• Excel -  NORM.S.DIST function

    Hello,     There is the possibility in PWC o BDM (DEI) to apply the cumulative distribution function of a standard normal random variable     In Excel it is the function NORM.S.DIST
    Andres González Rubio
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  • Informatica most recommended way for Oracle HA

    Hi Team,   I have informatica Powercenter v10.5 installed in lower environment. I wish to have HA for Informatica in Higher environment. I have few DB users available in my Oracle used for installation and Loadi...
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  • How to: Read an XML file from a network drive?

      Please forgive me for such a noobie question, my company has tasked me with doing some work with PowerCenter and I have not yet been to training. I've designed a workflow that will take an XML input source and...
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  • Powercenter 10.2 with Oracle 19c

    I do see Powercenter 10.2 compatible with Oracle 19c as per PAM, but we are getting ORA-28040 No matching authentication protocol while trying to configure ODBC Oracle wire protocol driver setup with DataDirect 7.1. &...
    Santosh Kumar PALTHEPU
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  • Informatica PowerCenter 10.2 hf 2 not started

    Hi!   The server stopped responding, and no action was taken, so it was a weekend. I tried to start the service, but I got this error:   FATAL [Domain Monitor] [DOM_10028] Could not enable the domain func...
    Alexey Kolesnikov
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  • Upgrade Informatica PowerCenter 9.0 to 10.4

    Hi All,   I would like to ask what is the step required to perform upgade from PowerCenter 9.0 to 10.4? Our current architecture is Windows 2008. Is there faster way/ best practices way to upgrade the powerCen...
    Andrew Heng
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  • How to effectively compare the performance data logs of two sessions with a huge number of objects?

    Overview In general, I will briefly outline the problem I am currently facing. I need to analyse the performance datea logs of two sessions. This requires me to thoroughly compare and analyse individual objects betw...
    Jacob JustCoding
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  • DBConnection impact when used in Application Connection type. PC10.2HF1 to PC10.4.1 or PC10.5

    Hello Everyone,   We are in the process of upgrade from 10.2HF1 to 10.4.1 or 10.5.  I came across an issue with the Application connectors with 10.4.1 where the standard or DBConnection*** does not support ...
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  • PowewCenter Support for RHEL 8.x

    Hello Everyone:   IBM-Redhat has moved to the higher version of RHEL and the current 7.8 which is supported by latest Powercenter 10.4.1 is about to move into extended support, which customers are forced to purc...
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  • Migration of object from one version to another

    Hi Team   can we migrate the object like profile/scorecard/logical object from IDQ 10.2 to version ?any settings need to be changed manually before importing to version?
    aliva dash
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  • Automate bulk Check-in or undo Check-out

    Hello Infa Experts,   We're in process to cleaning up our Informatica Power Center repository. I was going through all the repository tables and was wondering if there is a way to update directly the repo table...
    Rex Wayne
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  • is DAC compatible with Informatica 10.4 ?

    is DAC compatible with Informatica 10.4 ?   i am not able to find in PAM sheet, please help how to validate with Informatica vendor and ensure DAC supported by Informatica 10.4   DAC ...
    thamarai kannan
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  • Can Informatica 10.4 connect to IBM DB2 11.1 at Database OS SuSe Linux  Enterprise Server 12 SP4

    Can Informatica connect to IBM DB2 11.1 at Database OS  SuSe Linux  Enterprise Server 12 SP4 ?   as per PAM sheet for Informatica 10.4, Informatica support IBM DB2 11.1 at Database OS  SuSe Linux&...
    thamarai kannan
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  • Mappings and workflows transfer   from Informatica PC 9.5.1 to 10.5

    We are planing to update IPC 9.5.1 to 10.5. Is it necessary to make only consistently installing updates (9.5.1 => 10.1.1. => 10.5) ?  Or will  I  can  just install IPC 10.5 and use IPC clien...
    Andrei Bukhavetski
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  • Docker -

    Dear all, Trying to install Installation using docker image. Please let me know where to get the user credentials for "Informatica private registry"   One of the option in the docker installation where we can ge...
    Dhinesh Kumar
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  • Teradata Timestamp with Timezone Issue in Informatica mapping

    Hello All,   I am creating a mapping where Teradata table is a source and target is a flat file(.csv). I am reading the entire data from the source table (17256447 records). Since the source count is huge, so I...
    Saurabh Shrivastava
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  • Informatica PAYG Marketplace Page not working

    I am having an issue registering for an Informatica PowerCenter PAYG (Pay As You Go) license.   I subscribed to the following service (https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/Informatica-Informatica-PowerCenter-Fo...
    Phong Vuong
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  • Informatica LDAP/AD Integration - Variation in support Vidoes

    Hi Team,   I'm trying to integrate Informatica v10.4.1 with Active Directory. I was referring below two Informatica's official support vidoes.     PowerCenter LDAP Authentication - SSL Protocol How ...
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  • Russian character loading issue

    Hello,   We have to load a table with Russian characters from SQL Server to Oracle target. While loading we noticed that the byte length is increasing for russian characters, For example - if the actual length i...
    Arun Kumar
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  • Web Service POST request with HTTP Transformation

    Hello GURUs   I'm trying to configure an http transformation in order to load data to a web service using POST method. The webservice provider has gave me a json sample to make me build the ws request. It is ve...
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