What are we announcing?

PowerExchange 10.2.0 HotFix 1


Who would benefit from this release?

This release is the latest version of PowerExchange 10.2.x for all customers and includes support for new environments (see PAM) as well as all fixes to support stable deployments (see Release Guide and Release Notes).

What’s in this release?

PowerExchange Mainframe & CDC Updates

  • PAM upgraded support
    • z/OS 2.3
    • CICS/TS V5.4
    • Adabas V8.4.x
    • IMS V15
    • MySQL Enterprise Edition V5.7
    • Amazon RDS (Oracle)
    • Oracle 12cR2 (toleration mode)


  • New CDC Source Capabilities
    • MySQL (Enterprise Edition) is now supported as a source for Changed Data Capture
    • Amazon RDS support of Oracle is now supported as a source for Changed Data Capture
  • General Enhancements
    • PWXCMD commands can now be used to communicate with the following Environmental Change Capture Routines
      • Adabas
      • Datacom
      • IDMS
      • IMS


  • New PowerExchange Mainframe & CDC Utilities
    • PWXUCRGP this utility allows for the contents of the CCT files to be printed
    • PWXUGSK this utility allows PowerExchange to provide SSL configuration reporting for z/OS PowerExchange listeners.




Informatica PowerExchange Release Guide (enhancements):



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