• 10.4.1 Workflow Error -  license does not include high availability option

    We are receiving the following error when starting Workflow  under PowerCenter 10.4.1.  We completed  a fresh install and were starting the workflow for the first time when this error was raised.  ...
    bala krish
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  • Parser & Standardiser licence for IDQ

    Hello, Please help me how do i can upgrade my IDQ with licence as its a free softwared downloaded from other sources. ERROR: "The license is not valid for the following reasons: [License not available for Data Quality...
    sai m
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  • Validate Flat File and then load to Target

    Source File has some pattern as mentioned below 1. Header Flag (0), Date (20211224) 2. Data 3. Footer Flag (9), Data Count (8) If source file is valid, load it to target else fail the session / workflow 0,2021122...
    Dinesh Kumar
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  • Maria DB table import issue in Powercenter

    Hi all,   Hope everyone is doing well!   I am trying to import Maria DB tables in Powercenter 10.4.1. I've successfully created connection in ODBC Administrator using 'root' username, using Maria DB ODBC 3...
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  • Log4j remediation for PowerCenter

    Hi Team   We are using Informatica PowerCenter with 10.4.1 version & OS Linux RHEL with 64 bit OS.   Please confirm do we need to apply any mitigation for Log4j vulnerability.   Regards Kumar
    Kumar Kumar
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  • getting performace issue while loading data in target

    we have workflow which insert  8 cr data in target table from source which is also a target table. initially in starting minutes it facing around 2.5 k data as per threshold but after  5 cr performance star...
    shrikant patil
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  • Map the different responses for the different requests Web Service Consumer

    Hello,   it's me again. I keep having trouble consuming web services using the Web Service Consumer Transformation. Last time I could not send N requests through this transformation, but now I can't map the diff...
    Alex Varela
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  • Log4j vulnerabilty remediation for Informatica Powercenter 9.6.1

    Can the remediation steps for Log4j provided below for Informatica Powercenter 10.x can be followed for Informatica Powercenter 9.6.1 version?   Remediation Versions 10.5.1 and 10.5 Configure an environment vari...
    Vasanthakumar Venougobal
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  • Informatica mmaping taking time to read from Source

    Hi,   I have one mapping which is reading data from oracle database table and it is taking more time to read the data and load it into target tabkle. There is not complex logic in mapping and therefore it should...
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  • Error in RFC for BW connection

    2021-11-24 08:25:20.020 : ERROR : (23501 | 140735835780864) : (IS | PMETASEDW) : node_P51 : SF_34038 : Client application []'s connection [199] broken unexpectedly.  System returns error code [errno = 0], error m...
    Yagnesh Majeti
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  • Web Services Consumer Transformation

    Hello,   So I'm trying to call a WS, but this service has a collection that it optional. the problem is, that even though is optional, I have to send the empty tag just as: <Tag/> but... I don't know if th...
    Alex Varela
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  • PowerCenter 10.4 Compatibility with PostgreSQL 11.6

    Hi, I have seen in the PAM of Informatica 10.4, that, it is compatible with PostgreSQL 10.6, whereas my current requirement is to use PostgreSQL 11.6. Would like to have a confirmation or evidence from Informatica t...
  • Disable power center pipeline

    Hi, we have a power center mapping with a kafka source and target, we would to process one record at time in the entire mapping, is possible to disable pipiline to obtain this behavour?   Thanks Giuseppe
    giuseppe spanò
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  • Source Flat File  Reading & Loading to Target based on Column-names

    This is to understand if the product - Power Center has the capability to Read/consume/Load  a Source Flat file to a target based on Source File column-Names. Also, Source File can have varying Columns (Not ever...
    Deethesh Suvarna
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  • informatica not loading all successful rows, only rows after an error are being loaded into target table

    Some background info:   I am trying to load a JSON file using Java transformation. The source Flat file is marked as UTF-8 Encoding. In the Java transformation i am also ensuring that the input string (jsondata)...
    Usman Bajwa
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  • Power Center high availability

    Hello everyone, I have a requirement to setup Power center integration service with high availability option. I follow below steps to achieve this, I am new to this installation and want your feedback and guidance on...
    asim khalil
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  • Lookup connection in mapping and session

    Hello,   We have a mapping with a lookup connection pointing to DEV instance and in workflow the session connection pointing to Prod. Just want to check how this behaves? Will Informatica takes data from DEV or ...
    Arun Kumar
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  • Upgrade from 9.1 to 10.x - DB version constraints

    Hi We are looking to get our 9.1 instance upgraded to the latest version that fits within some constraints we have ...   Currently we have 9.1 installed on HPUX connecting to an Oracle 11g instance.   Due...
    Nik Coultas
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  • PowerCenter Upgrade 10.4 to 10.5

    We are beginning to explore 10.5 due to Java concerns.   Can we take our 10.4 HF1 exported XML object file we use for deployment and import them directly into 10.5 which we will have installed in a separate ...
    Don Michie
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  • Unable to connect to repository objm 54538

    Hello All, I am trying to create power center repository service, service created but unavailable and got error message objm 54538. I am configuring this service first time, i have installed oracle client on my linux...
    asim khalil
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