• Query to check “Update else Insert”

    Hi Experts,   We have changed our load strategy from “Update else Insert” to “Update as Update” for all our sessions. Could anyone provide a query to check quickly if any session still h...
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  • REP_SESS_CONFIG_PARM - attr_id

    Hi,   does someone know where I can find the list of all the valid values and their meanings, for attribute ATTR_ID of  REP_SESS_CONFIG_PARM ? I was not able to find it in the repository guide.   Than...
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  • custom resource creation in MM

    Hi,   I would like to create a custom resource in Metadata manager. Could any one let me know how to create custom resource. I am using Informatica Metadata Manager 9.6.1 HF1 version   Regards, Naresh
  • OPB Query to identify REVERT option enabled transformation

    Hello All,   I am looking for a OPB Query to identify REVERT option enabled transformations at session level.   Could you please help me on this.   Regards Chaitanya
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  • How to find details of table used in lookup

    All,   When we want to check if a table is used in mapping then we see the dependency on that table. In this case if the table is used as a a source or target in one of the mapping then we see an output but when...
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  • Query the metadata for last saved stats

    I need to query the metadata to see when a workflow was last saved and the user who saved it? Can someone help me out with this?
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  • repository query source to target at field level

    We have about 140 mappings of just sources to targets and I am trying to generate list of the target tables and fields with the related source table and fields.  I am able to generate a report of the mapping, sou...
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  • How to: import Metadata Exchange views into PowerCenter Designer

    Dear all, this is not a question but instead sort of a How-To.My original post about this matter has vanished some time ago. In order to enable any interested person in gaining this piece of knowledge here's a re...
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  • Metadata table to check lookup run time

    Hi,   Is there a metadata table to check how much time the lookup transformation took to build the cache. OPB_SWIDGINST_LOG table is giving when the lookup cache is created and when it is deleted.  But i...
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  • OPB or REP table to identify All CheckedOut Objects in Informatica

    Hello Everyone..   I am looking for OPB or REP tabls to identify all Checked out objects in informatica. All though we can get this from Repository Manager Queries, I wanted this from back end tables.   ...
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  • Cannot open any report in reporting service

    In the [Find] tab, when I click any report. I get error msg "An unexpected exception has occurred. Please try again."   The log in Administrator Console shows "serviceType serviceName severity timestamp threadN...
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  • Query manager

    Hi          I have certain tables(around 2000),I want to know list of mappings which are using this tables as source or targets in the repository and not just in a particular folder...
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  • Where can I find documentation on Metadata Reporter

    I’m having a hard time finding the manuals for metadata reporter. Can anyone point me to the correct downloads?   Thank you, David
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  • Searching through check-in comments in PowerCenter 9.1

    Hi,   I am looking for a way in PowerCenter 9.1HF3 to quickly locate all check-ins that have been checked in with a specific comment (i.e. CR number). Is there any feature that allows me to do this, or any inter...
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  • Error while trying to Export mapping to XLS file (Export Metadata)

    Trying to use tne Export Metadata tool on one of my mappings ends with 3 error messages that I can't understand. Can anyone explain them?   ERROR   MBE_EXCL_E0066      ...
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  • To find the flat file used in Loopkup & Sources

    Hi     I have several flat flies used in Lookup.     How do I find the Flat file names that are used for the Lookup.     I am not looking for Lookup, if it is using any ...
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  • REP_SESS_LOG view seems to be missing some data

    I use a query to a couple of MX views to get information regarding session failures.  But I noticed there were times where sessions were failing but not showing up in my query.  Looking into it a bit further...
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  • Find mappings not being used by any workflows

    Hi All,   I am using pmrep to clean up many unwanted workflows in a folder. Post that, I want to cleanup the mappings that are no longer used ( mostly used by these deleted workflows) . Is there a way to find ou...
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  • How to find the session's Error handling - stop on error values from repository

    Hi all, There are some issues in my environment... to solve it on situation..., Error handling -> Stop on error value modified manually from session properties,  if there any query to find the value of ' erro...
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  • query to show who in OPB_USERS is active?

    Trying to build a list of users who accounts are enabled or disabled for reporting needed for SOX audits.  If possible, would also like to include date disabled if it exists.  I can see the users in OPB_USER...
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