What are we announcing?


October 2020 will see the release of the PowerExchange CDC publisher Version 1.3.0. The release, in addition to general bugfixes, is focused on improvements related to:


  • Security and Logging enhancements
  • Performance improvements for the Apache Kafka Writer
  • Custom control over the output JSON and AVRO formatting
  • Release of a Beta PowerExchange CDC Publisher monitoring tool
  • Apache Kafka support of versions up to V2.6.0
  • Upgraded Apache Zookeeper version
  • Configuration controlled log4j logging options
  • Customer requested enhancements to error logging
  • Ability to suppress additional CDC-generated data from output
  • Ability to provide JSON message formats
  • Greater control over “date” publishing (selectable datatype)
  • Adding sequence data to added consumer processes for sorting, filtering, and so on.
  • Improvements to recovery processing  to help improve output writer performance


For a complete list of features and instructions on how to enable them, review the appropriate PowerExchange CDC Publisher documentation that is available for this release.


Who would benefit from this release?


This release is for all customers and prospects that want to target Apache Kafka or MapR Streams for real-time integration of PowerExchange supported Changed Data Capture (CDC) sources. These targets can subsequently be used as feeds for the Informatica Data Engineering Streaming (DES) and Data Engineering Management (DEM) products.


For more information around features and functions of this release, see the PowerExchange CDC Publisher User Guide V1.3.0.


Release Notes : https://docs.informatica.com/data-integration/powerexchange-cdc-publisher/1-3/release-notes/introduction.html