• XML Reader: Error [InvalidDocumentStructure] occurred while parsing

    Hello,   Getting this error while trying to read a XML. I am bringing data from lists to XML and trying to read the generated XML. The XML generated from the lists is 0KB and the second mapping that's loading XM...
    Arun Kumar
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  • Subject Alternative Name (SAN) missing in CSR given to CA

    Hi Team,   I'm exactly following the KB 511374. We are trying to achieve CA certification for our Domain. Product is PowerCenter v10.5.   After creating the CSR (i.e. step #2), when I try to list down the ...
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  • Repository query to get the lookups and corresponding connections used in session

    Can anyone please help me with a Informatica repository(Oracle) query to extract all the session names, lookup instance names, connection/variable names. PS- Informatica PowerCenter 10.4
    Rajesh kumar Mahapatra
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  • How to Enable Debug Log in Informatica MFT

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    Arun Som
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  • How to Add Permissions to the User on all the Folders in PowerCenter Repository

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    Arun Som
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  • How to Create a Data Processor

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    Arun Som
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  • Import Tables from RDS Oracle DB

    Hi,   I am attempting to import tables from an RDS Oracle Database into PowerCenter 10.4.1 (Datadirect 8.0 Oracle wire protocol) but without success.   Can anyone advise how this can be done?   Many ...
    David McCoy
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  • Migrating to a new DB

    We want to migrate to the Oracle 19 for our repository DB. (We would be running 10.4.1 at that time). What effort will it take from an informatica stand point? Have the Oracle team to change the TNS entry, and copy th...
    John Lyons
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  • How to read multi tagged elements from XML Source

    Hi,   I have the following XML source file (I just put a portion of my XML source file here and not the entire content due to size).   I have created my denormalized XML source using the raw XML file and ...
    Mani Ar
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  • mapping logic

    Hi,   i need a mapping logic for the below scenario to find the exact match partial match strings.   condition all the records in Table A must exist in Table B   Table A   COLA  COLB COLC ...
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  • Error - [DOM_10080] Cannot start service [dev] because there is no process enabled or there is no node available for this service. Verify that service processes are enabled and nodes are running on the domain.

    Error  - [DOM_10080] Cannot start service [dev] because there is no process  enabled or there is no node available for this service. Verify that  service processes are enabled and nodes are running on t...
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  • Sessions with truncate target table option checked

    In the session settings, on the mapping tab, when highlighting a target table, there is a checkbox that says "Truncate Target Table Option."   I would like to query the repository to find all sessions where this...
    Bryan Mack
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  • How to Send Rejected Files as Email Attachments in PowerCenter

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    Arun Som
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  • steps need to be taken care of after we change trust score for a column

    Hello folks,   We are planning to change the trust score for one of the columns for one course. can you please suggest me what are the steps needs to be done after or are there any batch jobs that we should r...
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  • process to export mapping from informatica developer to powercenter

    store procedures  called in Mapping are being replaced by API. Now I need to call API in mapping. For this i have created a mapping in Informatica developer where i used web consumer  transformation to use ...
    Rishika agrawal
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  • Impala table Error by using powercenter through Impala ODBC connection

    My requirement is to pull data from Hive tables and dump it into the Impala table using powercenter ODBC Connection. I am using Imapala  ODBC connection to write to target table. This is simple one to one mappi...
    Salman Khan
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  • Workflow Schedule Not Working for Next Schedule Run

    Hi All,   I Have some issue, actually after my Informatica Upgrade to 10.4.1, some of my workflow is not working for next schedule run. Let say I have 16 workflow, All workflow is run every 5 minutes, but after...
    Ilvan Faozan Arief
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  • How to start with PMCMD

      Hi Team,   we have a informatica 10.4 setup in windows environment and we need to start using executing workflows using PMCMD commands going forward and need help how to start with.   Do i need to c...
    SP K
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  • How to Perform Indirect File Load using Informatica PowerCenter

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    Arun Som
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  • Logic implementation in Informatica mapping

    Hello,   I have a informatica mapping in which csv is the source file for the target table.   ABC_ID XYZ_CODE are the 2 fields I am looking at mainly.   If ABC_ID in the csv file is more than once, ...
    Vindhya Giri
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