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Dual load

The Informatica dual load solution for Teradata Dual active systems helps organizations access, integrate, and load freshest, business-critical data to construct and maintain multiple Teradata data warehouses for business continuity and disaster recovery. The dual load solution leverages the Informatica Platform, extracts and transforms the data once and simultaneously loads it into Multiple Teradata Systems (Dual Active or Active-Passive) for consistency, recovery and restart-ability.

With the Informatica dual load solution, organizations can minimize the costs,time,and risks associated with availability and protection of information in the business intelligence and data warehousing projects end-to-end. It helps IT teams fortify the Tier 1 infrastructure and meet recovery time and recovery point objectives providing the business with minute-by-minute decision‐making abilities, cross‐business unit visibility, and transparency for regulatory compliance.



  • Integration with "PowerCenter Dual Load Option for Teradata 8.6.1"
  • Bug fixes

Release Notes

PowerCenter Dual Load Option for Teradata 8.6.1

PowerExchange for Teradata PT API