• Compass Health

    Hello,   My name is Chris Coleman, and I am an employee of Genesys. I wanted to reach out and see if you could provide me with information on number 601-207-7511? The customer would like to know the URL/IP that...
    Chris Coleman
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  • DaSS Test discussion

    Test 1
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  • Informatica API not able to validate Circles.Life mobile numbers

    Hi Informatica_Team, I (A/C id: 102254) subscribed to Information DaaS service to validate mobile numbers and email in our website. But recently found out that it doesn't support Circles.Life numbers (e.g. +65-8782...
    Abhijit Pal
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  • Stamp DaaS description on records

    Is it possible to stamp the DaaS description of an Addresses on a record without using a formula field?   140442 - these are the descriptions I'm looking to populate a field with.   I've found which field ...
    Harry Barton
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  • SSL operation failed - tls_process_server_certificate:certificate verify failed

    Hello,   we are getting the following error since today (31.03.2020): SoapClient::__doRequest(): SSL operation failed with code 1. OpenSSL Error messages: error:1416F086:SSL routines:tls_process_server_certifi...
    Alfred Schmidt
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  • On Premises Address Verification API using Java & Docker

    Our team is trying to build an Address Verification API using the Address Doctor Java package (AddressDoctor5.jar) version 5.16.0 and containerizing, building, and deploying via Docker. Currently we are having some is...
    Vincent McKinney
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    Hi Folks,   Can someone suggest me to get the latest address doctor files for specific country and where can i find the updates available for respective countries?   Regards, Dilip Kumar G.
    Spidy 2406
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  • Address Verification/Non Standard dedicated Postal Codes in Austria

    One of our Customers is having Issues with the non Standard - dedicated Postal Codes in Austria.   In Austria we have These for specific Postal Codes for Companies, Societies, Firms. (Similar or like Vatican Ci...
    Viktoria Dax
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  • address validation in Bosnia

         Hi All, As outlined in the title of this thread, we are having issues validating addresses for a client of ours in bosnia using address doctor.   Can someone provide information on if ...
    Arron Gordon
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  • Address Doctor return Address by entering Zip Code

    Is it possible that AddressDoctor returns the valid address in Singapore by just entering a Zip Code?   For example, if I enter 389081, the validation result includes 57 Lorong 40 Geylang.
    Johmel Rey Pintor
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  • Trying to Validate Number using Global Phone Validation 2.0

    Hello,   I was trying to validate a number by following the documentation here, https://docs.informatica.com/data-as-a-service/global-phone-validation/2-0.html   This being said, I already got the token afte...
    David Liu
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  • Monthly usage reports

    I am trying to find monthly usage reports for a customer of ours.  I have the July 2019 report, but need Jan - June 2019.  Can I download them myself or does someone from StrikeIron Support need to pull the...
    Carrie White
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  • Using sftp.strikeiron.com to process batch

    Hi   how to notify them that we are sending them a file or how long it takes to process a batch process once it is deposited in the SFTP sftp.strikeiron.com directory "To_Strikeiron"   We hope take the fil...
    Israel Regalado
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  • Not able to connect to API through web service consumer with SOAP action

    Not able to connect to API through web service consumer with SOAP action
    Praveen Pawar
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  • Missing Latitude/Longitude Values

    Currently using your US Address Verification v5.0.0 service.   We have noticed that over the last couple of years some addresses being returned with a Status Number of 200 are missing the Latitude and Longit...
    Alex Rhymer
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  • StrikeIron and Salesforce Validation of Address

    We are using StrikeIron for Salesforce to validate customer addresses. One address recently had a street name change and now the address will not validate. We know that the address is correct. How can we get the valid...
    Patrick Simmons
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  • StrikeIron Net Protect field Web Service Response

    I created a field to capture the Net Protect value in Marketo a while ago, but it's not being populated by the StrikeIron response. I think my syntax could be incorrect.   Here are the variations I've tried: ...
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  • Sales Tax Calculation on Shipping

    So, for the longest time we were passing the generic tax code of 03000000 with order so that StrikeIron could tell us if there should be tax collected on shipping. Then,  last month we found an order where tax wa...
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  • Error calculating sales tax

    A number of zip codes are returning an error that sales tax could not be calculated.  It doesn't happen to every order we process, and some of the zip codes to go through.  Any sugestions on how to fix this ...
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  • AVS API failure - Connection Failure

    Hi all,   We're currently experiencing errors when trying to connect to the https://ws.strikeiron.com/NAAddressVerification6/NorthAmericanAddressVerificationService/NorthAmericanAddressVerification endpoint....
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