PowerExchange CDC and Mainfrmae 10.5.1
Release Announcement
September 2021


What are we announcing?

PowerExchange CDC and Mainframe 10.5.1


Who would benefit from this release?

This release is for all customers and prospects who want to take advantage of the latest PowerExchange CDC and Mainframe capabilities.


What’s in this release?



PowerExchange Mainframe & CDC

  • PAM coverage
    • PostgreSQL V13
  • Security Improvements
    • z/OS RACF recording of User last log-on data
    • z/OS netport jobs: passphrase support
  • Functionality Enhancements
    • Oracle Dynamic Dictionary
    • Oracle LOB support for PowerExchange Express CDC for Oracle
    • z/OS tape recall improvements
    • SAP HANA sources supported for CDC with trigger-based capture
      • Informatica has introduced a new SAP HANA CDC capability, which allows customers to capture changes from SAP HANA databases

Release Notes & Product Availability Matrix (PAM)


PowerExchange Release Notes: https://docs.informatica.com/data-integration/powerexchange-for-cdc-and-mainframe/10-5-1/release-notes/introduction.html

PAM for Informatica 10.5.1: https://network.informatica.com/docs/DOC-19274