• PowerCenter Integration Service in Admin Console hangs

    Hello, I have PowerCenter 9.5.0. I'm accessing the Admin Console like so, www.machinename:port/adminconsole. When logging into the Admin Console and under Doman>Services and Nodes, I click the Integration Service.&...
    Michele DuBose
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  • Impala table Error by using powercenter through Impala ODBC connection

    My requirement is to pull data from Hive tables and dump it into the Impala table using powercenter ODBC Connection. I am using Imapala  ODBC connection to write to target table. This is simple one to one mappi...
    Salman Khan
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  • Mapping and Workflow documentation

    Is there an easy way to export mappings and workflow into a documentation type form of document?  I saw a link to Marketplace but doesn't work.  I also understood I could "export metadata" to Excel but I do ...
    Dianna Gibbs
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  • Security On the PowerCenter 10.2HF2

    Hello, We have security issues on the ports 10123 and 10127. 10123 = administration console 10127 = pmserver Is it possible to disable TLS 1.1 protocol support on ports 10123 and 10127? Is it possible to use ...
    Jordan Abadie
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  • Developer Client 10.4.1 is not starting

    I have installed Informatca 10.4.1 and installed developer client. But Developer client is not opening. I have installed jdk 16 also. I have checked metadata logs, below error is showing. Attached metadata logs. Pleas...
    Rajesh Audhivanne
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  • Informatica most recommended way for Oracle HA

    Hi Team,   I have informatica Powercenter v10.5 installed in lower environment. I wish to have HA for Informatica in Higher environment. I have few DB users available in my Oracle used for installation and Loadi...
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  • DBConnection impact when used in Application Connection type. PC10.2HF1 to PC10.4.1 or PC10.5

    Hello Everyone,   We are in the process of upgrade from 10.2HF1 to 10.4.1 or 10.5.  I came across an issue with the Application connectors with 10.4.1 where the standard or DBConnection*** does not support ...
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  • PowewCenter Support for RHEL 8.x

    Hello Everyone:   IBM-Redhat has moved to the higher version of RHEL and the current 7.8 which is supported by latest Powercenter 10.4.1 is about to move into extended support, which customers are forced to purc...
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  • Automate bulk Check-in or undo Check-out

    Hello Infa Experts,   We're in process to cleaning up our Informatica Power Center repository. I was going through all the repository tables and was wondering if there is a way to update directly the repo table...
    Rex Wayne
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  • is DAC compatible with Informatica 10.4 ?

    is DAC compatible with Informatica 10.4 ?   i am not able to find in PAM sheet, please help how to validate with Informatica vendor and ensure DAC supported by Informatica 10.4   DAC ...
    thamarai kannan
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  • Can Informatica 10.4 connect to IBM DB2 11.1 at Database OS SuSe Linux  Enterprise Server 12 SP4

    Can Informatica connect to IBM DB2 11.1 at Database OS  SuSe Linux  Enterprise Server 12 SP4 ?   as per PAM sheet for Informatica 10.4, Informatica support IBM DB2 11.1 at Database OS  SuSe Linux&...
    thamarai kannan
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  • Mappings and workflows transfer   from Informatica PC 9.5.1 to 10.5

    We are planing to update IPC 9.5.1 to 10.5. Is it necessary to make only consistently installing updates (9.5.1 => 10.1.1. => 10.5) ?  Or will  I  can  just install IPC 10.5 and use IPC clien...
    Andrei Bukhavetski
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  • Teradata Timestamp with Timezone Issue in Informatica mapping

    Hello All,   I am creating a mapping where Teradata table is a source and target is a flat file(.csv). I am reading the entire data from the source table (17256447 records). Since the source count is huge, so I...
    Saurabh Shrivastava
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  • Informatica LDAP/AD Integration - Variation in support Vidoes

    Hi Team,   I'm trying to integrate Informatica v10.4.1 with Active Directory. I was referring below two Informatica's official support vidoes.     PowerCenter LDAP Authentication - SSL Protocol How ...
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  • IICS Primer for PowerCenter Developers

    For years, Informatica PowerCenter has been the gold standard for on-premises data integration. For many companies and organizations Informatica PowerCenter, together with an enterprise data warehouse, has served as t...
    Rashmi Rekha Gogoi
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  • PowerCenter 10.5 release date

    Hello   Can someone share the release date of PC 10.5.x and also the PAM.?  I am curious to see if we this supports RHEL 8.x which is very much needed.   Thank you Gurudutt
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  • Power Center 10.4.1 PPC64 sizing tips

    Hi guys! I'm deploying IPC on AIX, could you please share with me some expertise or maybe there some calculator for sizings? Appreciate it
    Alexander Bartashevich
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  • Informatica PowerCeneter 10.5 Release Date

    Hi Team,   When will Informatica PowerCenter 10.5 version will be released? What are it major features added?   Thanks
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  • Shell Script to move files from Infa_shared directory to another server

    Hello All,   ######## I want to achieve this via Shell Scripting ########   I have a requirement to move a file(which will come on a daily basis) in unix box location (data/infa_shared/SrcFiles/ABC/). The ...
    Saurabh Shrivastava
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  • How to handle comma and double quotes in data for a .csv output file

    Hello All,   For my requirement, Source is a Hive database and Target is flat file(in .csv format). Now I want to handle both comma , and double qoutes “ and newline as well   Below is the sample dat...
    Saurabh Shrivastava
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