• Error while pulling data from salesforce

    We are frequently getting below error while pulling data from salesforce. But After restarting the failed session it completes.   Message Code: JAVA PLUGIN_1762 Message: [ERROR] com.informatica.powercenter.sdk...
    Kumar Kumar
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  • "DescribeGlobal failed. Error code: [SOAP-ENV:Client] Reason:[Error observed by underlying BIO:Invalid argument]" while attempt to use any Salesforce transformation into the Designer client

    We can import a salesforce source to the Designer without problems, but when adding any specific SalesForce transformation to the mapping (Salesforce Look up , Salesforce Picklist, Salesforce Merge) using the same cre...
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  • Use SFDC Bulk API option

    @Informatica PowerCenter session is getting failed with below error.   CASE1 : When I do not select the checkbox, "Use SFDC Bulk API" at Informatica session level, sesion is getting failed with below error. ...
    Kumar Kumar
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  • Bapi tranformation fetching null values

    hi community,   i am struck in problem where i have to fetch sap data from bseg table based on certain conditions using bapi transformation. i am getting value while directly putting values in sap rfc but getti...
    Informatica Devs
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  • CALL PGM(XXX) PARM('hello world')

    I would like to call a AS/400 RPG program in a workflow using PowerExchange For i5/OS 10.4.0. In other word, in a PWC Workflow can I execute che following AS400 command:   CALL PGM(TESTCALL) PARM('hello world')
    Alessandro Corti
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  • informatica关于邮件的问题

    1、开发的workflow,每个workflow只会发送一个邮件。我想把多个wokflow的发送的邮件内容,合并到一个邮件中取发送,而不用发送多个邮件,这该如何开发?   2、workflow发送的邮件内容如何增加检测结果的excel附件?   3、informatica如何开发报表?
    Prince Zhong
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  • Delete records from repository table OPB_PROGRAM_INFO

    Hi,   We are working with Powercenter 10.1 combined with the Power Exchange connector for SAP. When a mapping is created, the ABAP for extracting data form SAP is created on the SAP server, in the Informatica re...
    Gert Damstra
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  • Tableau Connector :: Read Data from Tableau source

    Hello,   Below are my questions on PowerExchange for Tableau Connections & PowerExchange for Tableau V3 Connections.   1) Is there a way to connect tableau using Power exchange connector for tableau to...
    Arunkumar Thirunagalingam
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  • How to troubleshoot SAP connection issue?

    I'm currently upgrading PowerCenter to 10.5 and I'm having trouble getting RFC connection to generate ABAP to a newly upgraded SAP host (ERD).   Connection to ERD SAP works from old workstation with PowerCenter ...
    Johannes Almiala
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  • Webservices consumer error

    Hello,   Getting below error trying to call a wsdl using ws consumer transformation. I changed the case of ViewFields to small and caps but did not help. I am really stuck here, any idea how to proceed? This wsd...
    Arun Kumar
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  • BAPI or PWX for Netweaver

    Hello,   I have an older version of Infa 9.5 running with SAP integration through BAPI calls. Would like to know if PowerExchange for SAP Netweaver & Netweaver BI and BAPI calls are same? Can BAPI calls be m...
    Arun Kumar
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  • BAPI Transformation does not fetch all Input attributes

    When importing a standard BAPI (BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEDATE) in a BAPI/RFC Transformation the Input/Table/Output attributes are not being fetched. In the screenshot example, the structure (the level) under Import > HEA...
    Manuela Marinova
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  • can we read and write data to a snowflake object dynamically in IDQ  10.2 and 10.4?

    How can we read and write data from and to a  snowflake data object dynamically
    Kannan L
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  • Deleting data from target MSDCRM

    Is there a way to delete/ truncate data from target MSDCRM from within Informatic session mapping?   The session properties doesn't any option.
    Shailesh Jain
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  • Data Integration with Oracle and Dynamic365 CRM on Azure Cloud

    I have a requirement for data integration of Oracle data in Premise with Microsoft CRM Dynamics on Cloud. Currently I have Power Center, Power Exchange Connector For MSDynamics as Informatica products.   What wou...
    Shailesh Jain
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  • Create PowerExchange for Snowflake Source

    Hello,   In PowerCenter Version 10.2 Hotfix 2 opening the "Create PowerExchange for Snowflake Source" windows is very slow. Also selecting and importing the sources/targets is slow. Are there any tips to improv...
    Informatica GNS
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  • Snowflake Connector parameters

    Hello,   I will like to know how to connect to snowflake from informatica if my snowflake user has MFA enabled? Regards, VA
    Informatica GNS
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  • [ODBC Teradata Client driver]String data code page conversion failed.

    Hi all,     When I extract srting data from teradata to teradata,the target writer failed as follow:      I need to help, thanks very much   严重性: 错误 时间戳: 2020/12/1 17:03:55 ...
    loong chen
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  • Creating an SAPALEIDoc Target Definition

    Dear Experts, I wish use Powercenter to update SAP-ECC using IDOCs. I am following the documentation to Creating an SAPALEIDoc Target Definition I cannot find this SAPALEIDOC Target writer transformation in my inst...
    Venkata Ramani
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  • How to Configure RedShift with jar files from the AWS.

    Hi All, I have the jar files for Redshift and Athena and i want to establish connectivity using these JDBC connectors for the Redshift and Athena. I am not  able to find the documentation for this. Please advise...
    azhar mohammed
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