• Table doesn't exist

    Hi today i tried to handle some complex query to handle on lookup but query is working fine on Sql developer but on informatica it throws an error like "Table doesn't exist"   The query format is like below plea...
    Cyber King
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  • How to run the workflow from a particular task in IDQ?

    Hi All,   I have a scenario, one workflow contains 10 tasks in IDQ. how to run a single task in a workflow and how to run a workflow from a particular task in IDQ ?     Thanks in Advance.
    Venkateswarlu kommi
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  • Export IDQ mapplet into Powercenter

    Hello Friends, I am trying to export IDQ mapplet into Powercenter mapplet. IDQ version 10.1.1. and Powercenter 9.6.1 Which is set version compatibility correctly. But when I do IDQ mapplet export it is trying to gener...
    Suresh Jannu
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  • task performance by data value in human task

    While loading the data through task performance by data value in human task (IDQ) , i am getting an error.     Assign : Error executing copy assignment: 0  [/process/flow[@name='Application_wf_Gbl_DQ_P...
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  • Load Balancing and High Availability in IDQ

    Hi,   Wanted to understand the concept of High Availability and load balancing with Informatica Data Quality. With HA- what i understand is that for a domain with more than 1 node, in order to let the jobs cont...
    niti rawat
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  • Real Time integration with IDQ with kafka topics/msgs as source

    Hi,   We are currently working on a requirement to implement real time integration in IDQ 10.2 ( later to be upgraded to 10.4). We also have some DQ rules to be implemented on the source data including Address d...
    niti rawat
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  • Real time integration using Informatica Data Quality 10.4

    Hi All,   Has anybody implemented real time integration/data load in Informatica Data Quality 10.4? We are currently working on 10.2 and an upgrade to 10.4 is planned. For now the data load is happening in ba...
    niti rawat
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  • DQ PAMs for 10.4.1 & DQ Interoperability with PC

    In PAM for Informatica Platform v10.4.1 there is a tab with name "DQ & PC Interoperability". Following is the content of this tab : The Note says : see corresponding DQ PAMs for available platforms. I have fol...
    Ashutosh Jumde
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  • Jreport export to excel adding space in between columns

    Dear Friends,   I have developed a Jreport , while exporting the information to a local  file in my PC be it PDF/HTML etc working absolutely fine.   Whereas while trying to export in excel , there are...
    Sourya Prakash
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  • Capturing bad record content in a table instead of a file in Informatica Developer

    Hi All,   We are working with Informatica Data Quality 10.2. Due to some PII issues, we want to capture the bad records which are being captured in a file to be captured in a table instead.   Thanks in Adv...
    niti rawat
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  • Workflow ID for Exception Management Mapping when executed as a PowerCenter Mapping

    Workflow_id is assigned automatically in exception records table in the exception management mapping when executed within IDQ through the IDQ workflow and IDQ application. When this exception management mapping is ex...
    Ashutosh Jumde
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  • What is the exact value returned by NumExceptions as part of exception count data from the Exception transformation?

    As per KB article 449840 – the exception count data from the Exception transformation must be bound to a mapping output created on the mapping. This is showed as NumExceptions from the exception transformation....
    Ashutosh Jumde
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  • Webservice considering number in String filed as number

    Input payload - When we are trying to give number as input for a string filed, webservice is accepting as number format and returning error as Wrong format error. a) Expected payload - {"IdentityNumber":"784199545"},...
    Dhinesh Kumar
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  • Date format

    Hi , Can someone help me to insert date on below format using To_date...... Format will be '22-AUG-18 -04:00'
    Cyber King
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  • Command line to Delete the Profiles from Library Analyst tool

    Hi guys,   Their is any possibilities to delete the profile using infacmd command, Because I just read every documentation and it won't help to get that command. Can someone please tell me the exact command to...
    Cyber King
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  • WSDL of an IDQ cleanse gets refreshed successfully in MDM, but on testing fails with error

    Deployed an IDQ(BDM 10.2.0) rule as webservice, retrieved the WSDL and imported it as an IDQ cleanse rule in MDM(10.3 HF1). It gets refreshed with no error. But when we try to test the function in Hub it gives handsh...
    niti rawat
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  • IDQ workflow with multiple human task

    Can we have multiple human tasks within the same workflow? I am trying to separate out the task by the different source systems so it can be assigned to the different departments.Please advise how to do as I m very ne...
    Mittal Shah
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  • Items where Informatic support is needed for Informatica IDQ upgrade from 10.2 to 10.4

    Hi,   I am looking for items or points which are to be considered for support from Informatica when upgrding the Informatica Data Quality from 10.2 (BDM) to IDQ 10.4 (Data Engineering) version.   Thanks in...
    niti rawat
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  • Data Quality Dashboards & Reports 10.2 Report Templates on Jasper

    Dear fellow consultants,   Kindly, I'm trying the data quality dashboards & reports module in-house and I cannot find the report templates & SQL queries required to produce the required DQ reports that u...
    Mohamed Dokmak
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  • Consolidation Transformation in Informatica 9.1.0

    Hi all,   I am trying to consolidate a record in Informatica 9.1.0 Developer tool. Here we faced a situation that we need to consolidate our record based on a given feild which is the Most Recent Update Date Fei...
    Joydip Ghosh
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