What are we announcing?

PowerExchange V10.5.0 release of PowerExchange Mainframe & CDC is now available.


PAM Changes

  • CICS/TS V4.3 had been deprecated
  • CICS/TS V5.6 has been added
  • Db2 LUW V11.5 has been added
  • Open SSL version has been upgraded

IBM i Improvements

  • IBM i (i5/OS) supports SSL connections

Informatica Platform 

  • Sequential File Name can be overridden at run time

PowerExchange Command Improvements

  • LISTTASK enhanced reporting displays additional  entities, such as User-id, File Name, Task/Subtask etc.


Who would benefit from this release?

This release is for all customers and prospects who wish to stay current with newer capabilities of PowerExchange Mainframe & CDC products as well as those customers who need to utilize any of the upgrades applied to the PAM.


Why should you care?

These enhancements are necessary to keep the PowerExchange Mainframe and CDC products applicable as customer environments change.





PAM 10.5.0: