How does my team or I get the login credentials for logging in to MySupport?


You can get your My Support Login credentials from the Welcome mail that we send during your product purchase. Other members can follow the step below:


If your team needs to register for My Support customer portal, they can follow the steps below:


  1. Log onto
  2. Click the Register Now (under New User Section).
  3. Complete the registration form with the Email address used for this mailing list.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. A link to activate your login account will be emailed to the registered id.
  6. After activating your account, login to the portal to obtain online access to a wealth of resources.




  • There is no limit per organization on number of users who can have access to MySupport. If any of your team members already has access to the Support portal, they can use their existing credentials.
  • If you are an existing My Support user, you can use the same User Name and Password to view the PowerCenter Express resources.


Whom do I approach for questions or issues related to PowerCenter Express license and downloads?


Please visit the below URL for all the details about purchases and licenses of PowerCenter Express: PowerCenter Express - ETL Tool.


Alternatively you can also send an email to for any questions regarding download and license issues.


How many users from my company can register for PowerCenter Express support?


There is no limit on the number of users to register to My Support. Any number of members can register.


What resources are available within MySupport for PowerCenter Express?


The Informatica MySupport portal ( is the largest Data Integration collaboration platform with over 90,000 Informatica customers and partners all over the world. As a member, you’ll have 24x7 access to:

  • Support Content
    • More than 35000 Informatica Knowledge Base articles
    • Product updates, documentation, and Release notes
    • How-to-Library articles on Solutions to common problems, comparison of features, Guide to performing specific tasks
    • Velocity: Guidance on best practices for the use of Informatica products
  • Support Videos
    • Watch and Learn over 150 Support Videos
    • Customer-only Webinar Series
  • Support Guide
    • Support Policies and guidelines
  • Collaborate
    • Support Moderated Discussion Forums
  • Diagnostics
    • Support diagnostic tools



How do we approach Informatica Global Customer Support for Support on PowerCenter Express? (Support using Forums)


You can find all the Support related resources in If you are a PowerCenter Professional Edition user, please refer to our Welcome email that you receive after your purchase for more details on “How to initiate a one-on-one communication with Informatica Support?”


Where do I get the necessary information of the documentation of the PowerCenter Express?


Please visit the Documentation section to refer PowerCenter Express related documents to learn more about the features and usage.


PowerCenter Express


How is PowerCenter Express support different from Power Center support?


PowerCenter Express support is limited to Community Forums. However, if you are an active maintenance contracts customer, then you can open Service Requests to receive support for PowerCenter from Informatica GCS.


How do I upload files to the forums for Informatica support analysis?


When you initiate a discussion with the Support, you can upload a file with the maximum of 100 MB. This file will be accessible by PowerCenter Express Support for analysis.


Where do I check the Product Compatibility Matrix of PowerCenter Express?


You can search for Product Availability Matrices for PowerCenter Express from the following link:

PAM for PowerCenter Express 9.6.1 HotFix 2.



What is the difference between PowerCenter personal edition and professional edition licenses?


Please visit the below URL which provides overview of the differences in the different editions available for PowerCenter Express:


Is it possible to upgrade from Personal edition to Professional edition in the installation?


With PowerCenter Express v9.5.1, it is not possible to upgrade the license in the installation. Once you purchase the Professional edition license, please reinstall PowerCenter Express v9.5.1 with the new license and then export the metadata from the old installation to the new installation.



Will I get an alert when new versions of PowerCenter Express are released for upgrade?


All product releases are announced on the My Support portal. Visiting the My Support portal will keep you updated about the upgrades or new releases. The same information will also be sent to you through our monthly newsletter SupportFlash as well.



H2 database is bundled with PowerCenter Express. Can I use any other database in place of H2?


Currently with PowerCenter Express, H2 database is bundled which will be used to host domain and Model Repository Services. No other database will be supported at this point to host domain and Model repository Services. However, other supported databases can be used to relational connectivity in mapping. Please refer the Product Availability Matrix for more information.


Is there a limit on number of installation that I can do for Personal edition license?


There is no limit for number of installations for Personal edition licenses.