DQ 8.6.1 contains the following new features and functionality:

  1. Identity Matching Components. Data Quality provides 4 new components that perform matching operations on data associated with identities of people and organizations:
    • Identity Group Target
    • CSV Identity Group Source
    • DB Identity Group Source
    • Identity Match
  2. Sum Component. The Sum component calculates sums for the numeric values in input columns. This component classifies numeric values as positive, negative, invalid, or filtered, and provides count and sum totals for each of these classes. The Sum components outputs can be used with either the Report Target or the DB Report Target.
  3. GAV. Increased country coverage: Argentina, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, India, Mexico, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Turkey.
  4. Silent Content Installer. The silent content installer provides the ability to run the content installer as part of batch jobs and cron jobs. This functionality can be used to update content files automatically at specified intervals.
  5. Real-time Matching Plans. The Content Starter Pack includes new plans that support real-time matching operations for Web Service applications. These plans support single row Web Service-type transactions using the same rules as the main country pack matching plans.
  6. UK, Australian and Indian Dictionaries. The Content Starter Pack includes new person and company name dictionaries for the UK and new Australian and Indian dictionaries.