..   If you have ...
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  • Import Report and Dashboard Template 10.2.0 is failing

    Import of Report and Dashboard Template 10.2.0 package is failing in last step with this error message: Some import tasks failed unexpectedly.   Failed tasks Import Post Copy Content - Unable to create database ...
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  • Data Quality Reporting

    I'm looking for the Data Quality Informatica_Report_Dashboard_1000.zip. I found this link for Download (Data Quality: Dashboards and Reporting for 10.1.0 ) but the downloaded file is only 128 bytes and can't be open. ...
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  • How to pass parameters to LDO which is source for Profile?

    Hi,   My requirement is to perform Data Reconciliation between Oracle and DB2 databases and i am using  Informatica Developer Version: 10.2.0  .   I could perform data reconciliation on all the re...
    mallikarjuna eskala
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  • How to export output to a relational database in IDQ

    Hi , i am new to informatica IDQ. I can successfully create a read/write PDO. i create a mapping. But i am unable to export the output of the transformation to a PDO. how can i export Output again to a Database. I am ...
    Manthan Desai
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  • Data Quality 10: Developer, Specialist Certification

    Hi,   Anyone with Data Quality Certification, I am going to take the Data Quality 10: Developer, Specialist Certification next month and looking for some guidance/help related to study material or any training h...
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