PowerExchange for Snowflake has been released to shipping and is available immediately on BDM 10.2.0. It is licensed through “PowerExchange for Cloud Applications”.


Release highlights:

  • This connector provides enterprise-grade connectivity to Snowflake Data Warehouse on the BDM SPARK mode.
  • It is built for high-intensity, high-volume data integration workflows and incorporates best-practices from Snowflake.
  • Snowflake can be used as Source and Target for Read and Write operation.
  • Supported Hadoop Distributions are Cloudera 5.12- Kerberos and Non Kerberos, and Amazon EMR 5.4- Non Kerberos.


Informatica PowerExchange for Snowflake 10.2.0 Release Notes


Informatica PowerExchange for Snowflake 10.2.0 User Guide


PAM for Informatica 10.2.0


Note: To download this version, please open a shipping request.