• ERWIN File import onto EDC 10.4.1

    Hello Team,   We have created a ERWIN data model and the requirement is to load the <XYZ>.erwin file onto EDC 10.4.1.   For this, we have created an EDC resource in the Admin panel. However, when we...
    Swapnadeep Ganguly
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  • Linking Skipped

    During the process of loading a sample of our Informatica PowerCenter metadata, as well as Oracle Data Dictionary (which are sources for PowerCenter), both loads stated "Linking Skipped".  The rest of the load pr...
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  • Delete business term from Glossary in Informatica Analyst

    Is it possible to delete a business term from Business Glossary in Informatica Analyst 10.1.1? I saw previous posts stating that it's not possible on version 9.6, but that's different for 10.1.1. If that functionalit...
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  • Serveral Issues at the Informatica Analyst

    Hi,   I am totally new at the MM and BG, so...   we're using the MM to make Data-lineage analysis. Also, we want to create a Business Glossary for the first time to connect the data from the BG to the MM. ...
    Julian Milbradt
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  • Can I mass delete glossaries??

    Was attempting to  bulk load business terms and instead accidentally created new glossaries instead of new business terms. I was multitasking and have learned my lesson.  Manually deleting the glossaries is ...
    Tonya Blauvelt
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  • How to create Business Glossary template for bulk upload in Informatica 10.1.1 where Rich Text is the new feature?

    I need to create a template for a glossary to do a bulk upload and should support the new feature (Rich text format) in Excel.
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  • Informatica Analyst 10.1 Business Glossary having more than 100K Asset links

    Hi,   We are building a DWH business glossary where we have more than 100K asset links to be tagged in the analyst tool to MM. Thing is when we export and import the glossary from development to production we ha...
    Krishna Praneeth V
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  • Informatica Analyst Tool for Metadata Manager

    Hi, We are decided to use 'Informatica Metadata Manager' in our current project for which we got the license also. Now my Question: Is it mandatory to have Informatica Analyst tool to work with Business Glossery..? If...
    Sun Infa
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  • Business terms are not all importing and many values are missing

    I am having difficulty having all assets and values imported in Analyst v.10.2.1. For some reason, 3995 of my 5705 business terms were imported, but the rest were not. Most of the terms were missing descriptions. Afte...
    Ashley McTavish
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  • Supported OS by Informatica Server and Client

    Hi , Can you list the Platforms and OS(With Versions) Supported by Informatica Server and Informatica Client.
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  • While importing Metadata getting error saying 'Load failed Missing License Option'

    Hi,   We installed Informatica 9.6 version recently and tried to use Metadata Manager. While importing Metadata getting error saying 'Load failed Missing License Option' which we do n't see it earlier in 9.1.0 v...
    Sun Infa
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  • Metadata Manager 9.6 with Powercenter 9.1.0

    Hi Experts,   We are currently using PowerCenter 9.1.0 version and we decided to use Metadata Manager with latest Version 9.6 to avail it's new features. Is it possible to use Metadata Manager alone with 9.6 ver...
    Sun Infa
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  • Updating business terms in Business Glossary 10.1

    Hi,   Can anyone tell me if this is possible.   I have a set of business terms which require one of the field to be updated periodically.   As a result of the update of a dataset, its related metadat...
    Phil Frewer
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  • Business term description in MM 10.1.0

    Hello,   some special character’s like Double Quote, Single Quote and Space are replaced by Question mark � in the business glossary in MM. Is there any fix available for this.   Here is the exampl...
  • Reporting on Metadata Manager Lineage

    We are trying to use Metadata Manager to track source-to-target lineage beyond just Informatica mappings, and we have successfully loaded data in several repositories.  We would like to customize reports.  H...
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  • Informatica EDC 10.2

    Hello ,   We are trying to import the ERWn file via creating  Resource in Informatica EDC 10.2 . However when we tried to test the connection , We are getting the below erroe and not understanding which c...
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  • Analyst Tool 10 : Best Practice to capture Synonyms

    Hi   Let's say I have a two tables called TAB01 and TAB02, both have the column name COLID but COLID means something different in the two tables. COLID in TAB01 description : This is a system generated sequenti...
    created by inuser466576
  • Limiting visibility of terms in Desktop Glossary tool

    Hi, I have created let's say 4 different glossaries under Analyst tool. Then I have assigned different privileges to them using glossary security. However, when doing a search using Desktop Glossary tool I am able to...
    Ankita Lathey
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  • ERROR: "This application has unexpectedly quit. Invocation of this java application has caused an invocationtargetexception.." while installing Informatica business glossary desktop

    Hi Team,   I am not able to install Informatica Business Glossary Desktop tool because of the below Fatal application error. Can someone suggest whats would be the problem?     Thanks in Advance
  • Link Rules between two oracle resources

    This is regarding the Linking Rules between two resources(Oracle). The steps followed are as below:   •1) Created an Oracle resource - Test_AnROracle added schema “ANR_STG_DEV”   •...
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