PowerExchange for CDC and Mainframe 10.4.0 was released on December 5, 2019.

Most of this release is EBF rollups, but PAM coverage was updated, some enhancements were added, and PowerExchange CDC for PostgreSQL was released.


  • PAM support
    • Added support for DB2i 7.4
    • Added support for DB2 LUW 11.5
    • Added support for MySQL 8.0
    • Added support for Oracle 18c
    • Added support for PostgreSQL 10.x and 11.x
    • Added support for IBMi 7.4
    • Added support for Windows 2019
  • New/Extended Utilities
    • New: PWXUCCLPRT utility to read and print data from the CND files created by PWXCCL
    • New: PWXUMAP utility to generate reports of PowerExchange CDC Extraction Maps and builk Data Maps
    • Extended: DTLURDMO can now use an alternative input data set, file, or directory, and has a new TESTMODE to test how copy operations will work.

  • New Features
    • There is now an IBMi installer
    • PowerExchange CDC now captures from PostgreSQL
    • PowerExchange for IMS can retrieve source information from the IMS catalog


As always, for a complete list of features as well as instructions on how to enable them, please review the appropriate PowerExchange V10.4.0 Release documentation.


Who would benefit from this release?


This release is for all customers and prospects who wish to stay current with newer capabilities of PowerExchange Mainframe & CDC products as well as those customers who need to exploit any of the upgrades applied to the PAM.


Why should you care?


These enhancements are necessary to keep the PowerExchange Mainframe and CDC products applicable as customer environments change.


Documentation set can be downloaded from the Documentation Portal:



PAM can be downloaded here:

PAM for Informatica Platform 10.4


To obtain the software, please contact your Informatica Sales or Account Manager, or raise a case with Shipping.