• Materialize 500 target tables

    Hi,   I need to build a CDC workflow for around 500 tables, what is the best practice for loading such a huge amount of tables to target database? How many tables per mapping ? Or is it possible to perform runt...
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  • Can PWXPC recover CDC data for flat file target

    Hi ,   From the CDC guide stated if any of the targets in the CDC session use the PowerCenter File Writer to write CDC data to flat files, do not use a resume recovery strategy. Restart tokens for all targets i...
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  • Does informatica supports data Virtualization ?.

    I need to understand whether the Informatica tool supports data virtualization features?. If yes , which  version it supports?.
    Chakravarthi Palanisamy
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  • Clear control files power exchange in DB2

    Hello,   CDC in our DEV instance is not scheduled to run, basically it is run on demand. But we have noticed receiver locks and would like to clear the locks. Can we go ahead and do the below two steps -  ...
    Arun Kumar
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  • MFA/2FA with CDC for oracle

    Hi,   I have come across a requirement where the source Oracle system, for which I have to implement Informatica CDC, has sensitive data and 2FA/MFA has to be enabled before CDC can connect to this DB.   I...
    Lakhwant Singh
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  • How to handle mainframe file in Informatica without finding copybook or layout

    hi   Scenario: How to handle Mainframes files(VSAM/Seq) in Informatica when there is no layout copybook or sometime programs are also not available. Can you suggest any approach from iInformatica? There are m...
    Miti Gangele
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  • Planning to migrate from power exchange 10.0 to 10.4 in ibm i(i5/0s)

    Dear Team,   We are planning to upgrade our Power exchange 10.0 to 0.4. Kindly help us to do in IBM i(I5/OS)
    Ganesh M
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  • PowerExchange 10.2.0 compatibility with DB2 V12

    Hello   We are planning migration of DB2 on our z/OS system from V11 to V12, and I would like to ask if PowerExchange 10.2.0 Build V1020_B08_6085968 is compatible, or if upgrade is needed.   Thank you in a...
    Michal Kovac
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  • Resetting Journal Entry Sequence Numbers

    Hello,   We have couple of CDC workflows from JDE DB2 iOS through journals. There was a JDE outage last week because the journal entry sequence number reached their maximum value of 9,999,999,999. To avoid futur...
    Arun Kumar
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  • PWX-00274 DBAPI Error & PWX-00228 API code page translation error

    I'm encountering below error while loading data from source to target for DB2zOS table. Target is empty. Source and Target DB structure, field names and field lengths are same. Primary key fields are also defined in t...
    Shiney Abraham
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  • Reading null value from a mainframe ZONED datatype field as 0.00

    HI All,   I have the below question.   one of the field in mainframe file is defined as ZONED(3,2). Even though the value for this field is mocked as Spaces for testing one of the requirement, its being re...
    Geetha San
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  • CDC Condense file Issue

    Hi,   We have set parameter for condense file to  generate after  every 2 mins. But due to sudden migration of source db server It has been observed that there is delay in generation of files. (They ar...
    sagar sawant
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  • PWX versions for z/OS2.4

    Hi, What versions of PWX does zos2.4 support? The current system versions are bellow. PWX:9.6.1 Z/OS:2.1   The Z/OS version will be 2.3 due to upgrading. therefore, we are considering a PWX version that has...
    Shinya Awazu
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  • Is SSL mandatory for PWX DB2 ?

    Chakravarthi Palanisamy
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  • PWX Express CDC transition from primary database to datagaurd standby

    Hi,   Our current architecture is   1) Logger and listener are running on PowerCenter machine 2) Oracle database is on Exadata machine with ASM and 2 member RAC cluster.   DBAs are recommending us t...
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  • Create empty GDG version when source is empty

    Dear experts,   when running PowerCenter with a flat file target, an empty target file is created if there are no source data. When writing to a GDG target, however, no new generation is created when the sessio...
    Nico Heinze
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  • Power exchange installation on client side to access Mainframe database.

    Hi All ,   We have installed the following power exchange components into Mainframe server.   1. Power exchange listener 2. Power exchange Logger 3. Power exchange CDC 4. Power exchange navigator &#...
    Chakravarthi Palanisamy
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  • PWX SAP BCI Netweaver- Stop SAP from Sending Data to BCI Listener

    We've a situation where we Use Power Exchange for SAP Netnweaver to fetch dat afrom SAP ECC System. We've integrated few data sources and they work fine.   But we ran in to a situation where I've sent a SendRequ...
    Dhilan Atapattu
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  • Createdatamaps Utility

    Hi,   Can I use createdatamaps PWX utility to create datamaps for sequential and VSAM files? My PWX listener is installed in ZOS environment and PWX services are running in UNIX.PWX Navigator is installed in my ...
    Padmanabha G
    created by Padmanabha G
  • start Logger service failing

    Hello All,   Can anyone help me on below issue. I am newly establishing power exchange cdc setup.   When i start logger service i get below error:   PWX-21605 Connection selected CPORDDZ1 found from ...