• Process for source and target row count

    Hi,   I want to develop a reusable mapping  and this reusable mapping can be used in all the workflows to capture the audit.   Example, I have 40 workflows and every workflow will contain two sessions...
    Kumar M
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  • Java Platform SE Binary on Informatica server high CPU and Memory usage

    Hello, I have Informatica 9.5 installed on a Windows 2008 server.  I've recently had to restart the Informatica 9.5 service because I was unable to connect to the Informatica Integration Service. It appears a res...
    Michele DuBose
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  • Records Returned from Database But Not from Source Qualifier (Message Code : BLKR 16019)

    In Informatica, the SQ is returning no records, but when the same Query from the Session log is run in the Database, it returns the desired number of records.. I have checked all the connections and they seem to be fi...
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  • PowerCenter vs. AWS

    Hi friends,   I am working as PowerCenter developer and having good expertise, recently from few sources I heard that Informatica PowerCenter projects are migrating to AWS. Now just want to understand how AWS re...
    sri sri
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  • How to get row number for 0 by using Aggregator for null input row

    Hi all,   I tried to get the total updated row number using aggregator for count(row). If there is row input, everything looks good and there is correct number in output. However, if there is no row input, which...
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  • Snowflake and S3 PWX connector for Powercenter 10.2 HF1

    Is there any trial version of PWX connector available for Snowflake and S3?
    Rajesh kumar Mahapatra
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  • Informatica Admin Console page is not coming up

    Hello, I have Informatica 9.5 installed on a Windows 2008 server. I've recently had to restart the Informatica 9.5 service because I was unable to connect to the Informatica Integration Service. As a result of restart...
    Michele DuBose
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  • Using ODBC connection vs Snowflake PWX Connector

    I have a requirement where Need to read files from S3 and write to Snowflake Read from Snowflake and write to SF as well Notes:- INFA Version - Powercenter 10.2 HF1 Need to use PDO Question is - Can I consider u...
    Rajesh kumar Mahapatra
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  • Http transformation not UTF-8 encoded

    Hi friends,   I am using Informatica v 9.5.1 Hotfix 4.   German characters in JSON file which is downloaded from HTTP transformation is getting converted into some junk characters. I read this page then: ...
    Divya Karun
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  • Informatica 9.6. install with Oracle 19c on OCI

    I am working on an upgrade of Informatica from 9.5 to 10.2. As 9.5 will not upgrade to 10.2, I am trying to install 9.6 to upgrade the 9.5 repository, then will upgrade to 10.2.   When setting up the Informa...
    Jamie Adams
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  • long idle session waiting for database connection

    Hello   My workflows are taking longer to finish as each session is taking very long time to connect to the database. I have more than 100 session with 5-6 sessions running in parallel.   I am not sure wh...
    Nishant Bhushan
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  • Connecting to MarkLogic through Inforamtica PowerCenter

    Hi, I need to connect to MarkLogic through Informatica Powercenter.   Does anybody tried it? Please let me know the steps.   I have found ODBC drivers to connect to MarkLogic but that seems to be not work...
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  • Excel ODBC connection

    Hi, We are reading data from an excel source which is working fine.But it isn't reading new rows added to the worksheet.I tried deleting,adding,typing manually,it doesn't read the new rows.I deleted the old worksheet...
    D Senapati
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  • Informatica to SAP HANA

    A PowerCenter session with an SAP Hana target table in SAP HANA performs updates using ODBC connection very slowly. The insert works just fine, only the update appears very slow. even though EnableArrayUpsert=Yes this...
    sagar sawant
    created by sagar sawant
  • How to create a report listing workflows and scheduled run times

    I found the SQL needed to look at Repository views and tables for scheduled times as stored in the repository. I need a report (PMCMD?) that shows what the Integration Service has scheduled to run.
    Kevin Rawers
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  • PC send emails for users in db table

    Hi   We have an requirement to loop thru emails with email text and send them to those people . So the table looks like :   email | mail_text george@google.com | You need to check Your account. cool@go...
    Rafal Slapa
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  • Command Task question

    I have a command task set up that runs a shell file that logs into SQL Plus, which in turn, calls an SQL file to be run in SQL Plus in Unix. I want to return a variable from that SQL run to Informatica. Is this possib...
    Richard Crowley
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  • SESSSTARTTIME Not remaining Constant

    Has anyone else had an issue with the built-in variable SESSSTARTTIME not remaining constant to the second throughout one run of a given session. We are using the variable in a mapping expression and see that it may a...
    Mark Ruby
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  • Currently processed file name in Flat File

    Currently processed file name in Flat File Source gives full path of file like C:\windows\TRR\abc.txt.   Is there a way we can just get the file name. I understand we can use substrings to get it but is ther...
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  • CTSDK_43000 : Couldn't load the library [pmudtsrv] for plug-in #406400

    Hi,   I am getting below given error while trying to run a mapping having UDT in 64 bit linux informatica server.     Severity Timestamp Node Thread Message Code Message INFO 5/13/2016 5:45:06 PM node...
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