We are happy to announce that Informatica’s next-generation Address Verification (On-Premises) solution version 6.1.0 is now generally available on the following platforms:

  • RedHat Linux
  • SUSE Linux
  • Windows

Informatica Address Verification 6.1.0 Highlights

  • Reverse Geocoding
  • Rooftop Geocoding
  • CAMEO Social and Demographic Profiles
  • Support for Address Count in Quick Capture Mode
  • Support for Microsoft .NET-based Installation Package
  • Support for Primary and Secondary Indicators for Australia Addresses
  • Support for Delivery Identifiers for Australia Addresses
  • North America Improvements
  • Database Improvements
  • Changes in Nomenclature in Address Elements, CASS Certification Values, Enrichments, Parameters and Status Codes


Refer to the 6.1.0 documentation for details on all updates, improvements, and resolved issues. All Address Verification Version 6.1.0 documents are available on Informatica Network:



You can download the Address Verification 6.1.0 Library and Databases from sftp.strikeiron.com.