• Teradata Timestamp with Timezone Issue in Informatica mapping

    Hello All,   I am creating a mapping where Teradata table is a source and target is a flat file(.csv). I am reading the entire data from the source table (17256447 records). Since the source count is huge, so I...
    Saurabh Shrivastava
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  • Web Service POST request with HTTP Transformation

    Hello GURUs   I'm trying to configure an http transformation in order to load data to a web service using POST method. The webservice provider has gave me a json sample to make me build the ws request. It is ve...
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  • PowerCenter 10.5 release date

    Hello   Can someone share the release date of PC 10.5.x and also the PAM.?  I am curious to see if we this supports RHEL 8.x which is very much needed.   Thank you Gurudutt
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  • Shell Script to move files from Infa_shared directory to another server

    Hello All,   ######## I want to achieve this via Shell Scripting ########   I have a requirement to move a file(which will come on a daily basis) in unix box location (data/infa_shared/SrcFiles/ABC/). The ...
    Saurabh Shrivastava
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  • Requirement to get the cookie values like AWSALB from Http Transformation

    Hi,   i too have requirement to get the cookie value from Http Transformation in Power center.   As of now i am able to get the ASP.NET_SessionId from HTTP_OUT. But i also need AWSALB from cookie.   ASP...
    Rajesh Ananthakrishnan
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  • Unable to load jackson package

    Hi all I have a java transformation which I'm trying to use to parse a json file. I declare the object "ObjectMapper" and in order to compile it I've added the following .jar libraries in the java tx (settings tab):...
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  • PUT and POST JSON in Java Transformation

    Hi all,   As an input I have a string containing JSON (for example {"id":"123", "name":"John"}) and I need to create a JAVA transformation that will send a PUT request to the provided URL. For the POST method I...
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  • Parsing xml file in Informatica

    Hi, I am trying to parse an xml file using power center mapping designer and it gives me the following error:   I tried uncommenting the below line in C:\Informatica\10.2.0\server\bin folder and added this as a...
    Mani Ar
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  • Webservice Provider - Powercenter Fault handling -Target Issue.

    Hi,   I have a webservice mapping which is currently working fine.Now I want to capture the response and any fault code incase of any errors.When I try to add the webservice target to the mapping and link ports ...
    varsha naik
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  • Compatibility Console Admin Powercenter 10.1 and Edge Chronium browser

    Hello, I searched for the information but couldn't find it. The PowerCenter 10.1 administration console is compatible or not with the Edge Chronium browser? In addition, would you have the list of browsers compati...
    Jordan Abadie
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  • Web Service Consumer - WSSE Security Header Timestamp TimeToLive

    Does anyone know if PowerCenter's Web Service Consumer (WSC) transformation can be configured to add the Timestamp Created/Expired values to the WSSE Security Header (bolded in the example below)?   A SOAP serv...
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  • What's the best approach to read and parse dynamic RSS feed

    Hi,   I have a 7 different RSS feed links (which gets updated once in 5 hours) and I am trying to find the best approach to read contents and process them separately once in 5 hours.   There are few power ...
    Mani Ar
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  • Want to send source data to WebService in multiple chunks

    Hi,   I created a mapping in Informatica cloud. My mapping reads data from Oracle database and sends it to a WebService. I have around 10000 records, fetched from database.  I wand to break this dataset int...
    Parvendra Kumar
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  • Handle timeout error as "Not Found"

    Hello All,   We create below web service mapping wrapper mapping and in which we are fetching results by using SOAP API on the basis of user input By SOAP API , we are getting multiple results on the basis on on...
    Heena Rajvanshi
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  • Need to Display multiple records in REST API webservice

    Hello Team,   We need to display multiple records for REST API webservice and callinng this webservice through java code. Please find below screenshot for the mapping and mapplet:   Also attached verbose ...
    Heena Rajvanshi
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  • Using Stored Procedure in Power center web service mapping

    Hello All,   I create one procedure in oracle database and trying to use it our web service mapping but it didn't return any result. When i tried to create one to one mapping with oracle type source it ran succ...
    Heena Rajvanshi
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  • Override the value of Persistent Variable

    Hello All,   I have a requirement where I have to generate a .xlsx file appended with Previous day date. (I have generated the .csv file in output and then converted it into .xlsx file via ssconvert utility) H...
    Saurabh Shrivastava
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  • Read AWS S3 files in Informatica PC

    Hello All,   I have a source system which places the .csv files into an AWS S3 bucket inside a folder on a daily basis and this file later on gets archived at some other location after processing. The naming con...
    Saurabh Shrivastava
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  • Read the latest .csv file from AWS S3 bucket

    Hello All,   There is a bucket/folder in AWS S3 where .csv files comes on a daily basis. The naming convention of a .csv file is 2001DBBYLAST-YYYYMMDDHHMISSSSS.csv   This .csv file contains a dot.(Eg: Seri...
    Saurabh Shrivastava
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  • Develop API in powercenter

    Hi,   Is there an option to create an API in infromatica powercenter ? if so, can i know how to build an API so that an external party can post the data?
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