We are happy to announce that version 5.16.1 of Informatica Address Verification (On-Premises) is now generally available on the following platforms:


  • RedHat Linux
  • SUSE Linux
  • Windows


Note that Informatica Address Verification Cloud will be updated with release 5.16.1 in January 2021.


Informatica Address Verification 5.16.1 Highlights


  • WIDE optimization enabled when you verify Australia addresses in certified mode
  • Parsing and validation improvements to Australia addresses in the Batch, Interactive, and Certified mode.
  • Improvements to Australia Enrichments
  • Certification to the AMAS 2021 Standard
  • Parsing and validation improvements to North America addresses
  • Updated the country name from “Macedonia” to “North Macedonia”
  • Recognition of ISO 3166-1 country codes XK and RKS for Kosovo


Refer to the Release Notes for details on all updates, improvements, and resolved issues for Informatica Address Verification 5.16.1.