• Informatica Powercenter Upgrade with OS

    Hi All,   I have a scenario where I have a production server running on RHEL 6.9 and Informatica 10.1.1. We are trying a parallel upgrade of both Informatica and OS; for this purpose, we have a new server where ...
    Ahmed Ali
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  • address validator

    Hi,   I am trying to get the US states county names using address validator but I am not getting any results.   As per the FAQ and documentation I am using Hybrid and Discreet  advanced model template...
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  • Can UNC path be a parameter in workflow command task

    Hello, I've created a workflow that contains a command task.  In the command task, it's calling a batch file on the Informatica server and passing two parameters. One parameter is a UNC path. While running the ba...
    Michele DuBose
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  • ISNULL  not  giving  expected  result  in  10.4.1

    ISNULL  not  giving  expected  result  in  10.4.1 after upgrade. It  was  working fine in 10.2.       EXP DECODE(TRUE,NOT ISNULL(v_SPLIT_LOCN_CD),TRAIN_SPLIT_...
    Kulveer Singh
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  • PowerCenter session hangs

    Hi!   I'm a newbie Informatica user and I have a problem with running workflow, that was made according with PoweCenter tutorial (lesson 5): Running the Workflow   All stuff from tutorial was done and af...
    Anton Minkin
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  • Informatica connectivity to MariaDB/MySQL

    Using a 5.1.5 ODBC driver, ssgodbc returns   Error for thread 0 {error} STATE=587,  CODE=4294824872, MSG=523 586   What does this error message mean?   Has anyone connected to MariaDB 5.5 from ...
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  • Junk characters while loading data

    Hi Team,   Infa setup in windows demine and my source is files we are observing some issue having Junk characters in few columns.   I am looking for a solution to eliminate all junk characters while loadin...
    SP K
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  • Configure Powercenter repository with Windows authentication ID

    We have installed and configured informatica domain and node in windows server.   While creating powercenter repository service using window authenticated DB ID with trusted connection enabled at advance configu...
    Kavitha Jimnath
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  • Does informatica support SQL Availability groups for repository and domain DB's

    We are currently on version 10.2 in the proces to version 10.4 Our database teams wants to upgrade a SQL cluster to SQL 2019 availability groups. My question is this supported? Tried to find the answer myself but ...
    Folkert Boonstra
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  • {PCSF_46008}cannot connect to domain to lookup service coreservices/domain configuration service

    Hi,   Recently my windows(infa client machine) got migrated to another domain which is different from linux(infa server machine). After migration, infa client is not connecting the domain and throws the below er...
    Sudharsan Kannan
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  • Powercenter Mapping analyst for Excel

    From the documentation for Powercenter 10.4, it states that the excel add-in works with Office 2016. Doesn't it work with Office 365? I get compiler errors when I add the plugin. Has anyone gotten this to work with Of...
    Vinay Kashyap
    created by Vinay Kashyap
  • XML Target and empty target

    Powercenter 10.4.0   We are developing a workflow with an XML Target.   When the TAG value is NULL, we would like to write the NULL XML TAG row like this example:   <DateOuverture></DateOuve...
    Alessandro Corti
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  • Folder and Group Permissions

    I have a folder which is assigned permissions to a specific list of users, and the "other" user has all permissions checked off, but users can still connect. What I am missing? All the users are assigned to a group wh...
    John Lyons
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  • Power center installation with file descriptor limit 4096

    Hi everyone I am doing power center installation but facing file descriptor failure on check tool. Can i move forward with installation with this file limit? And can we increase limit after installation ?
    asim khalil
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  • "DescribeGlobal failed. Error code: [SOAP-ENV:Client] Reason:[Error observed by underlying BIO:Invalid argument]" while attempt to use any Salesforce transformation into the Designer client

    We can import a salesforce source to the Designer without problems, but when adding any specific SalesForce transformation to the mapping (Salesforce Look up , Salesforce Picklist, Salesforce Merge) using the same cre...
    first last
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  • Define environment variable on server or for service process?

    Hi All,   We have Power Center 10.2 HF2 running on Solaris and looking to enable binary functions to manipulate incoming binary data.   As Per the transformation guide, INFA_ENABLE_BINARY_FUNCTIONS to be s...
    Akshay HB
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  • Can't get import control file work with Object XML

    I am trying to import a workflow XML and can't get the folder/repository combo to work. here is a picture of the control file.   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE IMPORTPARAMS SYSTEM "/a...
    John Lyons
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  • pmcmd command is deleted

    Would it be possible to download pmcmd command, as it got deleted by mistake from my personal laptop.   Could you please help.
    Kumar Kumar
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    Is informatica PC v10.4  handle AGDLP (Accounts, Global groups, Domain Local groups and Permissions) setup in AD?
    John Lyons
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  • Increasing CPU's at Linux OS level

    OS team is increasing the no of "CPU's". They're going to add 4 more CPU's (4+4=8)   CPU count from Linux server ============================= [root@tralldvinfprd.com /]$ lscpu Architecture:   ...
    Kumar Kumar
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