• Dynamic Mapping

    Hi Team,   Informatica Dynamic mapping given in bellow details in link is a concept of Informatica Power Center or Informatica Developer ? Dynamic Mappings Overview   We are using Power center and we ha...
    SP K
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  • AWS EC2 and DEQ

    We ran into a bit of performance issue with our m4.4xl (16 CPU, 64GB) DEQ profiling 550 GB snappy.parquet file.   We are going to an r series EC2 instance which is memory optimized.   This is the first of ma...
    Erik Little
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  • Significant increase in profile time from 8M to 10M records. Configuration issue?

    I am new to Informatica and I have been tasked with understanding the company's IDQ installation so that it can be used with our data. I have been trying to run profiles. For a long time profiles larger than 1-3 Mill...
    Aris Fernandez
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  • Load Balancing and High Availability in IDQ

    Hi,   Wanted to understand the concept of High Availability and load balancing with Informatica Data Quality. With HA- what i understand is that for a domain with more than 1 node, in order to let the jobs cont...
    niti rawat
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  • Real Time integration with IDQ with kafka topics/msgs as source

    Hi,   We are currently working on a requirement to implement real time integration in IDQ 10.2 ( later to be upgraded to 10.4). We also have some DQ rules to be implemented on the source data including Address d...
    niti rawat
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  • Real time integration using Informatica Data Quality 10.4

    Hi All,   Has anybody implemented real time integration/data load in Informatica Data Quality 10.4? We are currently working on 10.2 and an upgrade to 10.4 is planned. For now the data load is happening in ba...
    niti rawat
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  • Jreport export to excel adding space in between columns

    Dear Friends,   I have developed a Jreport , while exporting the information to a local  file in my PC be it PDF/HTML etc working absolutely fine.   Whereas while trying to export in excel , there are...
    Sourya Prakash
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  • Capturing bad record content in a table instead of a file in Informatica Developer

    Hi All,   We are working with Informatica Data Quality 10.2. Due to some PII issues, we want to capture the bad records which are being captured in a file to be captured in a table instead.   Thanks in Adv...
    niti rawat
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  • Line Sequential Buffer length

    Hi guys, Any one know what will be the main reason for line Sequential Buffer Length Error?   When i tried with Maximum length of each column i found this error.. but i didnt crossed the maximum length of the c...
    Cyber King
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  • Informatica Analyst Slowness

    Hi Guys, Informatica Analyst is dead slow on Browsers.. I usually don't purge inbuilt profile generated data's.. Thus its causing slowness...please tell me the few reasons...why informatica Analyst slow on Browsers
    Cyber King
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  • Multinode Configuration with 1 node hosted on premise and 1 node on cloud

    Can we have a hybrid configuration of the Informatica Power Center and IDQ ? Configuration as following : 1. One single Domain 2. 2 Nodes - 1 Node is a linux server  - on premise and 1 Node is a EC2 instance -...
    Ashutosh Jumde
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  • Workflow log settings in Informatica Dat Quality Developer 10.2

    HI,   Can we : 1. Configure/change the number of workflow logs of Informatica Developer 2. Specify the size of the workflow logs files of Informatica Developer   Just wanted to know if we can play around...
    niti rawat
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  • WSDL of an IDQ cleanse gets refreshed successfully in MDM, but on testing fails with error

    Deployed an IDQ(BDM 10.2.0) rule as webservice, retrieved the WSDL and imported it as an IDQ cleanse rule in MDM(10.3 HF1). It gets refreshed with no error. But when we try to test the function in Hub it gives handsh...
    niti rawat
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  • Items where Informatic support is needed for Informatica IDQ upgrade from 10.2 to 10.4

    Hi,   I am looking for items or points which are to be considered for support from Informatica when upgrding the Informatica Data Quality from 10.2 (BDM) to IDQ 10.4 (Data Engineering) version.   Thanks in...
    niti rawat
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  • Data Enrichment in Master Record in IDQ

    Hi Members   I am stuck in the data enrichment process while doing the deduplication in IDQ in the below manner   1) if any field in the master record is null, then it should be populated with the most frequ...
    Abhishek Singh
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  • Informatica Data Quality- Maximum Parallelism parameter

    What are the Informatica recommendations on the value of parameter - Maximum Parallelism. Is there a specific value it should be set to for maximum performance., or the max value it should be so as to not harm the dat...
    niti rawat
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  • Is it possible to read email message using IDQ?

    Hi All,   Needed help on below question:   Is it possible to read an email message (hosted on Outlook server) using Informatica IDQ? Eg. If we receive a mail on outlook server, can we read the message in ...
    Ravi Sharma
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  • Slow Address Validation response for single address

    Hi,   I have a simple mapplet setup that takes in 1 address (address line 1, city, state, country, postal code) as an input, runs it through the address validation transformation (returns the above information, ...
    Patrick Lawler
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  • BES- Business Entity services as source

    Scenario: BES will push source data into MDM and we are building IDQ mapplets to validate Emails. If email is invalid, reject the record and capture in a seperate table. These maplplets will be deployed as webservice ...
    niti rawat
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  • What is the Equivalent of a Source Qualifer in BDM?

    In Power Center, we used a Source Qualifier but I cannot find one in BDM.  I've resorted to using JOINERS but I'm wondering if I'm sacrificing efficiency or expediency and whether or not there is a better way.
    Stacey Winnett
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