• Wf_Notification task error

    Hi all,   please when i execute my Workflow with email task i have this error , then all the workflow is executed normally except the Email task.   please find below the error log :   2020-08-17 14...
    Ismahane SILHADI
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  • Load Balancing and High Availability in IDQ

    Hi,   Wanted to understand the concept of High Availability and load balancing with Informatica Data Quality. With HA- what i understand is that for a domain with more than 1 node, in order to let the jobs cont...
    niti rawat
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  • ISSUE: Informatica Developer: REST Web Service Consumer XMLOutput limits JSON response to 4000 characters

    Hello,   While using the REST Web Service Consumer transformation in Informatica Developer 10.1.1, the XMLOutput which is holding the JSON response from the REST API, is getting truncated to 4000 characters. The...
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  • Real Time integration with IDQ with kafka topics/msgs as source

    Hi,   We are currently working on a requirement to implement real time integration in IDQ 10.2 ( later to be upgraded to 10.4). We also have some DQ rules to be implemented on the source data including Address d...
    niti rawat
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  • Jreport export to excel adding space in between columns

    Dear Friends,   I have developed a Jreport , while exporting the information to a local  file in my PC be it PDF/HTML etc working absolutely fine.   Whereas while trying to export in excel , there are...
    Sourya Prakash
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  • Date format

    Hi , Can someone help me to insert date on below format using To_date...... Format will be '22-AUG-18 -04:00'
    Cyber King
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  • Uploading flat file object using network path for windows

    I have been having trouble connecting files in my shared drive using the network path. Whenever I copy and paste the properties of that file and add on the file name I get an error message that the file cannot be foun...
    Patrick McGuigan
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  • WSDL of an IDQ cleanse gets refreshed successfully in MDM, but on testing fails with error

    Deployed an IDQ(BDM 10.2.0) rule as webservice, retrieved the WSDL and imported it as an IDQ cleanse rule in MDM(10.3 HF1). It gets refreshed with no error. But when we try to test the function in Hub it gives handsh...
    niti rawat
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  • Data Enrichment in Master Record in IDQ

    Hi Members   I am stuck in the data enrichment process while doing the deduplication in IDQ in the below manner   1) if any field in the master record is null, then it should be populated with the most frequ...
    Abhishek Singh
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  • Is it possible to read email message using IDQ?

    Hi All,   Needed help on below question:   Is it possible to read an email message (hosted on Outlook server) using Informatica IDQ? Eg. If we receive a mail on outlook server, can we read the message in ...
    Ravi Sharma
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  • Read custom Tables and Fields with PowerExchange Microsoft Dynamics CRM connector?

    Can the PowerExchange Microsoft Dynamics CRM connector for Informatica Developer v10.4 ingest custom Entries/Tables and custom Field that have been created in Microsoft Dynamics CRM?     Can you share any li...
    Sarnjit Boora
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  • IDQ - Error on Validation Rule

    Hi all,   I developed a custom dq rule that uses a existing rule in my project but I have one problem when I run the validation rule. PS. In other custom rules I havn't had any problem with this approach (rule ...
    Alex _
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  • Using IDQ with Dynamo DB as source

    Hello,   Does IDQ(installed on premise) connect to Dynamo DB as a source? Is there a prebuilt connector, or is it done through Informatica Cloud?   Where can I find more information on using IDQ in an AWS ...
    Surajeet Sarkar
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  • Getting Connection to Database error while starting CMS service

    Hi All,   When I try to start content management services for Informatica Developer 9.6.1 HF4 , I get following error in logs:     Database driver error... Function Name : Connect Database Error: Fa...
    Shashank Raj
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  • Using an API as a read connection

    Is Informatica Data Quality able to call an API from another application as a read source connection in a mapping? I've only found information for how to create an API to call Informatica jobs, not ingest an API to co...
    Cristin Evans
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  • BDM S3 schema specification via meta file

    I recently started using Informatica BDM, when using S3 as source for reading flat file objects how can schema be specified in meta file with desired data type and precision definition? Is it possible or not?   ...
    Mita Baxi
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  • IDQ S3 Bucket Profiling Version 10.1.0 Build 364

    Team,   I am running IDQ Version 10.1.0 Build 364   I am a bit stuck on how to create a connection to an s3 bucket to conduct profiling.   1) What connection type do I use (Hadoop File System?) 2) I...
    created by user140700
  • How to pass parameters to LDO which is source for Profile?

    Hi,   My requirement is to perform Data Reconciliation between Oracle and DB2 databases and i am using  Informatica Developer Version: 10.2.0  .   I could perform data reconciliation on all the re...
    mallikarjuna eskala
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  • Mysql jdbc Connection failure [ The test connection for MySql connection failed. java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: mysql-connector-java-8.0.15]

    Hi Everyone,   I am trying to create mysql connection in Informatica Cloud using JDBC_IC.   Error Message: The test connection for MySql connection failed. java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: mysql-connector...
    Sivaranjani Nainar
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  • Profiling a hive table failed

    When profiling a Hive table using Informatica Analyst or Developper, profiling is empty.   The log file shows the following error :   [LDTM_0072] RR_4035 SQL Error [ FnName: Prepare -- [unixODBC][Hortonwo...
    JAUMIER Sébastien
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