• Get MAX values

    Hi I have the following source SRC product    Line   Order    Toto q1           10       20 ...
    Rudi Ribere
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  • informatica scheduler

    How do i schedule a workflow to run every wednesday of the week and 1st of every month through informatica scheduler?
    Madura Nattudurai
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  • Database function not working in Informatica PC

    Hi All,   I am executing a Database function in PowerCenter through Lookup Override and getting errors as stated below. This function was earlier running as part of a view that was used as Lookup Source but now ...
    Deepak Gupta
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  • Informatica Repository DB password

    I need urgent help. So I logged in to repository DB using informatica DB user, and it prompted me to change the password as password was expired. Now I am not able to access informatica using admin console. Startin...
    Asmita Joshi
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  • User Name restrictions

    Just to confirm. There are no restrictions on a user name. PC should have to handle anything LDAP throws at it.
    John Lyons
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  • Merge PC repositories

    Dear Experts,   Please suggest us the best way to merge two PowerCenter Repositories.   1. Each repository has 40+  folders. 2. Connections and objects are different between repositories. 3. Code pa...
    TAM BI Canon
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  • AWS IAM Role Issues with Redshift Connector for PowerCenter 10.4 in GovCloud

    Hi,   We are trying to use the Redshift connector to COPY/UNLOAD data in Redshift to/from AWS S3. We've configured the connector, and the Informatica documentation states that we should specify an AWS IAM Role to...
    Scott McAllister
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  • Cloning Informatica Environment

    Can I copy the $INFA_HOME directories from one server to  another, and start that instance while the original is running?   I am trying to do an upgrade and leave the current system running.   1)Do th...
    John Lyons
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  • Error when loading UniqueIdentifier data to Target

    In my mapping, I have a lookup that gets 2 id columns data based on primary key. Those 2 columns are uniqueidentifier in database. I am using lookup override in the lookup to get the id fields and join condition is ba...
    Deepak Gupta
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  • odbc error/issue when I want to import a table

    Hi, I build a server with Oracle linux 7.9 , Oracle 12cR2 and Informatica 10.2 that receives connections from my laptop windows 10   But when I want to import in Designer a table , I received the folowing error...
    Aurel Sandu
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  • File Creation in Informatica

    Hi Team,            I would like to create a target file as zip file, now I am using output file type as command and creating the zip file. But after unzipping the fi...
    Arjun Biradar
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  • Questions about Informatica TDM

    Hi All,   I have recently started working on Informatica Test Data Management v10.2 HF2 tool and had few questions if anyone can help me out.   1. In-place masking - How do we validate the data after maski...
    Deepak Gupta
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  • Remove data from string

    Hi, I have the following set of data:   a) ["80000000~82999999","16115"] b) ["16113","80000000~82999999"]   I need to remove anything that comes right before or after the character ~. In this example, the...
    Anna Amorim
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  • Generating a string from data

    Hi,   I have an Oracle table like below:   Dept   Div    ID     Email IT        1      A1 ...
    Jeya Rangaraju
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  • Validating data in XML source file with PWC

    Hello,   In a XSD-file datatype restrictions. like max length of string element or positive integer, have been defined. The steps in knowledge base article 106183, HOW TO: Validate XML sources against XSD (in...
    NIco Cornelisse
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  • Power Center is shutting down after adding new domain to repository

    Hi all,   I have an issue with PowerCenter Repository Manager. I try to add new domain to link it to repository, but when I enter name,host and port - client immediately shuts down with no logs.   All serv...
    Egor Nalimov
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  • Sharing Sequence generator between sessions

    Hi,   We have a mapping 'm' consisting of a sequence generator to generate a Batch ID for every run. BatchID is then passed on as a workflow variable to the next session wf1s2 to be loaded into a table along wit...
    Jeya Rangaraju
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  • Max for multiple Ports or Columns

    Hi   I have this information in a table and i need to get for eatch Client_id the line whit the max Date_Start and the Max Date_End but i don't want to use two aggregators:   for client_id 1 i sould have ...
    Igor Pinto
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  • The first row is not getting load

    Hi all,   So I am trying to load the data into the table all the data is getting loaded successfully into the table only first row is showing the error: Transformation [EXPTRANS] had an error evaluating variabl...
    Avinab Das
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  • Domain Database from 10.2  to 10.4

    I am in the process of moving to 10.4  Currently, we use 10.2.1.   We are in a UNIX/Oracle environment.   The 10.4 schemas are in the same Oracle instance. We are going to new Unix servers.  ...
    John Lyons
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