• How to run the workflow from a particular task in IDQ?

    Hi All,   I have a scenario, one workflow contains 10 tasks in IDQ. how to run a single task in a workflow and how to run a workflow from a particular task in IDQ ?     Thanks in Advance.
    Venkateswarlu kommi
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  • task performance by data value in human task

    While loading the data through task performance by data value in human task (IDQ) , i am getting an error.     Assign : Error executing copy assignment: 0  [/process/flow[@name='Application_wf_Gbl_DQ_P...
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  • Error while importing Informatica Core Accelerator in Developer tool

    Hi Team,   I'm getting below error while importing Informatica Core Accelerator in Developer tool. My informatica server and client Version is 10.4.   Unable to create database table for ReferenceTable: [[...
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  • Real Time integration with IDQ with kafka topics/msgs as source

    Hi,   We are currently working on a requirement to implement real time integration in IDQ 10.2 ( later to be upgraded to 10.4). We also have some DQ rules to be implemented on the source data including Address d...
    niti rawat
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  • Data Masking in Data Quality 10.2.0

    Hi,   We want to mask data captured in reject files (.bad files). Do we need to buy a separate license for data masking in Data Quality or how do we ensure if the existing DQ license also has @data masking capa...
    niti rawat
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  • Jreport export to excel adding space in between columns

    Dear Friends,   I have developed a Jreport , while exporting the information to a local  file in my PC be it PDF/HTML etc working absolutely fine.   Whereas while trying to export in excel , there are...
    Sourya Prakash
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  • Limiting the search scope for the IBG Desktop

    Is it possible to limit the glossary search scope of the IBG Desktop? For instance, I have a number of glossaries established in IBG, but not all of them are relevant to the average search user.  I would like t...
    Bill Sanderson
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  • Data Enrichment in Master Record in IDQ

    Hi Members   I am stuck in the data enrichment process while doing the deduplication in IDQ in the below manner   1) if any field in the master record is null, then it should be populated with the most frequ...
    Abhishek Singh
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  • Informatica Data Quality- Maximum Parallelism parameter

    What are the Informatica recommendations on the value of parameter - Maximum Parallelism. Is there a specific value it should be set to for maximum performance., or the max value it should be so as to not harm the dat...
    niti rawat
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  • Populating a reference table

    We are using IDQ and we would like to auto-populate a reference table for use in rules.  We would like the reference table to hold the values that are valid for a few dozen lookup tables that exist in our ERP sys...
    Sheri Boerger
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  • Is it possible to read email message using IDQ?

    Hi All,   Needed help on below question:   Is it possible to read an email message (hosted on Outlook server) using Informatica IDQ? Eg. If we receive a mail on outlook server, can we read the message in ...
    Ravi Sharma
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  • Data Quality Capabilities

    Hello, I am trying to find unique features of data quality (developer and analyst tools) that are not available in PowerCenter i.e. Big data management, Big pool of powerexchange connectors etc..   If you have ...
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  • Import Report and Dashboard Template 10.2.0 is failing

    Import of Report and Dashboard Template 10.2.0 package is failing in last step with this error message: Some import tasks failed unexpectedly.   Failed tasks Import Post Copy Content - Unable to create database ...
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  • Populate Timestamp value in Oracle

    Hi   I want to set a default date value of 31-MAR-99 AM (Year is 9999) for a column in Oracle table for all records while running my mapping I have a mapping in Informatica Powercenter. In ex...
    Kamal Haria
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  • How to pass parameters to LDO which is source for Profile?

    Hi,   My requirement is to perform Data Reconciliation between Oracle and DB2 databases and i am using  Informatica Developer Version: 10.2.0  .   I could perform data reconciliation on all the re...
    mallikarjuna eskala
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  • Informatica developer creates multiple files even if single target instance is used

    Hi All,   I have migrated the code from 9.6.1 to 10.2, after migration when i ran the mapping, it is creating multiple files even if i have used only a single instance of target in mapping
    aniket thakur
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  • How to get PDO column details from Model repository

    Hi,   Is there any way to get PDO table corresponding column details from Model repository along with connection name.   I have imported hive table through existing hive connection through PDO. So I wante...
    AppaduDora Pinisetti
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  • Count of matching words in string

    Hi,   I have string, "Home, home is where wifi connects automatically"   I would like to get the number of times the word "Hello" is written.   The expected output for this string is 2.   I'v...
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  • Data Profiling Approach: How to get summarize profiling result using Logical Data Object(LDO)?

    Below is my approach to doing data profiling using LDO.   Can you guide/suggest/validate my approach? How to use LDO for the same? Is it feasible to do?   Please give your own approach for the same. ...
    Jaydeep Patel
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  • IDQ Mapping

    Hi   I am creating a mapping in IDQ 10. My requirement is as follows     Table A Id Type1 Type2 1 1 1 2 1 2 3 2 1 4 2 2     Table B Source_ID Column1 Column2 Column 3 Column 4 1 2 3 4 5 ...
    Kamal Haria
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