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The highlights of this release are:


  • Significant performance improvements when importing or refreshing PowerCenter metadata in Data Validation Option (DVO). In some internal tests, the performance was upto 10x times more.
  • Naming conventions consistent with PowerCenter. DVO no longer has case sensitivity when importing PowerCenter repository connections.
  • PAM has been improved with PWX ODBC certification with the following:
    • Db2 z/OS
    • DB2 AS/400
    • MF flat files
    • IMS
    • Adabas
  • Added ability to send confirmation and failure email after DVO mapping runs.
  • Improved auto-generation of value tests


Informatica PowerCenter Data Validation Option Version Release Notes

The PowerCenter 8.6.1 HotFix 14 is strongly recommended for all customers as it contains important fixes. This is the final HotFix for PowerCenter 8.6.1.



For Windows Itanium 64-bit, PowerCenter 8.6.1 HotFix 13 is the final HotFix.



PowerCenter Version 8.6.1 HotFix 14 Release Notes

This is a feature and bugfix release that supports all versions of PowerCenter from 8.5, 8.6.x onward, up to and including 9.01, 9.1, 9.1H1 (with the exception of 9.0).


Highlights of this release:


  • Folders - You can organize single tables and table pairs by placing them in folders
  • Error reporting - If a test fails to run, Data Validation Option displays the test run error on the Tests tab.
  • Single Tables tab - The details area contains separate tabs for table pairs and single tables.
  • DVOCmd.exe contains new commands that allow you to create users and refresh repositories.
  • Reports for tests in a folder - You can run reports for all tests in a folder. Reports display the folder name, error messages, join expressions, and conditions, if applicable.
  • When you refresh a repository, you can refresh the entire repository, the connection objects, the folders, or the sources and targets.
  • Expressions in join conditions - When you join two tables in a table pair, you can enter a PowerCenter expression as a field in the join condition. Enter an expression to join tables with key fields that are not identical.
  • Pushing sorting logic to the database - To increase the performance of table pair and single table tests, you can push the sorting logic for joins to the source database. Pushing sorting logic to the database causes the database to sort records before it loads them to PowerCenter which minimizes disk input and output.
  • Large table processing - When you include a large table in a table pair, you can optimize the way Data Validation Option joins table data. You can specify which table Data Validation Option uses for the master or detail table. You can also use sorted output for the join.
  • Filter conditions - You can apply a filter condition to table pair and single table tests. If you apply a filter condition to a table pair test, Data Validation Option applies the filter condition after it joins the tables in the table pair.


Informatica PowerCenter Data Validation Option 9.1.0 Release Notes

PowerChannel 9.1 is built and certified with Informatica 9.1.


PowerChannel 9.1 Release Notes

HotFix releases are strongly recommended for all customers.


PowerCenter 8.6.1 HotFix 13 Release Notes

Following are the highlights of the releases:



Dual load

The Informatica dual load solution for Teradata Dual active systems helps organizations access, integrate, and load freshest, business-critical data to construct and maintain multiple Teradata data warehouses for business continuity and disaster recovery. The dual load solution leverages the Informatica Platform, extracts and transforms the data once and simultaneously loads it into Multiple Teradata Systems (Dual Active or Active-Passive) for consistency, recovery and restart-ability.

With the Informatica dual load solution, organizations can minimize the costs,time,and risks associated with availability and protection of information in the business intelligence and data warehousing projects end-to-end. It helps IT teams fortify the Tier 1 infrastructure and meet recovery time and recovery point objectives providing the business with minute-by-minute decision‐making abilities, cross‐business unit visibility, and transparency for regulatory compliance.



  • Integration with "PowerCenter Dual Load Option for Teradata 8.6.1"
  • Bug fixes

Release Notes

PowerCenter Dual Load Option for Teradata 8.6.1

PowerExchange for Teradata PT API

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