January 2019 will see the third release of the PowerExchange CDC publisher. In this release, we have made enhancements to help with customer implementations to help with Apache Kafka Topic naming, resiliency between PowerExchange CDC Publisher and Apache Kafka as well as the introduction of composite key builds for Apache Kafka topic partitioning. In addition, there are extensions in terms of PAM as well as the automatic printing of run statistics when the PowerExchange CDC Publisher shuts down.  The specific enhancements include the following:


  • PAM
    • Additions
      • Apache Kafka support of versions 2.0.1
      • MapR Streams 6.1
      • Confluent Schema Registry 5.0 1
      • Windows 2016
      • Certified PowerExchange for MySQL CDC as a source
    • Deprecation
      • Apache Kafka support of versions 0.9 & 1.0
      • MapR Streams 5.2.2
  • General Enhancements:
    • Improvements against Apache Kafka Topic naming
    • Support for Kafka Topic partitioning by Composite Columns for a key
    • Improved Resilience between PowerExchange CDC Publisher & Apache Kafka
    • Publishing of Run Statistics at PowerExchange CDC Publisher shutdownPublishing of Run Statistics at end of PowerExchange CDC Publisher shutdown


As always, for a complete list of features as well as instructions on how to enable them, please review the appropriate PowerExchange CDC Publisher documentation that is available for this release.


Who would benefit from this release?


This release is for all customers and prospects who wish to target Apache Kafka or MapR Streams for real-time integration of PowerExchange supported Changed Data Capture sources. These targets can subsequently be used as feeds for the Informatica Big Data Streaming (BDS)/Big Data Management (BDM) products.


Why should you care?


These enhancements are necessary to expand the usability of the PowerExchange CDC Publisher and make it relevant for more customer use cases; enabling changed data capture sources to be consumed as part of Informatica Big Data Management Solutions.


Informatica PowerExchange Change Data Capture (CDC) Publisher 1.2.0 Release Notes


PAM for Informatica PowerExchange Change Data Capture (CDC) Publisher 1.2.0