• Max for multiple Ports or Columns

    Hi   I have this information in a table and i need to get for eatch Client_id the line whit the max Date_Start and the Max Date_End but i don't want to use two aggregators:   for client_id 1 i sould have ...
    Igor Pinto
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  • Cloning Informatica Environment

    Can I copy the $INFA_HOME directories from one server to  another, and start that instance while the original is running?   I am trying to do an upgrade and leave the current system running.   1)Do th...
    John Lyons
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  • Sharing Sequence generator between sessions

    Hi,   We have a mapping 'm' consisting of a sequence generator to generate a Batch ID for every run. BatchID is then passed on as a workflow variable to the next session wf1s2 to be loaded into a table along wit...
    Jeya Rangaraju
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  • The first row is not getting load

    Hi all,   So I am trying to load the data into the table all the data is getting loaded successfully into the table only first row is showing the error: Transformation [EXPTRANS] had an error evaluating variabl...
    Avinab Das
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  • odbc error/issue when I want to import a table

    Hi, I build a server with Oracle linux 7.9 , Oracle 12cR2 and Informatica 10.2 that receives connections from my laptop windows 10   But when I want to import in Designer a table , I received the folowing error...
    Aurel Sandu
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  • User Name restrictions

    Just to confirm. There are no restrictions on a user name. PC should have to handle anything LDAP throws at it.
    John Lyons
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  • AWS IAM Role Issues with Redshift Connector for PowerCenter 10.4 in GovCloud

    Hi,   We are trying to use the Redshift connector to COPY/UNLOAD data in Redshift to/from AWS S3. We've configured the connector, and the Informatica documentation states that we should specify an AWS IAM Role to...
    Scott McAllister
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  • Domain Database from 10.2  to 10.4

    I am in the process of moving to 10.4  Currently, we use 10.2.1.   We are in a UNIX/Oracle environment.   The 10.4 schemas are in the same Oracle instance. We are going to new Unix servers.  ...
    John Lyons
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  • Workflow Schedule Not Working for Next Schedule Run

    Hi All,   I Have some issue, actually after my Informatica Upgrade to 10.4.1, some of my workflow is not working for next schedule run. Let say I have 16 workflow, All workflow is run every 5 minutes, but after...
    Ilvan Faozan Arief
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  • Renaming Repository Service

    I am trying to upgrade from 10.2 to 10.4   I did the following steps convert the repository:   1)Created a new repository service in v10.2 and loaded from a backup from the 10.2 repository i wish to conve...
    John Lyons
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  • Reg_Extract Confusion

    Hello,   I have been playing around with the reg_extract expression in my mapping. The expression is confusing beyond comprehension. My task is to grap a sequence of numbers from a string.   Example strin...
    Jacob Sørensen
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  • REG_EXTRACT data from second set of parentheses (if exists)

    Hello,   I am splitting a location field into 2 fields (location and location code).   The format of the field is something like USA (USA1); so USA -> location, USA1 -> location_code.   For loc...
    Bobby Price
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  • Power Center is shutting down after adding new domain to repository

    Hi all,   I have an issue with PowerCenter Repository Manager. I try to add new domain to link it to repository, but when I enter name,host and port - client immediately shuts down with no logs.   All serv...
    Egor Nalimov
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  • Web Service Consumer - WSSE Security Header Timestamp TimeToLive

    Does anyone know if PowerCenter's Web Service Consumer (WSC) transformation can be configured to add the Timestamp Created/Expired values to the WSSE Security Header (bolded in the example below)?   A SOAP serv...
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  • How to Configure Hive ODBC Connector for Cloudera Enterprise with PowerCenter on Linux - new article from the Informatica doc team

    Abstract You can configure Hive ODBC Connector for Cloudera Enterprise with PowerCenter® on Linux. This article describes how to install and configure the connector and also use the connector with the PowerCente...
    Sujitha Alexander
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  • Escaped Json file creation

    I am creating Json file using Data Processor Transformation in Developer tool. I have requirement to add | character.   "Double quotation marks must be escaped with the \ character" . how to add Escape character...
    Tushar Patel
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  • Monitoring tab login issue in Informatica 10.1.1

    Do we have any EBF for this issue other than the fix mentioned in this KB.   https://kb.informatica.com/solution/23/Pages/58/500734.aspx
    Sun Infa
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  • Admin Console Monitoring

    Hi All,   I have version 10.4 installed and am using PowerCenter Repository and PowerCenter Integration Service.  I don't use any other services.  Can the Monitor tab in the Admin Console be configured...
    John Moulton
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  • Create parent-child group in Infa-9 using infacmd.sh

    Through infacmd.sh when i create a group it is automatically created as a parent group. Is there any option to create the child group for the parent group and move a group into a parent group through infacmd.sh ?
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  • Copy all contents of a file into Oracle table

    Hello,        I have multiple files with CLOB data (organic molecular structure) to load into an Oracle table. All contents of these files (just 1 column), and the filename need to be loaded ...
    Brinjit Velu
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