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Are you a PowerCenter developer or architect?


PowerCenter is an industrial strength, trusted ETL tool for building enterprise data warehouses, such as Oracle, Netezza, or Teradata. However, your organization is making a decision to modernize to a cloud-native data warehouse such as Snowflake. 


Get the maximum value by modernizing PowerCenter to a cloud-native data management platform. Learn how by attending this webinar series that provides the details, including an automated migration program, financial incentives, and expert support from the people who created PowerCenter. 


Take the next step in your career by modernizing your data management to the cloud!


Date:Thursdays, September 16, 23, 30
Time:1:00pm to 1:30pm EST
Location:Zoom Conference


Session 1: How to Overcome Cloud Challenges with a Cloud Native Solution

Speakers: Jeff Rydz and Michael Gultz


Session 2: The Best Way to Modernize from PowerCenter to the Cloud
Speakers: Ron Lunasin, Jeff Rydz, and Josh Alpern


Session 3: The Latest Cloud-Native Innovations in Action
Speakers: Jeff Rydz and Josh Alpern
Demo by Sumeet Agrawal


This 3-part webinar series highlights how an independent, intelligent, cloud-native data management platform addresses today’s customer challenges with cost overruns, resource constraints, and complexity. Session 2 provides details on Informatica’s migration factory and our overall PowerCenter to cloud modernization program. Session 3 highlights the benefits of going cloud-native, such as serverless, ELT, elastic scaling, and much more.


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