• MSSQL2014SP3 is compatible with Informatica Powercenter

    Dear All,   We have planned to install Informatica powercenter 10.2 with repository DB MS Sql DB 2014. If we add sp3 in SQL DB whether informatica will support or it will create any issues? Example: MSSQL2014s...
    Thiru Murugan U
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  • Does PowerCenter 10.5 Version has any know issues??

    Hi All,   We are on powercenter 10.1.1 version which is stable and didn't encounter any major issues till now. Now we are planning to upgrade to flat 10.5 version and   just wanted to know if anyone notice...
    VJ En
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  • Informatica Service getting Stopped automatically

    I am facing 10.4.0 version, service is getting stopped automatically. if i start service manually from servies.msc but still it is stopping any suggestions please post here.
    Banooj PV
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  • PowerCenter

    Can anyone suggest sql query to find the mappings, session and  command tasks associated with workflow for all project folders in  PC 10.0?
    srini komm
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  • In Place OS and DB upgrade in Informatica 10.4.1

    Dear Team,   We have Informatica power center 10.4.1 installed in Windows OS 2012R2 and with repository database is Microsoft SQL DB 2014. Now, client requirement is to Upgrade windows OS to 2019 and Microsoft S...
    Thiru Murugan U
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  • Java Version for In Place Informatica upgrade

    Dear Team,   We are planning for Informatica upgrade from Informatica PowerCenter 9.6.1. If we are going in the path   Informatica 9.6.1 > install HF4 -> Informatica 10.2 -> Informatica 10.4 ...
    Thiru Murugan U
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  • XML Error while reading the file

    Hi,   I am trying to use the following XML to create a source and further read the same file to load my table.   Backyard Tee - Tequila Sunrise - Navy But I am stuck with the following error while readin...
    Mani Ar
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  • Informatica 9.6.1 to Informatica 9.6.1 HF4

    Dear Team,   We have Informatica power center 9.6.1 in Windows OS 2012. We are planning to apply Informatica hot fix version. From - Informatica 9.6.1          ...
    Thiru Murugan U
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  • Ability to Interface with an API that requires oauth

    Hi,   I am just checking if there is an ability to interface with an API that requires oauth?   Something like sending an authentication request, they respond with a token and we then send another ...
    Mani Ar
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  • SAP BCI Extractor

    could you please share the SAPNWRFC lib for SAP BCI extraction which supports Informatica Power center 10.5
    Dilip Sabbineni
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  • IBM DB2 11.5 will support for Informatica 10.4.1

    Hi Team,   Informatica 10.4.1 will support for which IBM DB2 version for source and target connection.   Thanks & Regards, Thiru Murugan U
    Thiru Murugan U
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  • AWS IAM Role Issues with Redshift Connector for PowerCenter 10.4 in GovCloud

    Hi,   We are trying to use the Redshift connector to COPY/UNLOAD data in Redshift to/from AWS S3. We've configured the connector, and the Informatica documentation states that we should specify an AWS IAM Role to...
    Scott McAllister
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  • How to Configure Hive ODBC Connector for Cloudera Enterprise with PowerCenter on Linux - new article from the Informatica doc team

    Abstract You can configure Hive ODBC Connector for Cloudera Enterprise with PowerCenter® on Linux. This article describes how to install and configure the connector and also use the connector with the PowerCente...
    Sujitha Alexander
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  • How to get date from Table A when we do Table B minus Table A

    Hello, I am stuck at a point where I am not able to move forward. I am trying to find records that exists in Table B but not in Table A which is easy but the caveat is that I need a column in Table A that I need to us...
    Arya Nymeria
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  • Rest API Call with Bearer Authorization - Power Center

    Hello All,   We are trying to implement a solution to get data from Rest API call. Would you please suggest or recommend a process using informatica Power Center how can we pass the bearer Authentication token...
    Gaurav Lohiya
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  • DAC will support Email Encryption for Attachments

    Hi All,   We are using informatica 9.6.1 and DAC As of now we have configured email notification in DAC. DAC will send the mail alerts regarding ETL job status. Is there any possibility to do  ema...
    Thiru Murugan U
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  • How to Create User Defined Functions in PowerCenter

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    Arun Som
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  • How to Update the Recovery Strategy Property for Sessions using "massupdate" command in PowerCenter

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    Arun Som
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  • Integration between PowerCenter and Tableau

    Hi Team,   Is it possible to integrate PowerCenter and Tableau? Is there any tableau connector/plugin/connector that Informatica has got? If so, is there any steps / documentation could be shared please?   ...
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  • Powewcenter Yellowbrick Migration

    All,   We are in the process of migrating Netezza appliance to Yellowbrick on cloud towards end of this year. Has anyone started this migration or planning to do so.  Please share you thoughts and experienc...
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