• Data duplication after session partitioning

    Hi Experts,   We have a type 2 mapping where we generating Surrogate key using Expression transformation. To differentiate current and history records we are using CUR_FLAG column with 0/1. As this session takin...
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  • Session performance issue with SQL server ODBC driver

    Hi Everyone,   I'm seeing a performance degradation from our UAT to PROD environment for a session using the MS SQL server ODBC connection. Mappings are same in both the env. The connection also doesn't have any...
    Adityan P R
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  • how to update large historical table

    I have a scenario where target has large set of historical data and source has very few  updates every day. In this scenario what will be the best option to implement incremental load . If I do lookup on Target...
    Shubha Prada
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  • PowerCenter

    Can anyone suggest sql query to find the mappings, session and  command tasks associated with workflow for all project folders in  PC 10.0?
    srini komm
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  • XML Error while reading the file

    Hi,   I am trying to use the following XML to create a source and further read the same file to load my table.   Backyard Tee - Tequila Sunrise - Navy But I am stuck with the following error while readin...
    Mani Ar
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  • How to get a specific record which is failed due to a WebServices Consumer Transformation time-out error

    Hello All, I have a mapping where the source is Oracle db. 1. Does informatica processes all the records from source sequentially or in parallel ? 2. I have a mapping where the source records pass through a mappin...
    Prasanna Ramachandran
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  • Post Upgrade Powercenter Performance

    Hi,   We have migrated from PC 9.5.1 on Solaris/Oracle to PC 10.4 on Windows/SQL Server and performance is less that impressive. Looking at the logs of a session would the following show the bottleneck is Inform...
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  • File Creation in Informatica

    Hi Team,            I would like to create a target file as zip file, now I am using output file type as command and creating the zip file. But after unzipping the fi...
    Arjun Biradar
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  • How to Collect Stack Traces with InfaDump 10 Utility in Linux

    Open video

    Arun Som
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  • How to get date from Table A when we do Table B minus Table A

    Hello, I am stuck at a point where I am not able to move forward. I am trying to find records that exists in Table B but not in Table A which is easy but the caveat is that I need a column in Table A that I need to us...
    Arya Nymeria
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  • Rest API Call with Bearer Authorization - Power Center

    Hello All,   We are trying to implement a solution to get data from Rest API call. Would you please suggest or recommend a process using informatica Power Center how can we pass the bearer Authentication token...
    Gaurav Lohiya
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  • Data to parameter flat file by shifting to new line

    Hello, I am trying to achieve to write the [GLOBAL_SAHRED]  as first line and date to the second line in a flat file in a single mapping. I am using dummy oracle as source and trying to create the output port and...
    Arya Nymeria
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  • Read flat file and fail the workflow with an exit code

    Hello Gurus, I am trying to read a file which has three columns. I created a mapping to read and in the second column I can have two values 'P' or 'F'. If I find the value P then exit code is 0 and workflow should be ...
    Arya Nymeria
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  • Powewcenter Yellowbrick Migration

    All,   We are in the process of migrating Netezza appliance to Yellowbrick on cloud towards end of this year. Has anyone started this migration or planning to do so.  Please share you thoughts and experienc...
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  • PowewCenter Support for RHEL 8.x

    Hello Everyone:   IBM-Redhat has moved to the higher version of RHEL and the current 7.8 which is supported by latest Powercenter 10.4.1 is about to move into extended support, which customers are forced to purc...
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  • Teradata Timestamp with Timezone Issue in Informatica mapping

    Hello All,   I am creating a mapping where Teradata table is a source and target is a flat file(.csv). I am reading the entire data from the source table (17256447 records). Since the source count is huge, so I...
    Saurabh Shrivastava
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  • Russian character loading issue

    Hello,   We have to load a table with Russian characters from SQL Server to Oracle target. While loading we noticed that the byte length is increasing for russian characters, For example - if the actual length i...
    Arun Kumar
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  • Fixed width header, trailer and data

    I have a requirement where I have to create a custom header & trailers (hard code values) in a fixed width file and then the data. Any suggestions please?   Planning to incorporate in one mapping. So In exp...
    Arya Nymeria
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  • Find whole number and decimal and pad zeros.

    Gurus, for a given whole number or decimal I need to pad '00' to right and remaining zeros to left if the length is less than 12. For example if the number is 123 then  000000012300. Similarly for decimals if i h...
    Arya Nymeria
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  • PowerCenter 10.5 release date

    Hello   Can someone share the release date of PC 10.5.x and also the PAM.?  I am curious to see if we this supports RHEL 8.x which is very much needed.   Thank you Gurudutt
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