• MSSQL datatype date/datetimeoffset read as varchar

    Informatica BDM 10.2, developer tool.     We have thousands of tables imported from MSSQL to informatica as data objects. When we were trying to use these objects in mapping as source, we found that all fi...
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  • LDTM_0084

    I have recently downloaded Informatica 9.6.1 from Oracle Cloud and i am unable to start the DIS services and this is due to the licence issue.   ERROR: "[LDTM_0084] The license does not have option to run Trans...
  • Is Oracle RAC (Real Application Cluster) can be supported at Informatica 10.2 ?

    Is Oracle RAC (Realtime Application Cluster) can be supported at Informatica 10.2.x version ?
    Rajasekar Murugesan
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  • Using informatica transformation for record count

    I have a table with below format: source1:   Profile_name Dimension Rule1 Rule2 P1 AP 1 1 P1 AP 0 1 P1 AP 1 1 P1 NA 0 1 P1 LA 1 0 P1 LA 1 0   Required output (target1):   RECORD_COUNT PROFILE_NAME DIM...
    aliva dash
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  • I can not configure Seyure Agent

    Hello. I can not configure Seyure Agent on my computer, I receive an error message when registering, a screenshot in the attachment. Can an antivirus program interfere with registration? Kaspersky Anti-Virus is instal...
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  • Multiple Delimiter Flat File - Data Explorer - Developer/Analyst

    Can we give multiple delimiter say for example '||' double pipe in Data Explorer(Developer) and mention it as and condition as we define in informatica PC source definition? 
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  • Looking for IDQ Function Reference

    Does anyone know if there is a Function Reference for the IDQ (data quality) products (Analyst and Developer)?  We are looking for documentation that describes details of using expression functions including exam...
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  • Difference between IDE and Analyst

    Hi Can i know what is the difference between Informatica Data Explorer and Informatica Analyst.   I am aware of Informatica anaylst features ( profiling, scorecards, creating custom rules etc)   I can s...
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  • 9.1 HF4 Analyst Profiling "Login timeout expired"...but it's not

    I am getting this error when profiling SQL tables...but not all of them.   serviceType serviceName severity timestamp threadName messageCode message DataIntegrationService DIS_SVC_DSC_DEV 0$_:_$FATAL 04/18/2013 ...
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  • Leveraging DQ rules with scorecard feature

    I am new to the IDQ tool and wanted to understand the options in IDQ to track the quality of data using the rules built by leveraging the scorecarding built-in functionality so data stewards can review.   1. Wou...
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  • Issue in profiling Teradata table using JDBC connection

    Hi All,   I am using Informatica Developer tool (Versioin 9.5.1 HotFix1) to perform Data profiling on a Teradata table. As we do not have ODBC license to perform this, I am trying to create a Teradata Parallel T...
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  • Profiling e-mail addresses -- no patterns

    Does anyone know why e-mail address data isn't presented as a pattern of x(100)@x(20).com, etc?  I think profiling e-mail could give us ideas of domains and formatting issues but the tool seems incapable of it.&#...
    Joshua Girard
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  • Function Commande in Flat File

    Hello,   Know what is this function "Command"?     What can be are content?   Thank
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  • Viewing Scorecard Lineage

    Hi all,       I have a requirement of viewing scorecard lineage. The process seems exporting scorecard from DQ and import into Metadata manager to create resource and load it. I am clear about exp...
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  • Informatica Data Explorer 9.1.0

    After creating the profile successfully for flat file data object.But while running the profile its showing below error,   java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException:com.informatica.plaform.Idtm.conmon.ExecutionExc...
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  • Data Explorer v9.1

    Hi, My question is the ability for IDE to profile binary data. According the 'Help' information within the tool, it doesn't appear to be able to. Am just looking for confirmation or new information that is not contai...
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  • Developer 9.1 - Data Profiling - Problem copy paste results

    Hello,   we have installed Informatica Developer 9.1. We have execute several profiles, and when we consult the results in the area 'Colunm Proling' - 'Results', we want to copy - paste for trasladate them our ...
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  • Data Explorer v9.1 and Power Exchange

    Hi   We've recently upgraded from Data Explorer 8.6 to IDE v9.1 and am trying to use PowerExchange from within IDE. In v8.6 we were able to after applying a HF. In our current version (v9.1) when I try to use th...
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