• Fetching values from group of rows

    Hi All   I have a table with following format with Col B as key. For group of values in Col B, if the col A has code as 'ABC', then that record has to be treated as Master record and rest of the records of that ...
    Kamal Haria
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  • Get MAX values

    Hi I have the following source SRC product    Line   Order    Toto q1           10       20 ...
    Rudi Ribere
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  • Remove data from string

    Hi, I have the following set of data:   a) ["80000000~82999999","16115"] b) ["16113","80000000~82999999"]   I need to remove anything that comes right before or after the character ~. In this example, the...
    Anna Amorim
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  • Max for multiple Ports or Columns

    Hi   I have this information in a table and i need to get for eatch Client_id the line whit the max Date_Start and the Max Date_End but i don't want to use two aggregators:   for client_id 1 i sould have ...
    Igor Pinto
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  • Reg_Extract Confusion

    Hello,   I have been playing around with the reg_extract expression in my mapping. The expression is confusing beyond comprehension. My task is to grap a sequence of numbers from a string.   Example strin...
    Jacob Sørensen
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  • REG_EXTRACT data from second set of parentheses (if exists)

    Hello,   I am splitting a location field into 2 fields (location and location code).   The format of the field is something like USA (USA1); so USA -> location, USA1 -> location_code.   For loc...
    Bobby Price
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  • Web Service Consumer - WSSE Security Header Timestamp TimeToLive

    Does anyone know if PowerCenter's Web Service Consumer (WSC) transformation can be configured to add the Timestamp Created/Expired values to the WSSE Security Header (bolded in the example below)?   A SOAP serv...
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  • Creating PostgreSQL source/target definitions manually

    We just upgraded Informatica PowerCenter to 10.4.1 and enabled the postgresql plugin. Now I can create PostgreSQL connections but I don't know how to create source/target definitions without using the "PowerExchange ...
    Ali Z
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  • How to get date from Table A when we do Table B minus Table A

    Hello, I am stuck at a point where I am not able to move forward. I am trying to find records that exists in Table B but not in Table A which is easy but the caveat is that I need a column in Table A that I need to us...
    Arya Nymeria
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  • Rest API Call with Bearer Authorization - Power Center

    Hello All,   We are trying to implement a solution to get data from Rest API call. Would you please suggest or recommend a process using informatica Power Center how can we pass the bearer Authentication token...
    Gaurav Lohiya
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  • Data to parameter flat file by shifting to new line

    Hello, I am trying to achieve to write the [GLOBAL_SAHRED]  as first line and date to the second line in a flat file in a single mapping. I am using dummy oracle as source and trying to create the output port and...
    Arya Nymeria
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  • Delete records using PowerCenter

    Hi All,   I have simple mapping which extracts data from source and deletes in target. It has composite primary key (composed of 10 columns). This mapping uses only those required 10 columns.   I have not ...
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  • XML Target and XML Attributes

    We are working with Informatica ver 10.4.0.   Can you create a mapping with an XML target with XML attributes?   For example, we need to create XML like   <person gender="female">   <f...
    Alessandro Corti
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  • Read flat file and fail the workflow with an exit code

    Hello Gurus, I am trying to read a file which has three columns. I created a mapping to read and in the second column I can have two values 'P' or 'F'. If I find the value P then exit code is 0 and workflow should be ...
    Arya Nymeria
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  • Powewcenter Yellowbrick Migration

    All,   We are in the process of migrating Netezza appliance to Yellowbrick on cloud towards end of this year. Has anyone started this migration or planning to do so.  Please share you thoughts and experienc...
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  • Source columns not showing from PostgreSQL

    We have migrated a system from OracleDB to PostgreSQl. We need to create the sources again with the PostgreSQL driver inside Informatica Powercenter Designer.   The connection is OK, we can see all the tables an...
    Guim Gonzalez
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  • Informatica SQL Transformation multiple queries

    Hi everyone,   I have a requirement to use oracle sequence next val to generate sequence at database.   I have a mapping which is loading 3 separate tables using expression. However all 3 target tables ha...
    Meet Patel
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  • XML generator Transformation invalid

    Hello All,     I create one xsd file in which we have so many one-many relationship. I create xml generator and it successfully created as per the requirements. COnnected some input ports whcih are required...
    Heena Rajvanshi
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  • How to read an expression from a string and execute it?

    Hello everyone,   So I'm I want to save a text in the database and replace ports with ports values on a expression. For example: 'Today's date is: ' || n_StringDate, so the idea is having that stored in a db ta...
    Alex Varela
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  • Error loading CSV file into Amazon Redshift table

    Hi you all.   I'm getting many problems for loading the whole attached file into the SQL attached table hosted in Amazon Redshift.   When I split the file on several under 450 rows, it's loaded successfull...
    Aitor López
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