• joiner transformation query

    I have Flat File1 (F1) with these columns - key1, col1, col2 Flat File2 (F2) with these columns - key2, col1, col2 and one table (T1) with these columns - key3, col1, col2 Requirement is to get data from all 3 sources...
    AW Khan
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  • REG_MATCH expression

    Hello All,   My requirement for Target_Field_A is as follows: If Source_Field_A like ‘%ORGIN%’ then set ORIGIN,   Else if Source_Field_A like ‘%DEST%, then set DESTINATION.  ...
    Divya Karun
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  • problem case powercenter

    hello to all. I have a question about this case that I have in database and I want to pass it to powercenter, I do not know if it is better to use iif or decode for its transformation to powecenter. If you could hel...
    Álvaro Moreno Iruela
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  • SalesforceConnection-10122: Login failed. User .Fault code [SERVER_UNAVAILABLE]. Reason [server temporarily unavailable]."

    We are getting inconsistent behavior with Informatica Salesforce Connector . We get "HadoopBatchDTM-pool-4-thread-9262> SEVERE: SalesforceConnection-10122: Login failed. User []. Fault code [SERVER_UNAVAILABLE]. Re...
    Varadaraj Bhat
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  • Primary Key change and SCD Type 2

    Hello Gurus,   I have a dimension table with surrogate key as the primary key. Employee_identifier is the key which is used to lookup and maintain SCD Type 2 history in the table. Employee_identifer is a 7-digit...
    Divya Karun
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  • Create reusable wOrkflow to check/ping the database (Oracle ) connectivity...

    Create reusable wOrkflow to check/ping the database (Oracle ) connectivity...and send emails ( Failure emails ) if the connection is not successful.   I am thinking of creating a reusable command task to ping Or...
    sri gar
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  • PowerCenter Integration Service in Admin Console hangs

    Hello, I have PowerCenter 9.5.0. I'm accessing the Admin Console like so, www.machinename:port/adminconsole. When logging into the Admin Console and under Doman>Services and Nodes, I click the Integration Service.&...
    Michele DuBose
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  • How to Implement Key Range partition in Informatica using a date column

    I have a scenario where we are using a date column "SRC_CREATED_DATE" in Informatica, Can anyone suggest to me how this can be done for example my min date is "20-AUG-2003 00:00:00" and my maximum date is "27-APR-2021...
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  • Mapping and Workflow documentation

    Is there an easy way to export mappings and workflow into a documentation type form of document?  I saw a link to Marketplace but doesn't work.  I also understood I could "export metadata" to Excel but I do ...
    Dianna Gibbs
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  • Security On the PowerCenter 10.2HF2

    Hello, We have security issues on the ports 10123 and 10127. 10123 = administration console 10127 = pmserver Is it possible to disable TLS 1.1 protocol support on ports 10123 and 10127? Is it possible to use ...
    Jordan Abadie
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  • PMCMD can't run

    Hi All       I meet an issue and need help . Now I need use pmcmd to run workflow, but when try to run pmcmd ,it failed to start pmcmd.  Not sure what happened.   system : Windows ...
    Wenyuan Du
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  • powercenter & python

    Hi,   I have a use case to use python in conjunction to informatica powercenter. Below is what we are currently doing   Installed native python on infa server but no modules installed.     Curr...
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  • Developer Client 10.4.1 is not starting

    I have installed Informatca 10.4.1 and installed developer client. But Developer client is not opening. I have installed jdk 16 also. I have checked metadata logs, below error is showing. Attached metadata logs. Pleas...
    Rajesh Audhivanne
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  • PowerCenter and GitHub

    Has anyone used Visual Studio to usr Git and PC?   I need to manage version control using Git. I have done it using Jenkins which supplies a hook to call a Linux Script to do the export, etc and load the XML int...
    John Lyons
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  • ObjectImport

    When I do object Import is there anyway in adding text to an object such as the description field of a workflow?
    John Lyons
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  • PowerCenter, Git, and Visual Studio

    Has anyone used Visual Studio to usr Git and PC?   I need to manage version control using Git. I have done it using Jenkins which supplies a hook to call a Linux Script to do the export, etc and load the XML int...
    John Lyons
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  • PowerCenter Data Integration 10: Developer, Specialist Certification

    I am planning to give this certification, where can we get the study material along with content to study for this certification if one has to not pay for the trainings provided by Informatica university on the traini...
    Rupali Parab
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  • Excel -  NORM.S.DIST function

    Hello,     There is the possibility in PWC o BDM (DEI) to apply the cumulative distribution function of a standard normal random variable     In Excel it is the function NORM.S.DIST
    Andres González Rubio
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  • Informatica most recommended way for Oracle HA

    Hi Team,   I have informatica Powercenter v10.5 installed in lower environment. I wish to have HA for Informatica in Higher environment. I have few DB users available in my Oracle used for installation and Loadi...
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  • How to: Read an XML file from a network drive?

      Please forgive me for such a noobie question, my company has tasked me with doing some work with PowerCenter and I have not yet been to training. I've designed a workflow that will take an XML input source and...
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