• Maria DB table import issue in Powercenter

    Hi all,   Hope everyone is doing well!   I am trying to import Maria DB tables in Powercenter 10.4.1. I've successfully created connection in ODBC Administrator using 'root' username, using Maria DB ODBC 3...
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  • PowerCenter update and persistent LKP cache files

    Hi everyone,   we're in the process of migrating from PowerCenter 10.1.1 HF1 to 10.4.1. During our tests one question came up for which we didn't find any answer, neither in the documentation nor on this forum. ...
    Nico Heinze
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  • date format 1/1/21

    Hi, I need help to get proper date format. Source: flat file Date values:   1/1/21, 1/15/21, 11/2/21, 11/12/21   I need to take this date and look up on dim_Date table in and load the date_key in fa...
    Lakshman Kumar
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    Using PWC 10.4.0, is it possible to create a mapping where the source table is tt:   SQL> Select a,b from tt 2 / A           B ---------- --------------...
    Alessandro Corti
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  • PowerCenter

    Can anyone suggest sql query to find the mappings, session and  command tasks associated with workflow for all project folders in  PC 10.0?
    srini komm
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  • Target decimal issue

    Hi,   I have an issue when loading data to target. Souce are double(17,2) columns in salesforce. Target are 3 varchar2 (18) columns in Oracle. Souce data: 123456789012345.12 234567890123451.23 345678901234512...
    Chang Liu
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  • XMLW_31205 ... character that cannot be written to a valid XML file

    POWERCENTER 10.4.0   Sometime my mapping with an XML Target fails with the following error:   XMLW_31205 failed to validate element value contains a character that cannot be written to a valid XML file ...
    Alessandro Corti
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  • FATAL Error encountered while importing XML def.

    Hi,   I am trying to create a source definition by importing the client provided XML data file.   But while importing the source definition, I get the following error: I am not the XML expert and not sure ...
    Mani Ar
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  • XML Error while reading the file

    Hi,   I am trying to use the following XML to create a source and further read the same file to load my table.   Backyard Tee - Tequila Sunrise - Navy But I am stuck with the following error while readin...
    Mani Ar
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  • Working with Valid Staged Workflows (WS Hub but Invalid)

    Hello, I have a situation where I have an staged workflow in the WebServices And it is INVALID in the WS Hub but the Workflow is VALID The workflow consist in: 1 session -> multiple sessions (OR CONDITION) But...
    Joao Victor
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  • How to get a specific record which is failed due to a WebServices Consumer Transformation time-out error

    Hello All, I have a mapping where the source is Oracle db. 1. Does informatica processes all the records from source sequentially or in parallel ? 2. I have a mapping where the source records pass through a mappin...
    Prasanna Ramachandran
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  • Ability to Interface with an API that requires oauth

    Hi,   I am just checking if there is an ability to interface with an API that requires oauth?   Something like sending an authentication request, they respond with a token and we then send another ...
    Mani Ar
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  • How to repeat values for multiple rows based on a different port

    Hi,   I have incoming records with many different columns and I want one of the columns to have the same value repeated based on the first row.   Example given below:   In the Input source records, t...
    Mani Ar
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  • Mapping variable used in Post SQL Target Property not working

    I've set a value of a mapping variable named $$TotalRecords during a mapping run. For the purpose of this question, the value of $$TotalRecords is 3.  I want to use that variable value as a value in an INSERT sta...
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  • Working day table to control the execution of PowerCenter Workflow

    We have a wf_DAILY workflow in PowerCenter Standard Edition 10.5 to be scheduled to execute on 01:00 every day after the daily batch. However, we want this workflow wf_DAILY to be called every day but checking the WOR...
    Eugene Chen
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  • Get MAX values on Pushdow optimization

    Hi   I've already asked a very similar question but now I'm testing Pushdow optimization.   This is my source  (TABLE) product    Line   Order     Toto q...
    Rudi Ribere
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  • Fetching values from group of rows

    Hi All   I have a table with following format with Col B as key. For group of values in Col B, if the col A has code as 'ABC', then that record has to be treated as Master record and rest of the records of that ...
    Kamal Haria
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  • Get MAX values

    Hi I have the following source SRC product    Line   Order    Toto q1           10       20 ...
    Rudi Ribere
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  • Remove data from string

    Hi, I have the following set of data:   a) ["80000000~82999999","16115"] b) ["16113","80000000~82999999"]   I need to remove anything that comes right before or after the character ~. In this example, the...
    Anna Amorim
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  • Max for multiple Ports or Columns

    Hi   I have this information in a table and i need to get for eatch Client_id the line whit the max Date_Start and the Max Date_End but i don't want to use two aggregators:   for client_id 1 i sould have ...
    Igor Pinto
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