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What are we announcing?


As of October 2017, Informatica Address Verification Release 5.12.0 is generally available to all customers and business partners.

Who would benefit from this release?


This release is for all customers and partners who need to process international addresses to support their businesses globally. The new version offers our customers and integrators additional features and functions to improve decision-making confidence and compete more effectively in their local markets, as well as help facilitate speedy postal delivery worldwide.


Highlights of the new release:

  • Introducing Thai Support to our Product Portfolio
  • Extending single line capabilities to Argentina, Brazil and Mexico
  • Support for Territories for the United Kingdom
  • USA Enhancements
  • APAC Enhancements
  • Spain Improvements
  • South Africa Improvements


Address Verification 5.12.0 Release Notes (On-Premises)