• How to Create User Defined Functions in PowerCenter

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    Arun Som
    created by Arun Som
  • How to Update the Recovery Strategy Property for Sessions using "massupdate" command in PowerCenter

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    Arun Som
    created by Arun Som
  • Powewcenter Yellowbrick Migration

    All,   We are in the process of migrating Netezza appliance to Yellowbrick on cloud towards end of this year. Has anyone started this migration or planning to do so.  Please share you thoughts and experienc...
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  • Source columns not showing from PostgreSQL

    We have migrated a system from OracleDB to PostgreSQl. We need to create the sources again with the PostgreSQL driver inside Informatica Powercenter Designer.   The connection is OK, we can see all the tables an...
    Guim Gonzalez
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  • PWC upgrade from 10.2 to 10.5

    Dear all, we are about to upgrade PWC version from 10.2 to 10.5. The server OS is Linux Redhat 7.9 and we are wondering if version 10.5 Microsoft ODBC are still supporting MSSQL version 12     Thanks, Di...
    Diego Casero
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  • XML generator Transformation invalid

    Hello All,     I create one xsd file in which we have so many one-many relationship. I create xml generator and it successfully created as per the requirements. COnnected some input ports whcih are required...
    Heena Rajvanshi
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  • Install PowerCenter Join Domain

    Hello Informatica Nation, I install Powercenter on 2 Servers The first server worked fine The second server got error while join domain "Node Name : Time out while trying to connect domain" Any Help please ?
    Mohamed Omar
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  • I get some problems with deploying PWC on Kubernetes

    Hi everyone,   My PWC version is 10.4.1 and I want to deploy it on my RHEL 7.8, but I got some problems. I list my steps following:   1. I download informatica_container_utility_linux-x64.zip and unzip it...
    Cyril Wu
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  • Http Transformation authorization

    Hi All,   Can any one guide on setting up the authorization for http transformation. The actual requirement is to authorize using bearer token to fetch data from Rest API and I am new to this area. But I saw som...
    Gayathri Nataraj
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  • How to Enable Debug Log in Informatica MFT

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    Arun Som
    created by Arun Som
  • How to Add Permissions to the User on all the Folders in PowerCenter Repository

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    Arun Som
    created by Arun Som
  • How to Create a Data Processor

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    Arun Som
    created by Arun Som
  • Migrating to a new DB

    We want to migrate to the Oracle 19 for our repository DB. (We would be running 10.4.1 at that time). What effort will it take from an informatica stand point? Have the Oracle team to change the TNS entry, and copy th...
    John Lyons
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  • How to read multi tagged elements from XML Source

    Hi,   I have the following XML source file (I just put a portion of my XML source file here and not the entire content due to size).   I have created my denormalized XML source using the raw XML file and ...
    Mani Ar
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  • How to Send Rejected Files as Email Attachments in PowerCenter

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    Arun Som
    created by Arun Som
  • Impala table Error by using powercenter through Impala ODBC connection

    My requirement is to pull data from Hive tables and dump it into the Impala table using powercenter ODBC Connection. I am using Imapala  ODBC connection to write to target table. This is simple one to one mappi...
    Salman Khan
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  • How to start with PMCMD

      Hi Team,   we have a informatica 10.4 setup in windows environment and we need to start using executing workflows using PMCMD commands going forward and need help how to start with.   Do i need to c...
    SP K
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  • Primary Key change and SCD Type 2

    Hello Gurus,   I have a dimension table with surrogate key as the primary key. Employee_identifier is the key which is used to lookup and maintain SCD Type 2 history in the table. Employee_identifer is a 7-digit...
    Divya Karun
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  • Security On the PowerCenter 10.2HF2

    Hello, We have security issues on the ports 10123 and 10127. 10123 = administration console 10127 = pmserver Is it possible to disable TLS 1.1 protocol support on ports 10123 and 10127? Is it possible to use ...
    Jordan Abadie
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  • Developer Client 10.4.1 is not starting

    I have installed Informatca 10.4.1 and installed developer client. But Developer client is not opening. I have installed jdk 16 also. I have checked metadata logs, below error is showing. Attached metadata logs. Pleas...
    Rajesh Audhivanne
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