• "Use SFDC Bulk API" checkbox at Informatica session level

    1. When we do not check the "Use SFDC Bulk API" at Informatica session level target property, we're getting below  Error messages in session log for the invalid records and workflow gets failed.   Error ==...
    Kumar Kumar
    created by Kumar Kumar
  • Split column data to different row

    Data coming in a flat files in a single line as Abc10defg20hi30jkl40mnopw50   And requirement is to get the output in a table with single column name as Name Abc Defg Hi Jkl Mnopq   In different row...
    shashank mishra
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  • Informatica DR Solutioning on OCI

    Hi, I'm trying to establish a DR (Disaster Recovery) mechanism for our Informatica Installation on OCI. I've gone through the documentation here. Though it's enough to understand what should be done, however my query...
    A Kal
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  • Data duplication after session partitioning

    Hi Experts,   We have a type 2 mapping where we generating Surrogate key using Expression transformation. To differentiate current and history records we are using CUR_FLAG column with 0/1. As this session takin...
    sri sri
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  • Session performance issue with SQL server ODBC driver

    Hi Everyone,   I'm seeing a performance degradation from our UAT to PROD environment for a session using the MS SQL server ODBC connection. Mappings are same in both the env. The connection also doesn't have any...
    Adityan P R
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  • Reading Data from "Google DataStudio" and loading into Oracle Table

    Hi Team,   I am using informatica 10.2v.  My requirement is to read data from "Google DataStudio" and load data into Oracle Table (its a simple straight move for now)   The challenge that I am facing...
    Ramesh Siddam
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  • Steps to connect with MS azure,AWS Redshift and SAP HANA through informatica

    How to connect with MS azure,AWS Redshift and SAP HANA through informatica. what all drivers are required? and steps for connection.
    aliva dash
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  • Passthrough partition(Record count at DB lavel is not matching at informatica level for a particular Partition.)

    Hi Gurus,   Good Morning!   I have created one mapping having Source(Relational table)->SQ->EXP->Target(Flat file).Session level I have created 10 partition. Session will create 10 flat files for ...
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  • Oracle Query to extract list of users

    Could you please help me with the Oracle query to extract Username, Full Name, Email from the Database.
    Kumar Kumar
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  • Multi Line flat file source puzzle

    Hello, I need to read a multi line flat file source to load the contents into a database.   Here's an example:   012909981000011A10CPF11111111111          ...
    Anna Amorim
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  • Email task is getting failed

    Email tasks are getting succeed. But when I verify the workflow log able to see below message. ------------------- 2021-09-04 07:02:05: INFO : (11338 | 140735181473536) : (IS | IS_PROD) : node_01 : LM_44253 : Workfl...
    Kumar Kumar
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  • Consuming SOAP webservice using infomatica Powercenter

    Hello Experts ,   I need a help and this is pretty urgent. I have requirement for calling SOAP web service from informatica power center. In first call i need to find send the SOAP request for identifying the fi...
    mayur marathe
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  • Unable to start Informatica service after cloning Informatica Domain to a new server and database in PowerCenter

    Hello,   I am preparing to upgrade Informatica 9.5.0 to latest version.  Before doing so, I have cloned the current production environment by doing the following:   The cloning of the current product...
    Michele DuBose
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  • Integration between PowerCenter and Tableau

    Hi Team,   Is it possible to integrate PowerCenter and Tableau? Is there any tableau connector/plugin/connector that Informatica has got? If so, is there any steps / documentation could be shared please?   ...
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  • Maria DB table import issue in Powercenter

    Hi all,   Hope everyone is doing well!   I am trying to import Maria DB tables in Powercenter 10.4.1. I've successfully created connection in ODBC Administrator using 'root' username, using Maria DB ODBC 3...
    last modified by ASHISH ANANT DESHPANDE
  • Import 9.1 Powercenter workflow to 10.2 Powercenter

    Hello, We are upgrading from Informatica 9.1 to Informatica 10.2. Developers will need to manually export/import some jobs from 9.1 to 10.2 respectively. Can you please help with options?
    Anindita Upadhyay
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  • Unable to restore domain using the RestoreDomain command

    Hello.   I'm in the process of upgrading Informatica and performing a parallel upgrade.  I've cloned the existing Informatica application server.  I've also refreshed the existing Oracle database schem...
    Michele DuBose
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  • -[REP_55102] Failed to connect to repository service [RS_QA].

    I have a Oracle/Unix PC 10.4.1 environment.   in the domain, i have 3 Repository services. All the schemas are in the same oracle database. All three services are in normal mode, available, and available IS. ...
    John Lyons
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  • Unintelligible SRT, BLD and DSQ suffixes at lookup in session log after enabling Verbose Data option

    Hey All Generally, my doubts are about the lookup transformation and I will describe them in more detail below.   Issue Description The mapping I worked on in the first implementation used a lookup that was lo...
    Jacob JustCoding
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  • How to effectively compare the performance data logs of two sessions with a huge number of objects?

    Overview In general, I will briefly outline the problem I am currently facing. I need to analyse the performance data logs of two sessions. This requires me to thoroughly compare and analyse individual objects betwe...
    Jacob JustCoding
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